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Top 10 Things About The X-Men Movies That Make No Sense

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    1The First Class movies are decades apart and the characters don’t seem to age
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  • 2Professor X gets paralyzed and Magneto leaves at the end of First Class but the opening of The Last Stand sees both of them still together, the Professor still walking an bald
  • 3Hank McCoy appears human on tv in X2 but appears in Beast form in The Last Stand and has been that way since he was young
  • 4Wade Wilson is introduced in X-Men Origins: Wolverine set in the 70s but in his own spin off movie set in modern day he still somehow looks young
  • 5Professor X mentions in X-Men he met Magneto when he was 17 but he was in his 20s when he first met him in First Class
  • 6How does Wolverine still remember his ordeal with Yashida in 1945 when he lost his memories?
  • 7Professor X mentions in X-Men that he and Magneto both built Cerebo but in First Class it was Beast who built it
  • 8Professor X and Mystique grew up together in First Class but non of the previous movies ever acknowledged some kind of relationship between the two
  • 9Jean Grey got her Phoenix powers from space in Dark Phoenix but Apocalypse already established she had Phoenix powers
  • 10In X-Men Origins: Wolverine it's revealed that Wolverine and Sabretooth are brothers. Why didn't Sabretooth bring this up in X-Men?
  • 11Where did Nightcrawler disappear to between X2 and The Last Stand?
  • 12Professor X dies in The Last Stand but is alive and well in Days of Future Past
  • 13In The Last Stand the X-Men are fighting a sentinel in the Danger Room but didn't know about the sentinels until later on
  • 14Dr. Reyes is the only person working at the hospital and no one brings it up?
  • 15How did professor X get through his depression in the original timeline? suggested byAndrew Dawson

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