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Top 10 Ideas for Disney Princesses

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    1A Princess with a disability suggested bymac121mr0
    i do want this becasue i acutally have a disablity so i will be able to relate to her
    Who the hell diagnosed you then? Aspergers is not a disability in any way. It doesn't limit your capabilities.
    Aspergers is not a disability. It's a syndrome.
    Just as long as it isn't played for laughs. I'd love to see a blind princess, but not one who's always bumping into things and has a comedic relief seeing eye dog.
    Ariel was a mute for some time. That is technically a disability.
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  • 2a princess that wears glasses
    true that and i can speek for experinces
    Princesses can't ALL HAVE good eyesight!
    what the matter with you! it's good make a princess that girls who NEED glasses can relax to!
  • 3A Japanese Princess suggested byJenna Rizzo
    I'm pretty sure Mulan is Chinese, not Japanese.
    Mulan IS Chinese!
    They could take a spin on the story of Princess Kaguya!
  • 4An LGBT Princess suggested bymac121mr0
    I don't like that life style. It doesn't make sense.
  • 5Icelandic princess suggested byShanti Arya
    What Icelandic story could Disney possibly make a movie out of?
    Marion Raven is Norwegian, not Icelandic.
    The Sagas of the Icelanders, for example. They could use Halgerda.
  • 6a hispanic princess
    that won't count!
    I've seen Elena of Avalor
  • 7an irish princess
  • 8A Mexican princess suggested bymac121mr0
  • 9Little Red Riding Hood suggested byJenna Rizzo
  • 10A Christian princess suggested byJessica Fendt
    Isn't Aurora Christian?
    does religion really matter in Disney?!
  • 11An Eskimo Princess suggested bymac121mr0
  • 12A bullied princess suggested byJessica Fendt
  • 13A Korean Princess suggested byDaniel Fong
  • 14The Wild Swans
    That's a great story to put to film.
  • 15an italian princess
    Italians are white, genius.
  • 16A bald princess suggested byStine Pedersen
  • 17A Brazilian princess suggested byJessica Fendt
  • 18A Plus-Size Princess suggested byAislinn Jackson
    More plus sized than Merida?
  • 19A Puerto Rican Princess suggested bymac121mr0
  • 20An Indigious Australian Princess suggested byAngel21
    I reckon Australian singer/actress Jessica Mauboy would be perfect in the role of an Indigious Australian Princess. Although the term "princess" will only be a loose Disney Princess term, much like Mulan.
    involve a lot of reserch, licensing and not mention permission from the families of the Stolen Generation to show such things in a Disney film.
    I reckon the story would be somewhat similar to "Pocahontas" in the sense it could be about the hostilities between the settlers and Indigious people. This might be a very sensitive subject to be put to film but maybe they could make a film that talks about the Stolen Generation and the hardships the families went through. Still I think it would in
  • 21an African princess
    Tiana is technically an African-American princess. Perhaps they could have another African princess involved in her traditional ethic culture (e.g. the Zula people from South Africa, the Fula people from both West and Central Africa, etc).
    I mean another one!
    A Spanish princess
    Not African-American. Like. . . Actually IN Africa, and not a lioness.
    We already have Tiana
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  • 22The Princess and the pea
  • 23Rose Red suggested byJenna Rizzo
  • 24more traditionally animated
  • 25Am Egyptian Princess suggested byShawn Mark
  • 26Twelve Dancing Princesses suggested byJenna Rizzo
  • 27A princess with anxiety or depression suggested byJessica Fendt
    She's not a princess.
  • 28A Russian Princess suggested byDaniel Fong
    Only really one notable, and Don Bluth beat them to it.
  • 29A Spainish princess suggested byAngel21
  • 30A Norse Princess suggested byShawn Mark
  • 31A Roman/Greek Princess suggested byShawn Mark
  • 32A princess as the surprise villain suggested byMichael Ross
    We've accepted that 'happily ever after' doesn't always mean falling in love. Maybe the next time Disney has a prince as the lead, marrying the princess should definitely NOT be a reward.
  • 33A Mayan Princess suggested byShawn Mark
  • 34British Princess suggested byAngel21
    I know this has sort of been done before but I would love to see it again with maybe a semi-modern British princess. Maybe Gemma Arterton could do voice work for her.
  • 35A Filipino Princess
  • 36arachne from hercules suggested byJohnny Fountains
  • 37Princess Cross-over movie suggested byviliguns
  • 38A Jewish Princess suggested byTrueBackLash
  • 39A Hindu Princess suggested byShawn Mark
  • 40A Celtic Princess suggested byShawn Mark
  • 41queen mesmira suggested byJohnny Fountains
  • 42An Alien Princess suggested byJim Gorr
    I'm pretty sure Disney made it clear that Disney Princesses are only allowed to be human.
  • 43Make Anna and Elsa become part of them suggested byJenna Rizzo
    and they are
  • 44Goku Black suggested byMaximillian Mages
  • 45She can't sing but she's an amazing rapper suggested bylortrotk
  • 46Princess Leia suggested byBrian Walsh
    Please let Carrie Fisher rest in peace with whatever shred of dignity she was able to retain from that franchise.
    You can't be serious. Why would you want to dishonor and completely piss on Leia by making her a Disney princess? She's not even animated. Nor has she ever appeared in a Disney movie.


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