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Top 10 Independent Rappers (suggested 8 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Underground Rappers

When you do the countdown, will you remove the mainstream rappers off?
MF Doom.
Can we include rap groups?
Chris Webby
These rappers can have a following, but stay out of the mainstream spotlight.
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    1Tech N9ne suggested byEthan Enoch-Barlow
    Tech N9ne should be number 1 on this list, but the thing is, he's not really that underground because of the fact that mainstream is going Tech. But he should be number 1 on any list of hip hop artists for his consistency of releasing literally more albums than any other artist with more than 300 songs in his arsenal and his superior intricacy. He
    Tech has the best flow and the craziest lyrics Iv ever seen.
    I love Tech I really do but his stuff is pretty much all the same
    you gotta have the KING OF DARKNESS he is what brought underground into the mainstream ^S^ forever
    Definitely the most talented
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  • 2MF Doom suggested byMooshBearRoom
    MF Doom's Madvallainy is one of the greatest albums of all time, it's creativity, amazing production and stae of the art rapping makes it deserve top spot here.
    has collaborated with many big and iconic names in hip hop such as De La Soul, Ghostface Killa, Cee-Lo Green, Dangermouse (from Gorillaz and Gnarls Barkley), Madlib and many more
    This guy's not underground. I don't even listen at all to rap but I've heard of him

  • 3Aesop Rock suggested byowwmybody
    not underground at all...
    Ace plus his stuff with Hail Mary Mallon just makes him number one.
    Lyrics that make you think, so many great albums, and overall amazing sound
    Aesop Rock has been around for years and all of his albums are critically acclaimed for his lyrics, which are so complex that the critics themselves had trouble understanding.

  • 4Immortal Technique suggested byJói Þorleifss
    His album, Revolutionary volume 2, is the most pirated independent hip hop album of all time and he promotes uplifting speeches at his concerts
    Realeast rapper out
    Great story telling.

  • 5Slug suggested byowwmybody
    Another veteran of the rap game, Slug is also a complex lyricist, and an incredible one. He stays true to hip hop with his clever rhymes and smooth flow.
    Slug wouldn't have as much success without ant on the production
    I think it should be nominated as Atmosphere the group
    MN pride...but Slug is insanely good and Ant is an amazing producer
    One of the best lyricists of all time... gotta give credit to Ant, his producer in atmosphere, because they made my favorite album of 2014 so far
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  • 6R.A. the Rugged Man suggested byMooshBearRoom
    Back in 1992 there were 9 record labels wanting to sign him, including Priority, Def Jam, No Limit and Jive... he ended up being banned from radio stations, studios and record labels and forbidden to play live for many years after that.. true story
    only white dude who made a song with Biggie
    RA stays true to pure hip hop by collaborating with legends like Masta Ace, Talib Kweli, and Tech N9ne. He puts his absolute heart into his music with brilliant lyricism and intricate pronunciation.

  • 7Brother Ali suggested byowwmybody

  • 8Earl Sweatshirt suggested byMooshBearRoom
    ^^Are yall kidding me with this?
    He is a faggot
    but they are hardly underground anymore. Hipsters dont really back them any more b/c they have become too "mainstream" . a good rapper, but if hes on this list it should be low rated or honorable mention.
    Earl and Tyler are the best on this list, both coming from Odd Future

  • 9KRS One suggested bytecpaocelotl
    If Mojo would allow it, He would be #1,2,3,4 & 5.
    hip hop personified
    I don't have to nothing bc you already know.

  • 10Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks suggested byJói Þorleifss
    Vinnie is a legend in ever way he deserves higher

  • 11Del the Funky Homosapien suggested bytecpaocelotl
    Very underrated
    Del goes so hard. He Featured on "Clint Eastwood" whcich is one of the Gorillaz most well known songs. Listen to him, he goes hard. He has great mic skills.

  • 12Rakim suggested byJeremy Gregson
    Is he really underground though?
    really he i no way is underground
    1 of the most lyrically talented MC's of all0time. Flawless devivery, and amazing wordplay

  • 13Joey Bada$$ suggested byMooshBearRoom
    born in 95 and has a better rhyming skills than most of his peers
    One of the best rappers of his generation, especially compared to the crap that gets passed off as rap these days

  • 14Eyedea suggested bydelusional9

  • 15Dead Prez suggested bytecpaocelotl
    It's bigger than Hip Hop.
    Hell yeah!

  • 16Jurassic 5 suggested byJeremy Gregson

  • 17Evidence suggested byMooshBearRoom

  • 18hopsin suggested byMiguel Angel Perez
    hes mainstream now
    niggas hatin homie thats why
    FUNK VOLUUUUUUMEE. How is this not at least in top ten???!!!!

  • 19Action Bronson suggested byMooshBearRoom
    he's actually just a white Ghostface Killa

  • 20Death Grips suggested byMooshBearRoom
    MC Ride is thomas the tank engine music nigga
    is he considered rap...dude should have his own genre
    Death Grips deserves to be in this list Mc Ride is a musical genius

  • 21El-P & Killer Mike suggested byMooshBearRoom

  • 22Talib Kweli suggested byJeremy Gregson
    Not underground.

  • 23Ab-Soul suggested byMooshBearRoom

  • 24Tyler, The Creator suggested byjeruhmyuh
    love this dude, but he's not underground
    he is a faggot
    He's a true artist.
    Him and Earl are the best on this list.

  • 25murs suggested byMiguel Angel Perez
    I just recently started listining to murs but I have not heard a song by him that was not on point.

  • 26Dizzy Wright suggested byLife Parodies

  • 27Pharoahe Monch suggested byJeremy Gregson

  • 28Wax suggested bybtucci213

  • 29Masta Ace suggested byJeremy Gregson
    Super underrated and a great story teller

  • 30Ras Kass suggested byJoehernadez

  • 31Apathy suggested byJói Þorleifss
    him and Webby kings of ct

  • 32De La Soul suggested byJeremy Gregson

  • 33Dilated Peoples suggested byJeremy Gregson

  • 34Celph Titled suggested byJói Þorleifss
    no body can top his word play
    He brought me into hip-hop so I think hes pretty dope

  • 35Hieroglyphics suggested byharmany08

  • 36Das Racist suggested byjeruhmyuh

  • 37Run The Jewels suggested byThomas Neal

  • 38El-P suggested byNaoise Mac Gowan
    Very lyrically complex and a great producer

  • 39Ill Bill suggested byJói Þorleifss

  • 40Cunninlynguists suggested byDavid Byrd
    Pretty good

  • 41El Vuh suggested bytecpaocelotl
    Great Trio from LA, CA.

  • 42mobb deep suggested bystz

  • 43!mayday! suggested byMiguel Angel Perez
    you gotta have them they 2ooooo dope 2 miss out ^S^ all day

  • 44Onyx suggested byHector Yaokuauhtli Garcia

  • 45Busdriver suggested byThomas Broderick

  • 46Chance the Rapper suggested byThomas Broderick

  • 47Madlib suggested bySpankSinatra
    you're thinking of Quasimoto

  • 48Victor E (from El Vuh) suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 49Logic suggested byNate Cooper

  • 50ces cru suggested byMiguel Angel Perez
    IF you down vote ces, you are ignorant and you don't have a good taste for music.
    Mannn i see all your suggestions you another brother from Strange dope as homie man these people dont know what they votin

  • 51Rex Smallboy suggested bytecpaocelotl
    No one is quite as Rexy as Rex.

  • 52Danny Brown suggested byRefiloe Kubheka

  • 53Jay Electronica suggested byJeremy Gregson

  • 54cage suggested bybtucci213

  • 55Flatbush Zombies suggested byCarnage899

  • 56Mad child suggested byEthan Enoch-Barlow

  • 57dumbfounded suggested bybtucci213

  • 58sadistik suggested bybtucci213

  • 59J Dilla suggested bySpankSinatra

  • 602Mex suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 61Kemo the Blaxican suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 62Sean Price suggested byJói Þorleifss

  • 63Buckshot suggested byJói Þorleifss

  • 64Illogic suggested bySantiago Jimenez

  • 65Logic is a lyrical genius look him up on YouTube and listen to the meaning and the flow. suggested byBryant Benitez

  • 66Zero (El Vuh) suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 67Quasimoto suggested byRefiloe Kubheka

  • 68Watsky suggested byJames Michael Perez

  • 69Souls of Mischief suggested byharmany08

  • 70camu tao suggested bybtucci213

  • 71Vic Mensa suggested byThomas Broderick

  • 72Cyne suggested byJeremy Gregson

  • 73One Be Lo suggested byJeremy Gregson

  • 74King Los suggested byDamien Ceasar

  • 75Rakka suggested byJoehernadez

  • 76Chris Webby suggested byThomas Neal

  • 77SwizZz suggested byLife Parodies

  • 78Tonedeff suggested byMai Dik

  • 79PackFM suggested byMai Dik

  • 80Grandmaster Fuher and the Third Reich suggested byFuckaMyItalianoBoiPu

  • 81Rahzel suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 82K-OS suggested byDavid Byrd

  • 83EpicLLOYD suggested byMatthew Sandman Maestas

  • 84Big K.R.I.T. suggested byMatteo Gabbrielli

  • 85DJ Quik suggested byMatteo Gabbrielli

  • 86Big L suggested byMatteo Gabbrielli

  • 87Kool Keith suggested bySpankSinatra

  • 88Hyperaptive suggested bySamuel Kettler

  • 89Ruste Juxx suggested byJói Þorleifss

  • 90Open Mike Eagle suggested byThomas Broderick

  • 91El da Sensei suggested byHector Yaokuauhtli Garcia

  • 92Blueprint suggested byRefiloe Kubheka

  • 93Spose suggested byColhod13

  • 94ProEra suggested bystz

  • 95Lo Key suggested byJohn Pfitzner

  • 96Parker suggested byThomas Broderick

  • 97Artifacts suggested byHector Yaokuauhtli Garcia

  • 98Twiztid suggested byZach Allen
    with their theatrics and the cult following they have including myself they like Insane Clown Posse deserve to be recognized as legit artists

  • 99Cannibal Ox suggested byRefiloe Kubheka

  • 100Kristoff Krane suggested bydelusional9

  • 101Sicknature suggested byJoehernadez

  • 102Jus Allah suggested byJoehernadez

  • 103Nocando suggested byThomas Broderick

  • 104Edo G suggested byJeremy Gregson

  • 105krizz kaluko suggested byMiguel Angel Perez
    YOu did spell "Kaliko" wrong.
    Allright, I'm throughly suprised everyone is hatin on kalli baby. Great singer, Great rapper.

  • 106Necro suggested byJói Þorleifss

  • 107Inspectah deck suggested byWalid Oswald

  • 108Mr Lif suggested byDavid Byrd

  • 109People Under The Stairs (P.U.T.S.) suggested byDavid Byrd

  • 110Esoteric suggested byJoehernadez

  • 111Root Manuva suggested byDavid Byrd

  • 112Rittz suggested byDycob

  • 113Twisted Insane suggested byDycob

  • 114Kutt Kalhoun suggested byDycob

  • 115Brotha Lynch Hung suggested byDycob

  • 116Jonwayne suggested byMooshBearRoom

  • 117Milo suggested byThomas Broderick

  • 118Mike Ladd suggested byannagdupont

  • 119Company Flow suggested byRefiloe Kubheka

  • 120Denace suggested bySOUL Legionary

  • 121Cakes Da Killa suggested byThomas Broderick

Top 10 most influential underground rappers

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    1KRS One suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 2RA The Rugged Man suggested bydelusional9

  • 3Murs suggested bydelusional9

  • 4Vinnie Paz suggested bydelusional9

  • 5Immortal Technique suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 6Aesop Rock suggested bydelusional9

  • 7Slug of Atmosphere suggested bydelusional9

  • 8Eyedea suggested bydelusional9

  • 9Hopsin suggested bydelusional9

  • 10El P suggested bydelusional9

  • 11Brother Ali suggested bydelusional9

  • 12Cage suggested bydelusional9

Top 10 Underground Rappers/Rap Groups

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    1Immortal Technique

  • 2MF Doom

  • 3Hopsin

  • 4Earl Sweatshirt

  • 5Aesop Rock

  • 6Army of the pharaohs suggested byJoehernadez

  • 7Tyler, The Creator

  • 8KRS One suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 9Das Racist

  • 10Nujabes

  • 11run the jewels suggested byThomas Neal

  • 12Logic

  • 13Dead Prez suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 14Insane Poetry suggested bymorbidchid

  • 15Ganksta N I P suggested bymorbidchid

  • 16Esham suggested bymorbidchid

  • 17Insane Clown Posse suggested bymorbidchid

  • 18Demigodz suggested byJoehernadez

  • 19Lil Dicky

  • 20Vanilla Ice suggested bymorbidchid

Top Ten Underground Rappers

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    1Brother Ali suggested byJoehernadez

  • 2Evidence suggested byJoehernadez

  • 3Vinnie Paz suggested byJoehernadez

  • 4Joey Bada$$ suggested byJoehernadez

  • 5Apathy suggested byJoehernadez

  • 6Celph Titled suggested byJoehernadez

  • 7Ras Kass suggested byJoehernadez

  • 8K-rino suggested byJoehernadez

  • 9Twisted Insane suggested byJoehernadez

  • 10Planet Asia suggested byJoehernadez

Top 10 underground rappers out right now.

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    1Immortal Technique suggested byTopse Cret

  • 2Mac Miller

  • 3Childish Gambino suggested bydelusional9

  • 4Joey Bad$$

  • 5Danny Brown
    Danny Brown may have an irritating voice to most people (I find it funny), but his lyrics do stay consistent and at times intricate. His song "Shootin Moves" is enough proof of that.

  • 6Action Bronson

  • 7Chance The Rapper

  • 8Mad Child suggested bydelusional9

  • 9Tyler, The Creator

  • 10Earl Sweatshirt

  • 11KRS One suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 12Dead Prez suggested bytecpaocelotl

  • 13Freddie Gibbs

  • 14Vinnie Paz suggested byJoehernadez

  • 15Celph Titled suggested byJoehernadez

  • 16Lil B

  • 17Riff Raff
    Celph Titled
    Take this waste of air off the list... seriously

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