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Top 10 Reasons Why Batman is Better Than Superman

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    1Doesn't need superpowers to be a superhero suggested bymac121mr0

  • 2Better rogues gallery

  • 3Better video games

  • 4He doesn't have a physical superhero weakness. Instead, his only mental weakness is the witnessed murder of his parents. suggested bymac121mr0

  • 5He is not overpowered

  • 6The Batmobile

  • 7He's the world's greatest detective

  • 8Better movies

  • 9The Batfamily

  • 10Better secret lair: The Batcave suggested byDirector22

  • 11Better costume

  • 12Better Reason to want to becoming a superhero suggested byDirector22

  • 13Better City suggested byDirector22

  • 14Utilizes stealth, tactics and traps to overcome odds rather than brute force suggested byLyleVSXyle

  • 15Doesn't hesitate to do what needs to be done suggested byDirector22

  • 16Doesn't show fear suggested byBrian Walsh

  • 17He smartly has multiple batcaves for emergencies suggested bymac121mr0

  • 18He stays true to his superhero duty by not easily dating women suggested bymac121mr0

  • 19He always does his research and is way more successful at interrogating others compared to Superman suggested bymac121mr0

  • 20Batman has own desginated Bat signal through the Gotham City Police Department suggested bymac121mr0

  • 21Each of his villains represent a part of his psyche suggested byLyleVSXyle

  • 22Physically and mentally trained to peak human condition - without powers superman is nothing suggested byjkjkkl
    Batman is also able to overcome any disadvantage by outsmarting his oponent

  • 23He's rich suggested byTrueBackLash

  • 24Only member of the Justice League without superpowers suggested bymac121mr0
    There are other members of the Justice League who doesn't have superpowers, like Green Arrow

  • 25Batman's womanizing antics led him to a plethora of love interests including Selina Kyle, Talia al Ghul, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, etc. suggested bymac121mr0

  • 26Better Fighting Mechanics suggested byMarin1000

  • 27better enemies / competition suggested byEmJay

  • 28Better comics

  • 29Dark movie atmosphere is more fitting to him than Superman suggested byDirector22

  • 30He uses his wealth for good suggested bymac121mr0

  • 31He has badass batwings and batmobiles suggested bymac121mr0

  • 32He smartly has the help of Tim Drake and Batgirl at his side in case matters get out of hand suggested bymac121mr0
    Alongside Alfred Pennyworth and sometimes Catwoman/Nightwing

  • 33Better Girlfriends suggested bylv

  • 34The character and universe of Batman are less clichd suggested byDMG98

  • 35He can randomly dissappear in the blink of an eye suggested bymac121mr0

  • 36The most feared member of the Justice villains and heroes suggested byviliguns

  • 37He actually can beat Superman in a fight suggested byBrian Walsh
    Not without Kryptonite he can't

  • 38More relatable suggested byDMG98

  • 39Better allies suggested byDMG98

  • 40More vulnerable suggested byDMG98

  • 41He became the badass Batman we all know and love today because he was afraid of bats suggested bymac121mr0

  • 42Better background story suggested bySlinkmeister17

  • 43More marketable suggested bybackup368

  • 44less of a goody two shoes suggested byDMG98

  • 45Views the world through a realistic lens suggested byDMG98

  • 46Always prepared suggested byDirector22

  • 47Doesn't have a weakness like kryptonite suggested byDirector22

  • 48is tougher and more badass suggested byDMG98

  • 49Better alter-ego suggested byDMG98

  • 50More layered and complex suggested byDMG98

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