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Top 10 Power Rangers Seasons with the Best Zords

This list is about which sets of zords are the best both seperate and together. Also due to Mighty Morphin originally being three sentai shows, it will count as three seperate sets of zords.
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    In no other season were the zords important than in this one. All of them are amazing. Not only are there lots of them, but they perfected interchangable zords. They even have the most balanced share of contribute. And spoiler alert, they all came back to life after being destroyed in the 2-part finale. How can you beat that?
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  • 2Lightspeed Rescue
    What makes thes zords special is that they can save millions of lives without fighting, both seperate and together. That includes from an asteroid. Not to mention the first 5 don't even have to fully combine to be useful. They even have the train set that lots of fans like.
  • 3Turbo
    They have several awesome vehicles, half of which can be used at normal car size. The other half can turn into individual robots. Also this was the first to experiment with interchangable zords. I'm not kidding!
  • 4Mystic Force
    How many rangers can become the zords?EPIC! Also they have the option of forming a dragon. The later zords are just as good.
  • 5Samurai
    These origami based zords are better than I thought they'd be. They are very unique and can be kept like little pets. And every time they got a new zord, they eventually combined it with the overall megazord. Except the lantern I think.
  • 6Dino Thunder
    While not original, this season did come with some of the most badass zords and megazords. The set includes interchangables and an awesome carrier zord.
  • 7Mighty Morphin Season 3
    Whether it's the animals or the humanoid ones, these zords are great, combined or not. Plus the falcon zord can combine with either one.
  • 8Ninja Storm
    If ther had only been 3 of them throughout the season, it would have still been awesome. But they added to it and included some great stuff including lightning mode and the minizord.
  • 9Mighty Morphin Season 1
    The classics are classic for a reason. We all love the zords and megazords from the first season.
  • 10Ninja Steel
    This is the most unique and diverse set of zords Ihave ever seen. You'll either love them or hate them.
  • 11Beast Morphers suggested byGor Gevorkyan
  • 12MMPR Season 1 suggested byGor Gevorkyan
  • 13MMPR Season 3 suggested byGor Gevorkyan
  • 14Lost Galaxy suggested byGor Gevorkyan
  • 15Wild Force suggested byGor Gevorkyan
  • 16Zeo
  • 17Operation Overdrive

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