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Top 10 Running Gags in the Buffyverse

a literary device that takes the form of an amusing joke or a comical reference and appears repeatedly throughout a work of literature or other form of storytelling
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    1Angel is a puppy
    Spike refers to Angel as "a big fluffy puppy with bad teeth" on Angel Season 1 Ep 3
    Buffy says she was bitten by an angry puppy referring to the scar on her neck that Angel made in BTVS Season 4 Ep 3
    Vampire Willow refers to him as puppy in BTVS Season 3 Ep 9
    Drusilla brings Spike a puppy to eat in BTVS Season 2 Ep 17 as possibly a jab at the rivalry between Spike and Angelus.
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  • 2The Scooby Gang
    Multiple references to the Scooby Gang.
  • 3I have a thing.
    In "Gone", when a social workers comes to check on things, Buffy gets Spike out of the house by using this technique. Buffy - Don't you have to go now, Spike? Because of that thing. Spike - Thing, yeah. Uh, my blanket. Doris - He sleeps here? Buffy - What? No. Oh, the blanket? That's... Just a security thing.
    In "Blood Ties", after learning about Dawn's true nature, Xander asks Anya to help him with his "thing" in order to avoid raising Dawn's suspicion. Xander - Anya, you wanna help me with that thing? Anya - Heh heh. Xander needs help with his "thing."
    In "Some Assembly Required", Buffy advises Giles to ask out Jenny using her method of speaking. Buffy - Yeah. Just say, "Hey, I got a thing, you're maybe feeling a thing, and there could be a thing."
    In "Prophecy Girl", Xander uses this to have Willow leave and give him and Buffy some time alone so he could ask Buffy to the prom.
    Their frequent excuse when the supernatural arises.
  • 4Bunnies
    They are mentioned in Chosen.
    Anya frightens amnesiac self by repeatedly summoning bunnies by accident until the room is full.
    Anya sings about bunnies in Once More With Feeling.
    In The Gift, Anya finds a stuffed bunny and takes it to mean an omen of death.
    In Shadows, Xander states he'd like to just once run into a cult of bunny worshippers to which Anya thanks him or the nightmares.
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  • 5World without shrimp.
    In Angel's Quor'toth, Connor's follower's were sent there to protect them.
    Mentioned as a universe that Illyria visited during her reign on Earth and she stated she tired of it quickly in Angel's Underneath.
    Willow mentions an ability to communicate with shrimp in Graduation Day Part 1
    Mentioned in Superstar and Triangle.
    An alternate universe.
  • 6Star Trek
    Andrew Wells appears to have a crush (which he calls a "man crush") on a Star Trek: Enterprise character. In the season seven episode "First Date", Xander says "You heard me. Just tell me what to do. I'm mentally undressing Scott Bakula. That's a start, isn't it?", and Andrew replies dreamily "Captain Archer..."
    In "Hero", Cordelia wants to hire that bald Star Trek guy to narrate her commercial.
    Vulcans are referenced in "Sense & Sensitivity", "Homecoming", "Flooded", "Doublemeat Palace", and "Dirty Girls".
    Klingons are referenced in "The Replacement", "Seeing Red", and "Conversations with Dead People".
    In Prophecy Girl, Xander calls Giles "Locutus of the Borg"
  • 7Star Wars
    Spike holds a rare and valuable Boba Fett figurine hostage to Warren, Andrew and Jonathan, threatening to break it unless they help him.
    In a season one Angel episode, Cordelia refers to one of the vamps sired by Angelus as Psycho-Wan Kenobi.
    In the season one Angel episode "Sense & Sensitivity", Cordelia makes a reference to Jar Jar Binks.
    For the first four seasons of Angel, Cordelia calls her roommate "Phantom Dennis"
  • 8Batman
    In Angel Lonely Heart, Doyle says, "Great idea! Calling cards. It's not like you have a signal folks can shine in the sky when ever they need help, you know? "
    After a make-up mishap at the beginning of the season one episode "Expecting", Cordelia comments that she looks like The Joker.
    When Spike goes to L.A. in season one of Angel ("In the Dark"), he mockingly calls Angel's Plymouth convertible the Angelmobile.
    Doyle refers to Batman's HQ, the Batcave, in the Angel premiere, "City of".
  • 9Boss of me.
    In "Bargaining, Part One", Tara says "And then made this little plaque that said 'Boss of Us'."
    In the season three episode "Choices", Willow says "Of the two people here, which is the boss of me?
    In the season three episode "Revelations", Xander responds to an unusually agitated Giles "You're not the Watcher of me."
  • 10Apocalypses
    Outbreak of a mystical plague caused by Whistler, Pearl, and Nash
    The destruction of the Seed of Wonder and the end of magic
    Earth being transformed into a demonic breeding farm by Myresto Mor
    Wolfram & Hart's scheduled Apocalypse
    The release of Illyria's army of doom upon humanity
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  • 11The Big Bad
    Big Bad Lindsey McDonald (initially) Marcus Hamilton (initially) Circle of the Black Thorn
    Big Bad The Beast (initially) Jasmine Little Bad Angelus
    Big Bad Daniel Holtz Little Bad Sahjhan
    Big Bad Darla (initially) Wolfram & Hart Little Bad Drusilla
    Big Bad Wolfram & Hart
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  • 12Spike and his obsession with TV/Passions
  • 13Xander is a demon magnet.
  • 14Leprachauns don't exist.
  • 15Anya and money.
  • 16Spike and the blooming onion.
  • 17Andrew - Tucker's brother.
  • 18Everyone assuming Spike is Buffy's boyfriend (before he actually was)

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