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Top 10 Problems in Futurama that could’ve been Solved Easily

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    1Had it been Noticed that Fry lacks Bolts, and the Human Guards known that he%u2019s not a Robot - Insane in the Mainframe
    I say that because the Human Guards showed Roberto's bolts for dogs to sniff in order to track him.
    Better yet it's a plot hole that Malfunctioning Eddie did not Recognise Fry since they met before in a previous episode, he could've clarified that Fry is a human.

  • 2Had the Series Finale of Single Female Lawyer been Successfully shown on VHS Tapes, DVDs and Reruns on TV - When Aliens Attack
    Or better yet the internet. That is what streaming services are for
    That's basically the way things work with tv shows.

  • 3Had Bender Refueled the Planet Express Ship - Love Labours Lost in Space Make Your Case
  • 4Had Fry known that his Lungs are Needed for Breathing out of the Water - My Three Suns Make Your Case
  • 5Had Fry, Leela and Bender made a Run for it even if the Bomb was set for 52 Seconds - A Big Piece of Garbage Make Your Case
  • 6Had there been a way to seal Bender in Were-Car Form up to Prevent Rampaging - The Honking Make Your Case
  • 7Had there been Indicators that Fry and Michelle were in a Fake Cryogenic Tube - The Cryogenic Woman
    Overall I'm glad it was fake, considering there's no reason at all for Fry to head another thousand years into the future.

  • 8Had fellow Planet Express Members helped Bender%u2019s Case about Flexo with Angeline - Bendless Love Make Your Case
  • 9Had Leela seen the Tar Pit Sign beforehand - That%u2019s Lobstertainment Make Your Case
  • 10Had Fry known Something Different about his Shirt after being Framed - 30% Iron Chef
    Well that is because a lot of people in that show are absolute idiots. Farnsworth acts smarter than he really is
    Farnsworth himself shouldn't known that you couldn't possibly cut a Bottle in half that easily with HANDS.

  • 11Had Bender brought his own Tent - Spanish Fry Make Your Case
  • 12Had Farnswort recognised Walt, Larry and signatory in their Owl Exterminator Disguises - Bender%u2019s Game
    Different Outfits is one of the Worst Disguises one can think of.

  • 13Had the Glassless Aquarium Enclosures had Caution Signs - Thief of the Baghead
    Much like the ones we saw for Aquarium Enclosures that you can put your hands above in our time.

  • 14Had there been a Clock for Fry to see on top of the Vampire State Building, and had a Vampire who works there been of Service - Meanwhile Make Your Case
  • 15Had Leela remembered to not leave the keys in the ship ignition - The Cryonic Woman suggested byDaniel Lewis Make Your Case
  • 16Had the crew actually give Zoidberg a vigorous bath instead of complaining about his smell - Various episodes including Stench And Stenchability suggested byDaniel Lewis Make Your Case
  • 17Had Leela not made aliens incorrectly revise the monument - Mobius Dick suggested byDaniel Lewis Make Your Case
  • 18Had Farnsworth set up an intervention for Leela and Amy - The Butterjunk Effect suggested byDaniel Lewis Make Your Case
  • 19Had anyone ask Zapp and Nixon why they declared war on the spheroid - War Is The H Word suggested byDaniel Lewis Make Your Case
  • 20Had Leela Told DOOP the truth and have Zapp sent to prison instead of lying for him - Brannigan Begin Again suggested byDaniel Lewis Make Your Case
  • 21Had Zapp listened to Kif about cutting a ribbon with a laser - Brannigan Begin Again suggested byDaniel Lewis Make Your Case
  • 22Had Fry gotten hold of the 500 Lizards instead of the Alien Parrot - Xmas Story Make Your Case
  • 23Had one of the Humans noticed Bender in Penguin Mode - The Birdbot of Ice Catraz Make Your Case
  • 24Had Statues and Biographies of Phillip J Fry II had more Information - Luck of the Fryrish
    That way Fry could've known it wasn't Yancy stealing his name.

  • 25Had Bender known about the Space Pirate Attack - Godfellas
    Bender was too tired to notice
    The same I say for Fry and Leela not noticing that Bender wasn't taking action.

  • 26Had the Planet Express Crew helped defend Dr. Zoidberg - A Taste of Freedom
    The crew did a very poor job with helping out Zoidberg and his flag situation. Instead of vouching for him and attempting to convince protesters that Zoidberg was not a traitor and only ate the flag out of a misunderstanding, they hired a n incompetent lawyer who was more interested in legalizing polygamy than defending Zoidberg

  • 27Had Dr. Zoidberg and a Blue Version of himself known the Latter%u2019s Universe was Doomed - The Farnsworth Parabox
    They could not have known. They took the paradox because they got fed up with how they were being treated
    That may've been the case, but they chose to do so at the worst time.

  • 28Had Dr. Zoidberg attempted to cure Yetiism rather than Attempt Euthanasia on Farnsworth - The Tip of Zoidberg
    Or rather have Farnsworth get Zoidberg to find a cure right after Farnsworth was infected. Or better yet ask Zoidberg for a second opinion. Still I do not know why Farnsworth did not have Zoidberg find a cure after 80 years
    I dont know why Farnsworth did not make Zoidberg find a cure for hyper malaria when he had eighty years to find one

  • 29Had the Humanoid Alien Giant known what had been going on on Earth before going there - Benderama
    How the Giant could've known that everyone in Earth was drunk would be the same way he was able to know where the Planet Express Building is located.
    He could not have known. He does not live on their planet and Bender did not explain what was really going on to him. Still that did not excuse how the crew acted towards him

  • 30Had Bender read the Tombstone before going after a Conscious Robot%u2019s Counterpart to Brain - Million Dollar Mon Make Your Case
  • 31Has Nibbler put in more effort to stop the scammers - Benders Big Score suggested byDaniel Lewis Make Your Case
  • 32Had the Planet Express Crew help Lrrr stand up to NDND instead of nagging him and fake a war of the world style invasion -Lrrrenconcilable Ndndifferences suggested byDaniel Lewis Make Your Case
  • 33Had the planet express crew recognize Francis as part of the robot mafia instead of favoring him over Zoidberg- The Silence Of The Clamps suggested byDaniel Lewis
    This is a glaring plot hole. In a prior episode the crew met Francis and found out he was part of the robot mafia but in this episode they not only apparently play dumb about this but also favored him over Zoidberg. They knew better than this

  • 34Had Fry, Farnsworth and Bender considered using the Time Code to return to their Time - The Late Phillip J Fry
    But using the code would not only create paradox duplicates that are doomed but risk tearing open another anomaly in the universe
    But Fry did not have the tattoo on him at the time of the episode
    It's shown in Bender's Big Score that Bender can use the code without looking at it.
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  • 35Had Amy not left the Keys to the Ship in her Pocket - The Series has Landed
    Sure just about everyone would leave an item in their pocket, but it's better to have a plan B when around magnets.

  • 36Had Farnsworth told Fry the Worst Benefits of his Newly Found Life with Resurrected Anchovies - I forgot the Episode’s Name
    The name of this episode is a fistful of dollars

  • 37Had Bender found a More Convenient Way for Money - Head in the Polls Make Your Case
  • 38Had Fry checked the Security Tape of the Atom Theft - A Lesser of Two Evils Make Your Case
  • 39Had Bender and the Masked Unit known the No Talking Rule in the Cinema - Raging Bender
    But Bender was constantly annoying and harassing the masked unit to his breaking point. The masked unit told Bender to stop but Bender did not listen
    The same I say for The Masked Unit who was unaware that he was blocking Bender's view.
    Better yet, maybe Bender should've moved seats, that way there'd have been no need to provoke The Masked Unit to challenge him to fisticuffs.

  • 40Had Hermes read the Brochure of the Labour Camp Resort to know it%u2019s a Labour Camp - How Hermes got his Groove Back Make Your Case
  • 41Had the Omicronian Babies been Scanned to Indicate that they%u2019re not Food - The Problem with Popplers Make Your Case
  • 42Had Leela thought of how well her life was even with One Eye - The Cyberhouse Rules Make Your Case
  • 43Had Leela heard words Farnsworth would never use when Cubert copied his Voice - The Route of All Evil Make Your Case
  • 44Had Amy known to have to deal with Brannigan when seeing Kif - Kif Gets up a Notcb Make Your Case
  • 45Had the Planet Express Ship%u2019s Female Voice Chip been Removed before heading to Omicron Persei 8 - Love and Rocket Make Your Case
  • 46Had Nibbler not given Fry a Better Jet to Infiltrate the Infosphere - The Why of Fry
    Scratch the word not about a Better Jet, I'd say that for a Fragile Jet.
    This was thankfully fixed up when Fry got sent back in time to redo the mission.

  • 47Had it been Warned of how Fast Giant Asteroid Bees grow up - The Sting Make Your Case
  • 48Had Nibbler done more then Remove the Time Code from Fry%u2019s Rear End - Bender%u2019s Big Score
    You know what I mean, Nibbler didn't even put a halt to The Scammers' plans with taking over Earth.

  • 49Had Farnsworth known there%u2019d be No Way of Surviving with Shields only Covering one%u2019s Head - Rebirth Make Your Case
  • 50Had Dr. Zoidberg discouraged Farnsworth from sending the Planet Express Crew to the Bermuda Tetrahedron- Mobius Duck
    No because Leela pointed out that they can fly around it. The whole episode was her fault because she forced workers to revise a statue when it was not necessary and because of this the crew got short on time

  • 51Had Fry%u2019s Fellow Crew Members checked for see when the Answering Machine Bender set up was Recorded - T: The Terestrial Make Your Case
  • 52Had Dr. Zoidberg known the Fate of a Decapodian%u2019s Mating Season before being Brought to his Home Planet - Why I Crustacean Must be in Love
    He already knew. He just did not tell Fry and the others this


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