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Top 10 Scariest Monsters in Anime

My name is Skerlly FC and I have a Similar suggestion: 10 Menacing and Deadliest Anime Creatures
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    1Titans (Attack on Titan) suggested byLaballs
    I don't particularly care for this Anime but these things are creepy
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  • 2Hollows-Bleach suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 3Alien Parasytes-Parasyte The Maxim suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 4Ghouls-Tokyo Ghoul suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 5Angels-Neon Genesis Evangelion suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 6Yoma (Claymore) suggested byLaballs
  • 7Danger Beasts- Akame Ga Kill suggested byShawn Mark
    They dont apprear too much
  • 8Mutated Cockroaches-Terraformars suggested bySkerlly Fc
    Some people believe this anime is racist because they think the mutated cockroaches seem to be "black" people.
  • 9Animals of the Gourmet World-Toriko suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 10Scary Monsters (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) suggested byLaballs
  • 11Alucard - Hellsing suggested byMichael Ross
  • 12Dyclonius-Elfen Lied suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 13The bakeneko - Ayakashi suggested byMichael Ross
  • 14Chiropterans-Blood franchise suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 15Coralians-Eureka Seven suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 16Akumas-D Gray Man suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 17Ayakashis-Noragami suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 18Tomoko Kuroki - Watamote suggested byDuel Blades
  • 19Kagewani (Kagewani, Kagewani: Shou) suggested byDuskSunDawn - 06.png
    + 4 comment(s)
  • 20The gaunas-Knights of Sidonia suggested bySkerlly Fc
  • 21The gelatinous monster - Cowboy Bebop (Toys in the Attic) suggested byMichael Ross
  • 22Deliora - Fairy Tail suggested byDirector22
  • 23The Ten Tails- Naruto Shippuden suggested byShawn Mark
    not really a monster
  • 24Monsters and spirits (Yami Shibai) suggested byDuskSunDawn
    + 1 comment(s)

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