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Top 10 Things Risk Gambler Needs To Apologize For

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    1Making lists of people he though were going to die soon
    How dare you call me a sadist. I do not have an overpopulation fetish. I just want you to stop making disturbing lists
    You're a sick sadist. You and your overpopulation fetish.
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  • 2Bashing other peoples religions
    Risk Gambler you made a list that bashed Judaism which was very anti Semitic. You also bashed Islam and you blamed it for 9/11 and all the terrorism in the world
    No I do not whip my back. Being an atheist does not give you the right to make offensive lists that bash other peoples religions
    I'll over apologize if we meet in real life and that's not going to happen.
    Do you really whip your back with spiked whips for your meditating prayers?
    I only went over Wikipedia on their criticism about how too far religion had went.
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  • 3Basing other peoples religions
  • 4Spamming and duplicating his own lists
    But you have been doing it tons of times
    Nigga, please. Sometimes I mistype back there. They just didn't sound right.
  • 5Owning sockpuppet accounts
    Then prove that you do not own sockpuppet accounts
    You don't have proof. You only listen to that Disney obsessed guy. Plus that much downvotes there wasn't even me.
  • 6Refusing to listen when asked to stop
    No. I am going after three people which includes multiplying link. Your recent behavior on watchmojo is unacceptable
    Are you only going after two people? I just want you to leave me alone.
  • 7Making before their time comes lists
  • 8Being a hypocrite
    No I do not. I found a contradiction on what you were posting
    So you find honor a bad thing?
    For bashing the Sakai lama yer making a list on how to honor him before his time comes
  • 9Encouraging other subscribers to spam and duplicate their lists
  • 10Offending Waheed Abdullah
    You offended him on your Islam bashing list and he made a post on it saying that he was offended
    Why would I offend that subscriber?
  • 11Sympathizing towards unsympathetic villains
    No but what you are doing is sympathizing with villains kronika and ryo asuka when they do not deserve such sympathy. Plus in terms of Thanos there are glad in him that watchmojo failed to acknowledge
    So you disagree with the way WatchMojo went over sympathetic villains?
    I bet you're not even a fan of them.
    So you hate all villains?
  • 12Mocking other people for liking certain shows
    Then why did you mock me for liking final space?
    That was one time. You can't accuse me on something that hasn't been done for a very long time.
    I'm done mocking you on Final Space. I know that it's only you. No one else.


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