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Top 10 I Love Lucy moments (suggested 8 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Greatest I love Lucy Moments

  • Top 10 Moments in "I Love Lucy"

  • Top ten I love Lucy moments

    Top 10 Moments From I Love Lucy The Television Show

  • Top 10 Moments From TV Shows: I Love Lucy

  • Top 10 I Love Lucy moments

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      1"Lucy's Italian Movie" Lucy gets into a fight with an Italian woman while stomping in a vat of grapes
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    • 2"Lucy Does a TV Commercial" - Lucy gets drunk on Vitameatavegamin
    • 3"Lucy Goes to the Hospital" - The birth of Little Ricky
    • 4"L.A. at Last" - William Holden lights Lucy's putty nose on fire
    • 5"Job Switching" - Lucy and Ethel struggle to keep up with the chocolates on the conveyor belt
    • 6"Lucy is Enceinte" - Lucy reveals to Ricky that she is pregnant with Little Ricky
    • 7"Harpo Marx" - Lucy does a mirror sketch with guest-star Harpo Marx
    • 8"Ricky Minds the Baby" - Ricky tells his son the story of Little Red Riding Hood-in Spanish!
    • 9"Paris at Last" - Lucy gets arrested in Paris, and three different translators are required to interrogate her!
    • 10"Be a Pal" - Lucy dances and lip-syncs to Carmen Miranda
    • 11"Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald" - Lucy subjects to all sorts of horrific hair-growing techniques
    • 12"Lucy Does the Tango" - Lucy dances the tango with Ricky-while carrying eggs in her shirt!
    • 13"The Diet" - Ricky and Lucy's "Cuban Pete" number
    • 14"Pioneer Women" - a giant loaf of bread pops out of the oven and attacks Lucy!
    • 15"Job Switching" - Ricky and Fred accidentally flood the kitchen with rice
    • 16"The Handcuffs" - Ricky goes on television while Lucy acts as his stand-in arm
    • 17"Ricky Needs an Agent" - Lucy accidentally gets Ricky fired, and he takes his anger out on the bric-a-brac.

    Top ten best i love lucy moments

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      1The guys don't pay attention and lucy and Ethel almost get arrested
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    • 2Chocolate factory sene
    • 3Lucy tells Ricky she's pregnant
    • 4Ricky sings babaloo
    • 5Little Ricky is born
    • 6Little Ricky gets a puppy
    • 7Lucy and Ricky get married.....again
    • 8Lucy gets drunk on the vidavigamegamin
    • 9Ricky loses his voice
    • 10Grape stomping sene

    Top Ten Funniest Moments from I Love Lucy

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      1Candy Conveyer Belt-"Job Switching"
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    • 2Grape Stomping-"Lucy's Italian Movie"
    • 3Breaking the Eggs-"Lucy Does the Tango"

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