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Top 10 Reasons Game Of Thrones Season 8 Has Made Fans Rage Quit

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    1Daenerys Becoming A Villain In Some Fans Opinion Out Of Nowhere
    Also Despite Foreshadowing Some Just Feel The Change Was Rushed And Should Have Been Developed Over More Episodes Instead Of As A Shocking Twist
    Then other fans who actually like the twist just feel the season should have done more to set up.
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  • 2Poor Decision Making From The Characters
    Though In Tyrion's Defense Some Things That Happened Was Because She Didn't Listen To Him And Cersei Was Unpredictable And Spiteful
  • 3Unsatisfying Character Deaths And Exits
  • 4The Idea That The Plot Is Being Rushed
  • 5Filming Mistakes Such As Forgetting A Coffee Cup And How The Darkness In A Battle Appeared On Certain TVs
    The Darkness Was Also So They Could Save Money On CGI Effects And The Scene Was Designed Like It Was Going To Be On The Big Screen.
    Then in the final someone didn't notice a water bottle
    At The Same Time Fans Were Just Looking For More Excuses To Hate The Season
  • 6Feeling Like The Way Certain Story Arcs Concluded Was Anticlimactic
  • 7Feeling Like They Could And Should Have Made More Seasons
    Martin Also Envisioned The Series As A 13 Season Show.
  • 8Things That Happened Ultimately Made Events In Past Seasons Pointless
    Also As Revealed At The End Of Last Season The Mission Beyond The Wall Was Pointless Because Cersei Goes Back On Her Word
  • 9Feeling Some Scenes Were Unnecessary
  • 10The Idea That The Show Lost It's Realism
    They Also Feel The Election At The End Is Unrealistic Because Why Would Everybody Listen To Tyrion
    Generally Just Like In Season 7 Certain Characters Having Really Thick Plot Armor
  • 11They Generally Feel That Every Episode After Episode 2 Were Terrible
  • 12The Night King And His Army Being Killed In One Episode After Years Of Build Up
  • 13Prophecies Seemingly Being Ignored
  • 14The Show Not Ending The Way They Want
    Generally The Ending That Fans Wanted Was One That Brought All The Characters Full Circle And Answered All Questions Even If Everybody Died In The End.
    Though Of Course The Creators Knew That No Matter What Ending They Went With It Was Going To Disappoint Somebody
    They also wanted it to be the characters fighting the night King and his defeat or victory being the end.
    For Example Some Fans Thought It Would End With Dany And Jon Ruling Together But Then The Twists Happened
  • 15Feeling Like The Season Should Have Been Better Than It Was Because Of Taking Two Years To Make It
    Though It Took That Long Because Of The Weather And Traveling
  • 16Bringing Fan Favorite Couples Together Just To Tear Them Apart
  • 17Character Development Going The Opposite Direction Than What Was Set Up Over The Years
  • 18The Fact That Even Some Critics Are Not Liking The Season
    Other Than One Episode Critics Have Always Gave The Show Great Reviews Until This Season
  • 19All The Work They Put In Too Theories Being For Nothing
  • 20Generally Feeling The Show Should Have Waited For The Books To End
  • 21Just All The Wasted Opportunities With The Plot And Characters
  • 22Feeling 6 Episodes Was Not Enough To Justify Everything That Happened In The Season
  • 23The Unfortunate Implications Around The Female Characters
  • 24Certain Characters Being Sidelined
  • 25Not Answering Certain Questions
  • 26The Idea That The Writers Were Just Being Lazy
  • 27Feeling That The Characters Wouldn't Make The Decisions They Ultimately Made
  • 28Not Getting To See Certain Moments Happen
  • 29Things That Happened In The Season Just Don't Make Sense Too Them
  • 30Feeling Like Certain Character Arcs Should Have Ended Differently
  • 31Feeling That Certain Moments Were Just For The Sake Of Fan Service
    Even Arya Hooking Up With Gendry And Brienne With Jaime
  • 32Feeling That HBO Should Have Just Got New Showrunners And Writers To Continue The Series To End It Properly
  • 33Poor Character Development Or Contradicting It
    While What Happened With Danaerys Was Foreshadowed Fans Feel They Didn't Properly Develop Her Change
  • 34Feeling That The Bittersweet Ending Is Actually More Bitter Than Sweet
    Because Of The Tragic Nature Of Danaerys And Jon's Ending And Some Characters Happy Endings Not really Being Happy Considering Real Life History And Facts From The Books
  • 35Generally The Season Making Creative Decisions Similar Too Franchises Like Star Wars Or DC Extended Universe That Also Caused Fans To Rage Quit
    Generally How All Of Them Tried To Subvert Expectations
    Compare What Danaerys Did Too Superman Snapping Zod's Neck Or Luke Considering Killing His Nephew
  • 36It May Or May Not Be How The Book Series Ends And The Books Might Do It Better
  • 37Feeling Certain Characters Were Just Pointless Or Terrible
    Even Bronn's Small Role Was Just To Explain Why He Became The Master Of Coin
  • 38Feeling That They Could Have Written It Better Than The Writers
  • 39Bran Stark Ultimately Becoming The King Of The Seven Kingdoms
    Generally Fans Feel Other Characters Deserve It More Than He Does
    Technically The Six Kingdoms
  • 40Ultimately Some Being Unsatisfied With The Ending
  • 41The Plot Building Up To Certain Things Happening But Ends Up Going In Another Direction
    For Example Cersei And The Night King Being Built Up As Huge Threats But Both Having Anticlimactic Deaths
  • 42The Leaks Especially The Possible Leak Of The Ending
  • 43The Idea That The Showrunners Just Rushed The Season So They Could Make The Future Star Wars Movies
  • 44Feeling Certain Characters Should Have Died And Others Should Have Lived
  • 45Feeling Certain Character Moments Should Have Happened To Other Characters
    Or Cersei Being The One Who Burns Down Kings Landing
    Like Jon Being The One Who Kills The Night King.
    Or Arya Or Jaime Killing Cersei
  • 46The Overall Message Being A Criticism Of Humanity
  • 47Feeling The Final Conflict Should Have Just Been Against The Night King Or Cersei Being A More Credible Threat
  • 48The Showrunner's Reasons For Why The Season Went The Way It Did
  • 49Mixed Feelings On Jon's Fate
  • 50The Leaks Especially What They Said About The Possible The Final Ending


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