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Top 10 Paper Mario Boss Battles

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    1Shadow Queen - (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
    She's the most evil and powerful of all the Mario villains. Plus she to fight Peach
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  • 2Count Bleck - (Super Paper Mario)
    A unique characters with a great backstory.
  • 3Rawk Hawk - (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
  • 4Jr. Troopa - (Paper Mario)
    A truly underrated character.
  • 5Grodus suggested byViewerOnline101
  • 6Dimentio suggested byViewerOnline101
    One of the best (perhaps THEE best) Mario villains.
  • 7Bonechill suggested byViewerOnline101
    He's basically the Devil.
  • 8The Koopa Bros. - (Paper Mario)
  • 9Macho Grubba - (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
  • 10Gooper Blooper - (Paper Mario: Sticker Star)
  • 11Crystal King - (Paper Mario)
  • 12King Croacus - (Super Paper Mario)
  • 13Bowser Stone Statue - (Paper Mario: Sticker Star)
  • 14Tubba Blubba - (Paper Mario)
  • 15Trojan Bowser - (Paper Mario)
  • 16Hooktail (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door) suggested byShaprite

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