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Top 10 Native American Civilizations

10 Native American Civilizations from Pre-Columbian times . Judge by effectiveness of government or leadership, strength of economy, uniquness of culture and religion, legacy and effects on present-day life.
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    1The Aztecs
    Ruling a tributary empire from Tenochtitlan, a city of aproximatley 215K population, the Aztecs, more properly known as Mexicas ruled one of the most powerfull Pre-Columbian Empires in the Americas. Four different methods of agriculture produced maize, cotton, cacao beans and ruber trees.

  • 2The Incas
    The largest Pre-Columbian empire in the Americas was a federalist system ruled by an emperor. Phenominal engeneering, communication network and system of roads made the Incas a very advanced civilization. Instead of writing, they used a system of beads called Quipu.

  • 3The Maya
    Apart from the famous calander, the Maya are one of the most developed Native American Nations. The architechture of their pyramids, shifting cultivation as well as accomplishments in mathematics and astronomy can easily rival Europeans.

  • 4The Lakotah
    Consiting of 7 sub tribes, the Lakotah spaned the Great Plaines. They proved to be adaptable, like when the Cheyanne introduced horses to them. Believe it or not, they currently claim independence as The Republic of Lakotah and continue to seek international recognition.

  • 5The Iroquois
    The Iroquois Confederacy was one of the most powerfull Pre-Columbian Civilizations originating from upstate New York and conquering lands all the way to Illinois. Their inclusive nature allowed other subjugated tribes to intergrate into their league.

  • 6The Cherokee
    We can thank the Cherokee for the tomahawk. The Cherokee language is most noted for Sequoyah's creation of the Cherokee syllabary. Despite being broken in the 1800s, the Cherokee nation today has experienced economic growth and prosperity.

  • 7The Navajo
    Apart from the famous code-talkers in WWII, the Navajo are a well accomplished nation. They were masters at weaving and by the late 1800s, became great silversmiths. They also established trading parties with long routes

  • 8The Inuits
    Various tribes with various dialects, the Inuit mastered survival in the Arctic. Traditionally hunters and fishers, transportation was provided by dog sleds and the qajaq, a single person boat, inspired the creation of the kayak.

  • 9The Olmecs
    The Olmecs thrived in the jungles of the Yucatan and Central America between c.1500 BCE to c.400 BCE. They set the foundation for more to follow. They were the first to develope writting in the Western Hemisphere and some historians suspect the compass

  • 10Maleecite suggested bypgveer

  • 11The Comanches

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