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Top 10 Reasons We Know The Earth is NOT Flat

These are the facts and evidence that blow the idea of a flat Earth out of the water.
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    1Magellan's Voyage
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  • 2Moon, Sun, other Planets and Stars are Spherical
  • 3Eratosthenes' Measurement
  • 4Lunar Eclipse
    On a spherical Earth, it is easy to explain the lunar eclipse by having the Moon pass through Earth's shadow while the Sun is on the other side. Now, on a flat Earth, a solar eclipse may be explainable since both Sun and the Moon are on the same side, but how does a lunar eclipse work in that ridiculous model?
  • 5Sunset & Sunrise
  • 6Gravity Does Not Work on a Flat Earth
    Since gravity attracts things from all sides, a spherical Earth makes sense, but a flat Earth would be crushed into a spherical shape by default. Some try to explain this by saying gravity is caused by the Earth moving upwards, but this creates other problems, one being tha freefall is an acceleration, not a velocity.
  • 7Different Stars & Constellations on Different Hemispheres
  • 8There are other Space Programs Beside NASA
    For those that claim all this evidence is fabricated by NASA in a big conspiracy, how does the fact that there are other space programs aside from NASA, which in fact are or have been rivals to NASA or the US in general at some point, work out?
  • 9Upside-Down Moon on Southern Hemisphere
  • 10Felix Baumgartner's Frefall from Space
  • 11The Sky Rotates the Opposite Way on Opposite Hemispheres
  • 12Uneven Gravity on a Spherical Earth
    A spherical Earth has an uneven gravity because matter is not evenly distributed. However, on a flat Earth, where gravity is an enigma, there is no explanation for this phenomenon.
  • 13Earth's Magnetic Bipolarity
    A spherical Earth has 2 poles (North and South), but on a flat Earth, the S pole would be stretched out all over the edge. If this was the case, compasses would point north and to the nearest southern edge point, and this should cause variations while moving in a straight line either eastward or westwar. This doesn't happen, though.
  • 14Ebb & Tides
  • 15Phographs of Earth from Space
    Also, how many photographs that show a flat Earth have been taken in an attempt to actually prove any of this?
    another note: What about the footage of astronauts and objects in zero gravity? How do we get those? You do know it actually means people have been in space, which also means they've seen the shape of the Earth. Which is spherical.
    For the record, this is not "ultimate evidence" that the Earth is a sphere, it's just the final nail in the coffin since people knew of the shape of the Earth centuries before space travel. Besides, flat Earthers usualy dismiss this claiming all photos of Earth are photoshopped by NASA... decades before photoshop has been invented, no less.
  • 16Hull-Down, AKA the Vanishing behind the Horizon
  • 17We Can't See Indefinitely Far Away, as a Flat Earth would Suggest
  • 18Sun's Angular Size does not Change Throughout the Day
  • 19The Arc Lengths of Any Given Angle of Longitude Decrease South of the Equator
  • 20Wallace Bedford Experiment
  • 21Ballistics Takes Geodesy into Account
  • 22Plate Tectonics
  • 23Timezones
  • 24The Coriolis Effect
  • 25No One Ever Saw the "Great Wall of Ice" on Antarctica
  • 26The Equinox
  • 27Distance Relations on Southern Hemisphere
  • 28The Flat Earth Map Doesn't Work

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