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Top 10 New Monsters Godzilla Should Fight

These Are Monsters That Godzilla Hasn't Fought. That Excludes Classic Monsters That Godzilla Has Previously Fought.
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    1Gamera - Gamera Series
    the holy grail of all fights, this is one that the fans have been waiting to see for a very long time. and mich like Mothra Leo, Gamera is the guardian of earth and defender of children. much like King Kong, never has there been a more worthy opponent to square off against Godzilla than Gamera himself.
  • 2Gypsy Danger - Pacific Rim
    fighting against giant mechs is one thing, fighting off a giant mech with extendable blades is another. Gypsy Danger is perfect to fight against Godzilla based on strength, speed, & weaponry. plus, who wouldn't want to see Gypsy Danger hit Godzilla in the head with an oil tanker?
  • 3Otachi & Leatherback - Pacific Rim
    2 of the most well known Kaiju of Pacific Rim, they're also the 2 most deadliest monsters seen in the film. while Otachi has the ability to use acid & grow wings, Leatherback has armor plated skin and can use electromagnetic emission to disable digital technology. these 2 category IV kaiju would be a great challenge for Godzilla.
  • 4Megazord & Dragonzord - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    what's better than going up against your mechanical doppleganger 4 times? 2 giant zords that were used to protect the rangers against an evil vixen with magical powers. Godzilla has managed to defeat mechanical beings before, but he yet to battle against 2 giant robots who can also use magic. striking the perfect balance of technology & mysticism.
  • 5Clover - Cloverfield
    although it doesn't seem to have any special abilities, Clover was still able to make a devastating trail of destruction around New York City. what it lacks in offensive abilites, Clover gains in defense since it does have extremely thick skin which is not only heat resistant allowing it to thrive in high pressure environments and can cope with hea
  • 6Gyaos - Gamera Series
    Gamera's main nemesis, Gyaos is also one of the most deadliest enemies in the Gamera series which rivals that of Godzilla & King Ghidorah. this giant bat can shoot beams from his mouth, create fog like gas to obscure the sun, and has regenerating abilities. and since Godzilla has fought against monsters with regenerating abilities, which he barely
  • 7Mothra Leo - Rebirth Of Mothra Trilogy
    while Mothra has been both a friend & foe & has fought against Godzilla multiple times, what he hasn't fought is Mothra Leo. the only male Mothra in the entire species (which the dub got wrong), he is also the strongest. with multiple forms, magical abilities, & guardian faries protecting him, Mothra Leo would make a worthy challenge for Godzilla.
  • 8Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - Ghostbusters
    while not specifically dangerous at first glance, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man could be a surprisingly worthy long as the writers know how to use him properly. aside from his obvious size, Mr Stay Puft was originally brought to life when Gozer told the Ghostbusters to chose the form of the destructor, in which Ray used his precious
  • 9Manda - Atragon
    a rather under appreciated monster from Toho, the water dragon Manda has only appeared in Destroy All Monsters & Godzilla Final Wars aside from his debut in Atragon. while he doesn't have any well known abilities, they can very easily work they way around it. it's about time Godzilla squares off against an actual dragon that isn't King Ghidorah.
  • 10Ultra Brothers - Ultra Series suggested byMegalon73
  • 11Giant Space Bird - The Giant Claw
    it's ony thing to go up against a giant Pterodactyl, it's another to go up against a gigantic bird. he's as big as a battleship, flies 4 times the speed of sound, and atomic weapons cannot hurt it.

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