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Top 10 Reasons Why School Sucks

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    1Too Much Homework
    Ok, school is done and you get some rest, nope, there's unnecessary extra work to do right when you think you can relax
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  • 2It's Boring
    IF YOUR GONNA MAKE US SIT IN A CHAIR ALL DAY THEN YES WE WILL START TALKING. WE ARE BORED DUH pls make school fun we go to learn not to sit in a chair all day learning can be fun if the teachers make it fun.
  • 3teaching stuff you don't need to know suggested byDouglas Swanson
  • 4Detentions, Getting In Trouble For No Reason
    If you don't get perfect grades or you don't stay in for lunch or you don't always do what teachers ask every second (mostly because your tired or bored) you get in trouble. Or if teachers don't know the full story or really care you get in trouble. Kids vape at school and are super rude but the second I cheat once I get In so much trouble like the
  • 5Exams/Grades, Stress
    I was absent on a Friday one week because I had to go to the emergency room to get stiches. When I looked at my grades when I got home a I had two F because I wasn't there. I mean I so sorry I got injured and had to go to the hospital but, that wasn't fun for me either and giving tow F didn't help.
  • 6Bullies
  • 7Gym Class
    The teachers are judging us because of how athletic we are. That is just stupid! Do you rally
  • 8Waking Up So Early
    whats the point of waking up at six when I don't even learn anything important at school. I am usually tired and don't care about anything. If you want kids to be productive then LET THEM SLEEP IN let them get lots of sleep and then go to school at like 10 or 11 not SEVEN OR EIGHT. I focus when I am well rested and ready to learn.
  • 9Mean Teachers
    karen* blah*
    here is a png of a teacher karen
    and here is a png of a keren teacher
    btw im 10 yrs old
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  • 10Popularity
    GOD WHY DOES THIS MATTER just because someone is pretty or cool or skinny like seriously WHO CARES i hate popular people and and they hate themselves. Imagine having popularity take over your life you make one mistake and your screwed. Stop worrying about popularity it doesnt matter like please
  • 11Puberty
  • 12the bus smells like feet suggested byJosephine DeLuca

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