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Top 10 Most Hated Video Game Characters

Makarov - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series
The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim - Braith
Those video games chaeacters we can't stand
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim- Cicero
Rule #6: As villains, are either too cruel, or their personalities are too egotistical.
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    1Abby Anderson - The Last of Us 2 suggested byGenerson Bryantheart
    A new character who's so ridiculously buffed which idek how's it possible to eat that much of a food in a post apocalyptic world cuz the only problem in this world is food that's needed which is hard to get in this world and this thicc wrestler lives like she's in a all you can eat buffet, a new character who has a father as an NPC (which is very f
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  • 2Duck Hunt - The Dog suggested byW Jacob Knecht Jr.
    Why doesn't this idiot take the gun and do it himself.. What a annoying douche..
    The desire to shoot him grows by the snicker. Makes you tempted to buy a real gun just so you can.
    Has absolutely no purpose for the game; Has an annoying laugh.
    Pathetic Villain; Annoying Final Boss
  • 3The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Navi suggested byW Jacob Knecht Jr.
    She is not that bad. Fi, on the other hand...
    The way Navi jerks the camera away from where you WANT to look has got to be the worst feature ever in a video game.
    If this is a list and this is number 1 I will kill you
    The owl is EASILY Worse. :\
    "Hey!" and "Listen!" can get very annoying way too quickly.
  • 4Ashley Graham- Resident Evil 4 suggested byTheVantagegroup Thevantagegroup
    Happens To be The Presidents Daughter. So? Shes Bloody Useless Quite Literaly... Im not Joking
    Annoying; Useless; Gets in Leon's way a lot; Gets kidnapped too many times; It's Game Over if you accidentally shoot her.
  • 5Pokemon - Rival suggested byW Jacob Knecht Jr.
    Annoying, snarky, narcissistic, little brat. The only advantagr is that you could stick him with whatever name you wanted.
  • 6Animal Crossing - Mr. Resetti suggested byW Jacob Knecht Jr.
    Berates you everytime you reset the game without saving; Can be irritating.
  • 7Bowser Jr. - Mario series suggested byCharlotte David
    He is so freaking persistant. Just give up, stupid kid.. And does this mean... Oh no... This is the product of princess peach and bowser... Now I wanna die..
    Watch SuperMarioLogan, and you'll really start to hate this guy
    but he's adorable!
    Bowser loses to Mario long before Bowser Jr.
    Total brat; Main reason why Bowser always loses to Mario.
  • 8Omochao - Sonic the Hedgehog series suggested byCHEESY124 Ugorji
  • 9Tony Hawk's Underground- Eric Sparrow suggested byTheVantagegroup Thevantagegroup
    just another prick that ... spoiler
    Thinks he's better than the player, when he really isn't.
  • 10The Walking Dead (2012) - Ben
  • 11Kepora Gebora - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time suggested byCharlotte David
    Annoying and useless ally; total waste of time.
  • 12Ghetsis - Pokemon Black and White suggested byCharlotte David
    Total backstabber; no-good step-father; lame motivation of taking over the world; claims he's perfect when he really isn't.
  • 13General Shepard - Call of Duty Modern Warfare suggested byAndhika Putra
  • 14Sonic the Hedgehog- Big the Cat. suggested byAndrew Ryan
  • 15The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim lydia suggested byJoelgotshrekt
  • 16The Beetle - Donky Kong 64 suggested byCharlotte David
    Extremely difficult to race against; almost impossible to beat.
  • 17Oblivion- Adoring Fan suggested bydioptrichalo
  • 18Larxene - Kingdom Hearts franchise suggested byfighter66
  • 19Jasper Batt Jr.- No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle suggested byTheVantagegroup Thevantagegroup
    Pathetic Villain; Annoying Final Boss
    Arguably the the Worst and Most Hated Character in Gaming History! >:P
  • 20Makarov - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series suggested byGodslayer79
  • 21Count Veger - Jak 3 suggested byCharlotte David
    its veger
    "Count Vulgar".
    Has an awful villain personality.
  • 22Porky Minch - Earthbound series suggested byCharlotte David
    Obese crybaby; Actions against Lukas and his family are atrocious.
    The literal videogame equivalent of Adolf Hitler, but 10 times worse. He killed lot's because he was bored.
  • 23Frank Tenpenny - GTA: San Andreas suggested byzendaddy621
    There's few things worse than a crooked cop who makes you do his dirty work and then backstabs you as well as throws your brother in jail on trumped-up charges...
  • 24Bioshock - Andrew Ryan suggested byW Jacob Knecht Jr.
  • 25Dante - Devil May Cry DMC Remake suggested byscarte95
    ruined the real Dante and ruined devil may cry. crappy irritating and emo.
  • 26Dimitri Rascalov - Grand Theft Auto IV suggested byfighter66
  • 27Duck - The Walking Dead suggested byjayoshua123
  • 28Bubsy suggested byChristopher Smith
    Ok Now I actually think ur right Bubsy is Annoying
  • 29Moneybags - Spyro the Dragon Series suggested byTytan Tyler
  • 30Amy Rose - Sonic The Hedgehog suggested byAhmed Maklad
  • 31Hazama - Blazblue Series suggested byCharlotte David
    Atrocities are trmendous as a villain; Is a hard boss to fight against in his Unlimited form.
  • 32Exdeath - Final Fantasy V suggested byCharlotte David
    Bland and generic villain.
  • 33Reaver - Fable II suggested byTytan Tyler
  • 34David- The Last of Us suggested byNatashaPrice7512
  • 35Junior Troopa - Paper Mario suggested byJohn Huffman
  • 36Playstation Haters - Xbox Fans suggested byCuttingEdge3078
  • 37The Beetle - Donkey Kong 64 suggested byTytan Tyler
  • 38Resident Evil 4- Ashley Graham suggested byTheVantagegroup Thevantagegroup
    I can't count the number of times I just wanted to let the zombies take her...
  • 39Larry - The Walking Dead suggested byDayton Hamilton
  • 40Moebius - The Legacy of Kain series suggested byStuJM1990
    and he is a coward
    I hate him because he's a dishonest prick who hides behind his stupid staff without that staff he's weak
  • 41Toad from all the Mario Games suggested bytristal
  • 42Mass Effect - Ashley Williams suggested byutterablesky
  • 43The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim- Cicero suggested byBrett Beard
    cicero is amazing
  • 44Scott Shelby- Heavy Rain suggested byNatashaPrice7512
  • 45Zeke Dunbar - Infamous seris suggested byStuJM1990
    still hate him cause he could've sacrificed people to get powers
    i didn't get my facts straight he would've killed people if he had the conduit gene
    Fat dumb prick kills shit loads of people to get powers and has the balls to ask forgiveness from cole macgrath
  • 46Princess peach suggested bySara Cohen
    Yes I would rather date Daisy because Daisy doesen't get kidnapped every 5 minutes and then u have to go over Land,Water,and even Underground and that just makes me feel bad for Mario for going over so much and when he finnally gets there u see toad going like,THE PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE,and mabye she just wants to get kidnapped on purpose so
    I really am getting tired of her getting kidnapped. Her crying is becoming irratating to the point I wanna gouge my ears out. And she provides no reward whatsoever, aiside from getting kidnapped again. What the hell.
  • 47Toad suggested byCuttingEdge3078
  • 48Donald Duck - Kingdom Hearts series suggested byDrew Boxall
    Annoying and Useless
  • 49No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle- Jasper Batt Jr. suggested byTheVantagegroup Thevantagegroup
  • 50Buzzy - Theme Park World suggested byHenners250
  • 51Tidus - Final Fantasy X suggested byTytan Tyler
    He's nowhere near as bad as Wakka
  • 52Sonic the Hedgehog - Tails suggested byW Jacob Knecht Jr.
  • 53Fi - Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword suggested byHeather Leebert
  • 54Balloon Boy - Five Nights At Freddy's 2 suggested byLue Davies
  • 55Bill Hawks - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 56Vanillite, Vanillish and Vanilluxe - Pokemon suggested byGeorgina Bransfield
  • 57Canary Mary - Banjo-Tooie suggested byHeather Leebert
  • 58Emily - Until Dawn
  • 59Weissman - Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC suggested bytheeverlastinggamer
  • 60 Tom Brady - madden series suggested byKirby terks
  • 61Mass Effect - Kai Leng suggested byReyert
  • 62Cream the Rabbit - Sonic the Hedgehog suggested byEmmanuel Dunk
    Thumbs up please becuase she is acutally hated.
  • 63Rosh Penin - Jedi Academy suggested byJedimperial96
  • 64Tony Hawks Underground 2- Phil- useless suggested byQuezomaestro BD
  • 65Edgar Last of Us suggested
  • 66yennefer - Witcher 3 Wild Hunt suggested byShashank Siddharth
  • 67Cait Sith - Final Fantasy VII suggested byDrew Boxall
    In Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, you're even forced to play as him in one part
    The Party Member NO ONE Uses (Plus totally useless)
  • 68Marcy Long - Fallout 4 suggested byDark Jedi Princess
  • 69Adam Malkovich - Metroid: Other M suggested byOmegaRidley89
  • 70Jay Cutler - madden Series suggested byKirby terks
  • 71Tails: Sonic the Hedgehog series suggested byEnigma X
  • 72Mass Effect - Admiral Hackett suggested byW Jacob Knecht Jr.
  • 73Spy - Team Fortress 2 suggested bymac121mr0
  • 74Harley Quinn- Batman: Arkham Asylum suggested byIan McGill
  • 75Final Fantasy Series- Everyone suggested byTheVantagegroup Thevantagegroup
    don't play it then
  • 76William Afton - The Five Night's At Freddy's Franchise suggested byWilliam Risse
    Also having the name William, while talking about this narcasstic turd is a burden, so please don't make fun of me..
    He was a horrible parent, he neglected his children to the point of bullying their siblings. He also murdered 6 children because his own children died due to his own laziness to parent. So in setence he is a narcasstic scum who cares about nobody unless they have worth to him. He gets exactly what he deserves at the end of fnaf 1, being trapped in
  • 77Black Doom - "Shadow the Hedgehog" (2005) suggested byMarusero
  • 78 Luigi - MarioSeries suggested byKirby terks
  • 79Preston Garvey - Fallout 4 suggested byarge101
  • 80Wii U - Anyone that owned a wii in 2011 suggested byScullin36
  • 81Aiden - Minecraft Story Mode suggested byWilliam Risse
    This scum destroy's an entire city over a flint a steel. He also has the most annoying voice of a character period. He is cocky arrogant and narcasstic.
  • 82Kiddy Kong - Donkey Kong Country 3 suggested byAndrew Hager

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