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Top 10 Movie Logic That Doesn't Make Sense

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    1Group of bad guys will attack one by one in orderly fashion
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  • 2No One Uses Mice When Operating Computers, Keyboard Only
  • 3If someone on a Walkie Talkie Dies, they transmit Static
  • 4Superheroes can lift a car by any part, even a bumper, and the car will not fall apart
  • 5Shooting a car will make it explode suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 6Landing in water can save you from a very high fall suggested bySpongeBobSquarePants
  • 7Spaceships explode in a fireball
  • 8All Police investigations require a trip to the strip club
  • 9When baddie is about to shoot hero, hero will wince and bad guys shot by someone else
  • 10Heroes Never Look back at explosions they caused
  • 11All computer systems have manual overide in deadly place
  • 12People being chased always find cover in a nearby parade or major event
  • 13Hero only winces at wounds when female tends to wounds
  • 14Fallen Hero's arm is always just shy of reaching a gun
  • 15You can climb a building with suction cups and not get tired
  • 16Drivers in Movies can drive straight by moving wheel left to right constantly
  • 17A bomb or other timed exploding object will be stopped by the hero with one second left until explosion suggested bySpongeBobSquarePants
  • 18Everything Must Explode
  • 19Lasers travel slower than the speed of light
    lasers are actually slower than regular light
  • 20The high school always have the most drama going on in it, compared to the rest of the town suggested byGabe Braden
  • 21When chased, you will alkways drop the car keys
  • 22Being shot in the arm or leg can be solved by wrapped a piece of torn clothing round it suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 23Person is hit on the head goes unconscious yet doesn't need to go the the doctors suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 24Everyone In High School Are All Great Dancers suggested byDaniel John
  • 25Every car chase involves smashing through fruit stands and/or cardboard boxes suggested byzendaddy621
  • 26Bombs always have a timer of when they go off. suggested bybackup368
  • 27parents in some movies are always divorced suggested bySam McGill
  • 28Making yourself throw up to get rid of poison in your system suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 29Shoppers will always have a paper bag with a piece of french bread sticking out of it
  • 30Bad guy takes too long to shoot somebody until a third person shoots them. suggested bybackup368
  • 31When phone is ringing person just put the phone near the ear and talk suggested byMarcus Lopez
  • 32Cars can make ridiculous jumps without sustaining damage suggested byzendaddy621
  • 33People going to bathroom make no noises related to the bodily function in most films. suggested byB.D. Cooper
  • 34People will gain a BF, or GF, going through much to get them, and then just leave them, when there is a misunderstanding, or when they think they see them kissing someone else. suggested byGabe Braden
  • 35Mad Max's entire economy and ability to sustain human life in a desert suggested bykenn1987
  • 36Car chases in rush hour traffic without a single accident suggested byzendaddy621
  • 37camera shot of a character that shows their feet, then camera moves up slowly / you don't see their face at first
  • 38when alarm clock goes off, person in bed blindly shuts alarm clock off {person doesn't look; they keep their head on bed while shutting off alarm} suggested byliket
    I never look at my alarm clock when I get up....

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