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Top 10 Redeemed Characters in Fairy Tail

We'll also be looking at the sheer weight of their crimes and what impact they had on our favourite heroes and heroines, as well as how much they had to go through in order to turn over a new leaf and make it clear that they were done with their past.
The most complex characters who were at one point staunch enemies of the Fairy Tail Guild, yet eventually saw the light.
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    1Gajeel Redfox
    The romance he eventually spawns with Levy is all the evidence you'd need to say that. Heck, he even becomes friendlier towards Laxus as time goes by.
    However, after receiving word from Makarov about his guild mate, Juvia joining Fairy Tail, he is offered a place in the guild himself. Showing that Gajeel really isn't as mean as everyone thinks initially, and going out of his way to defend his new comrades by any means necessary.
    - from Lucy and Sagittarius.
    Formerly a member of Fairy Tail's biggest rival, Phantom Lord, Gajeel Redfox - aka, the Iron Dragon Slayer - was responsible for both wrecking the Fairy Tail Guildhall and beating up Levy, Jet and Droy. He proved to be one of the toughest foes Natsu and his friends had faced up until that point, and only narrowly lost after receiving a power boost

  • 2Ultear Milkovich

  • 3Jellal Fernandes

  • 4Laxus Dreyar

  • 5Minerva Orland

  • 6Flare Corona

  • 7Michelle/Imitiatia

  • 8Lyon Vastia

  • 9Meredy (Prounounced Mel-Dee)

  • 10Jude Heartfilia

  • 11Faust

  • 12Earthland's Coco

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