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Top 10 Super Hero Games We Want to See

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    1TMNT(Arkham Style)

  • 2Suicide Squad(Overwatch Style)

  • 3Hellboy(Action Adventure)

  • 4Power Rangers(Fighting game)

  • 5MArvel Fighting game (Dragon Ball Fighter Z)

  • 6Green Lantern(Telltale game)

  • 7The Flash(Arkham Style)

  • 8Hulk(Rampage game)
    It should be like "the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction", but with big budget

  • 9Power Rangers (Action hack and slash) suggested byGor Gevorkyan

  • 10Venom(open world infamous style) suggested bySteven.B
    They kind of did that already in Ultimate Spider-Man

  • 11TMNT(Telltale) suggested bybatman32

  • 12Batman Beyond(Arkham Style)

  • 13Rocket Racoon and Groot (2D Beat'em'up) suggested byGor Gevorkyan
    Old school beat'em'up with hardcore and 16/32 bit graphic in Skottie Yang and Paul Robertson art style.

  • 14Super Sentai and Kamen Rider (action role-playing) suggested byGor Gevorkyan

  • 15The Flash (Action/Racing) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 16Suicide Squad (Turn-based Tactics) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 17League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Turn-based Tactics) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 18Supergirl (Action Adventure) suggested bymason carr

  • 19Street Sharks (Action Adventure) suggested byRazorRex

  • 20Extreme Dinosaurs (Action Adventure) suggested byRazorRex

  • 21SNK vs marvel suggested byJohnny Fountains

  • 22Dark Hawk suggested byJohnny Fountains

  • 23Sheena Queen of the Jungle - Open World suggested byJohnny Fountains

  • 24Shazam (Action/Adventure/Stealth) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 25Charles Xavier (Action/RTS) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 26Jean Grey/Phoenix (Action/Adventure) suggested byjulesfmb
    With open world in space

  • 27Cyclops (Adventure/Tactical shooter) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 28Storm (Action/Adventure) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 29Rogue (Action/Stealth) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 30Mystique (Action/Stealth) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 31Gambit (Action/Stealth) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 32Justice League (Turn-based Tactics) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 33X-Men (Turn-based Tactics) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 34Fantastic 4 (Turn-based Tactics) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 35Teen Titans (Turn-based Tactics) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 36Green Lantern Corps (Squad-based Shooter) suggested byjulesfmb

  • 37Justice League Dark(Magic Resident Evil)

  • 38Iron Man (Arkham Style) suggested bymason carr

  • 39Spawn (Arkham Style) suggested byRazorRex

  • 40Cybersix (Arkham Style) suggested byRazorRex

  • 41Misfits (Telltale Game) suggested byLyleVSXyle

  • 42Captain America (Action Adventure) suggested byGor Gevorkyan
    Mix of Metal Gear and Uncharted

  • 43Black Widow (Stealth Action) suggested byGor Gevorkyan

  • 44Superman (Arkham style) suggested byGor Gevorkyan
    It will problaby happen already.

  • 45Wonder Woman( Action Adventure)

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