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Top 10 Greatest Video Games of All Time (suggested 3 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top Ten Greatest Video Games Ever

Shadow of the Colossus
Games that defined a generation and/or spawned a new genre. Has an avid following to this day.
This list is out of order at the moment, too many popular games as opposed to actually stellar games that not only enthralled us but have also held up to the test of time
This list is pretty bad the way it stands. Top 3 should be 1. Zelda 2. Half Life 2 3. Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. Really shocked to see it isn't even in the list of candidates (180 ).
One game per franchise, single games not series.
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    1The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina OF Time
    This game is as fun to play now as it was in 1998. It is the definition of a "flawless masterpiece".
    Shows up allmodern games for their flaws. This game is true perfection. Intrigueing story, flawless gameplay, and the dungeons, OH THE DUNGEONS
    Ugh. I do not get this game at all. To see all my problems with it, go watch the sequelitis episode about this. Even though he does riff on SS a lot, I still think it's way better than this boring and outdated game.
    I personally believe Majora's Mask is better. It's story is a lot more interesting and its mechanics more polished due to it being a sequel. but I can't deny the influence OoT had on video games.
    Skyward Sword's better, but hey it's Zelda.
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  • 2Super Mario Bros
    This game saved the video game industry during the crash in the 1980's. Without this game, video games may not exist today.
    Without Nintendo and mario, where would video games be like today?
    Furthermore this game sold 40 million copies at a time when gaming was not nearly as popular as they are now.
    Just because it was the best game then does not mean we have to get all nostalgic and call it the best game of all time. Lets be real. I would play gta over this any day of the week.
    Completely overrated. At it's time it was completely revolutionary but it's just not relevant anymore
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  • 3Portal
    I think Portal 2 is better.
    I voted for this but I really meant for Portal 2. Don't want to vote this down though.
    Portal 2 is better
    2 is not better, while it is bigger and more expansive the charm of the first is unmatched. A joy to play from start to finish and fully deserving of a top 5 berth.
    2 has more stuff. This does not mean better. Because of the excess of new mechanics in Portal 2, it became cluttered. Puzzles became too easy, often able to be solved by just shooting portals around the place. Portal 1 is just much more polished than 2 was.
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  • 4The Last of Us suggested byJack Morris
    Class game, but not top 10 material considering some of the masterpieces below it
    A great game but way too high on this list shouldn't be considered top 10
    Good game, doesn't take gaming anywhere new. Apologies, but the story is mainly told through cutscene. If you want video game narrative to move forward you need to experiment with interactivity more. You cant just write a good story and put all those emotions in cutscene. At that point, just make a film
    sorry bro, but doesn't even top half of the best games out there
    Taking video game storytelling to new heights and a damn good survival game, my personal favorite and my only pick for this list, not that I dislike the other game, I just want to see this game as high as possible in this list.
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  • 5Batman Arkham Asylum/City
    Excellent games yes, but definitely not deserving of a top 5/10 berth
    This game does EXACTLY what it's supposed to do; it makes you feel like batman.
    Batman Arkham Games = Awesomeness; enough said
    we need to get this number 4, NOW!1
    i was thinking the exact same thing

  • 6The Elder Scrolls Series suggested byShane Harkness
    More like Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
    This is a list of the greatest GAMES, not games series. Be more specific.
    any of the last three games -even oblivion- can easely be number one in this list IMO.
    WHY ISNT UNCHARTED 2 on this list it should have this spot

  • 7Red dead redemption suggested byLiamlovesCuddles66
    so much better than any gta game
    The definitive western game
    My favorite game ever. An absolutely incredible story following a determined man in an interesting yet unforgiving world. 10/10
    While waiting for GTA Online I played this (probably for the tenth time) because a *second* playthrough of GTA V was just not fun enough.
    Awespme game but not better than San Andreas
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  • 8Bioshock suggested byJoseph Kabak
    If any Bioshock will be on this list, it better be the first one, Infinite has nothing going for it except marketing
    Bioshock Infinite has one of the best stories out of any video game ever made. It's deep and complex, and it leaves you thinking loooong after the credits roll.

  • 9Super Smash Bros Brawl
    Melee was WAAYYYY better
    Eh... Melee had to have been better.
    Fun as hell, but I personally prefer Melee
    Definitely Melee
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  • 10Tetris
    Tetris revolutionized the puzzle game franchise just because one blowhard doesnt understand the concept doesnt mean it isnt one of the greatest games invented
    Actually a perfect game
    Why the fuck is this on the list, is was pre installed on my Nokia
    no. just no.

  • 11Half-Life
    best game ever
    Best FPS ever made. Then comes Bioshock and Portal

  • 12Minecraft suggested byDaveVsTheWorld
    Let's add this to the most overrated games ever list.
    Minecraft is a game where you are free to build, explore, battle, and hell, just about anything you want. Is it overrated? Yes. Is it bad? AHH HELLZ NAH! It has something for everyone to do. Check this game out if you just stopped living under rock.
    Tell me what's bad about it then
    Guys, Sorry to be a nerd but Minecraft has officially become the 3rd most selling game of all time!
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  • 13Grand Theft Auto V suggested bychannel13ishy
    The most overrated game in history.
    NO NO NO
    GTA V has a lot of awesome stuff, unfortunately there's also a LOT of boring stuff you have to get through.
    GTAV is possibly the most detailed game I have possibly seen, with explosions, bank robbery, random things that happen when you drive around, GTAV is a really great accomplishment in the gaming industry.
    San andreas is better then gta v
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  • 14Halo: Combat Evolved suggested byJake Fraser
    Incredibly unique story and a hugely deep, intricate and layered lore behind it. Definitely deserves an honourable mention or a #10 spot, but nothing higher.
    One of the first FPS's on console Halo has made itself known to gamers as Microsofts mascot and along with a decade of games, books, and all around backstory that provides a great and thrilling universe.
    What is it with Halo seriously? Overrated dogshite
    Pure amazing

  • 15Half-Life 2 suggested bySloth Eye
    Solid gameplay, solid story, incredibly enjoyable and challenging. Deserves to be in the top 5 instead of Batman

  • 16Pokemon Emerald suggested byJack Gorski
    As much as I love this game, even if a Pokemon game gets on this list, they will choose Gold and Silver
    And yet there's no PMD - Explorers of Sky, which is the best Pokemon Franchise game... Sigh...

  • 17Super Mario 64 suggested byTheJayman213
    This and Galaxy are my favourite Mario games

  • 18Goldeneye 007

  • 19Mass Effect 2 suggested byEternal419
    Personally the best of the trilogy Mass Effect 2's gameplay changed almost everything there was from the first. It's need to scavenge for minerals for the sake of your squad was a good twist on the game.
    Watchmojo will add it to the list regardless, they bum mass effect soo hard

  • 20Shadow of the Colossus suggested byJoseph Kabak
    The epic itself made in a game!!!
    This game is the perfect blend of gameplay, story (Despite it's lack of, it presents more of a story than most games) emotional impact, and sheer joy to play! If this isn't on the list, well... I'll be the first person in the comments to ask why.
    Amazing game. Dissapointed more people don't know about it. Guess it will always be a cult classic
    Simple game, simple objective/directive, COLLOSAL concept and idea. Amazing game, definitely deserves to be on the list.

  • 21Bioshock Infinite

  • 22Telltale's The Walking Dead suggested byZyphon44
    Great game? Yes. One of the greatest games ever? No.
    One of the best character driven stories out there.
    This is one of the only games that has actually left me extremely emotional after I finished the game, and I can't say that about any other game that I have played
    one of the all time greats
    It should be known that the fact that this game is only a couple of years old doesn't mean it can't be one of the greatest games of all time.

  • 23Metal Gear Solid suggested byTruthunwinding
    If this doesn't get a place in the Top 10 I will be very surprised
    An amazing game, characters, dialogue, revolutionised stealth gameplay, and cutscenes. And most of all the soundtrack is a thing of pure beauty. It is one of the greatest video games of all time. PERIOD.
    I think the 3rd is one of the best games of all time
    The original was amazing, the series has lost its way since then but shouldn't take anything away from what was arguably the best PS1 game and definitely should be considered one of the best all-time.
    With its amusing game over's, Japanese themed culture, vibrant story, excellent side messages, and philosophy MGS is a game that does good by Konami.
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  • 24Final Fantasy VII
    Got many people into the RPG style of gaming, was a big hit when it came out. Deserves a top 10 spot.

  • 25Kingdom Hearts 2 suggested bytop10fan
    That outfit.

  • 26Assassins Creed Brotherhood suggested byReaderGamerSinger
    Besides the Assassin's Creed games becoming really big after 2, Ezio Auditore da Firenze wrecking chaos throughout Rome definitely needs to be upped in the list
    indeed too high.... for weed
    Just doesn't deserve to be up here.
    no..... not even close

  • 27Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow suggested bybakobjettger

  • 28Fallout 3 suggested byVeganAthiest98
    Decent but the Elder Scrolls series is superior
    Be a boring goody two-shoes and sort out everyone's life problems, or be a total badass douchebag and murder and pillage everything in your path, working up your way to the top of the wasteland hierarchy. Immersive as fuuuuuuuuuck

  • 29Resident Evil 4

  • 30Super Smash Brothers Melee suggested byKalin Seaborn
    Why is this below brawl. I swear, children have taken over the internet.
    This game has the best intro ever

  • 31Pong
    this has to be

  • 32Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  • 33portal 2 suggested byaesp51
    Best story, best characters, best game ever.

  • 34Pac man suggested byDirector22
    The best ever

  • 35Crash Bandicoot suggested byTheJayman213

  • 36The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past suggested byTheJayman213

  • 37Super Mario World suggested byJosé Daniel Rojas Arias

  • 38Dishonored suggested bySam Ricketts

  • 39Assassins creed 3 suggested bymovielover459

  • 40L.A noire suggested byMike Eriksen

  • 41The Walking Dead suggested byPaul Budai

  • 42God of War 3 suggested bytop10fan

  • 43Star Wars: Battlefront II suggested bySgtMoss
    this game rocks!
    yes its good but its a cheap shooter taking advantage of the Star Wars franchise

  • 44Assassins Creed 2 suggested byandypandy

  • 45Age of Empires II suggested byJosé Daniel Rojas Arias
    this deserves atleast top 10... ok maybe top 25 but still awesome game

  • 46Pokemon X and Y suggested bytop10fan
    Good games, but earlier pokemon games are the ones that'll make the list.

  • 47Doom suggested byMicheal JCaboose

  • 48Team Fortress 2 suggested byChad Wall
    all the mario fanboys are voting for the mario games... i thought those were fun when i was 9 now i can't stand them
    What's this doing all the way down here?
    I think TF2 should be higher
    how is this below cod 4?
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  • 49star wars battle front II suggested byDirector22

  • 50Call of Duty: Modern Warfare suggested byAashim Aggarwal
    This game is the only reason I ever played CoD. I'm one of those weird people that played it for the campaign haha. Great game if you exclude the foul-mouthed 10yr olds.
    The only good COD.
    Why on earth is this on any top game list

  • 51Goat Simulator suggested byweirdboy911
    as much as I find this game FUN, it isn't a good game to be honest.
    Monitor these ironic posts Watchmojo. Bottom 10 maybe

  • 52Uncharted 3 suggested bytop10fan
    I'd honestly say U2 is better, but I don't think either should be on the list. I'll compromise in saying it's one of the most underrated game franchises.
    Yes yes yes
    Out of all the Uncharted Games, one of the best

  • 53Grand theft auto san andreas suggested byKyle Pickens
    Especially on PC so you can download LS:RP Los Santos:Role Play.

  • 54Grand Theft Auto IV suggested byDoubleA1200

  • 55Metroid Prime suggested byVelocirexisaur
    The entire trilogy is incredible, this is one of the most atmospheric games ever created and a Brilliant transition from the 2D Metroid games.
    My favorite game of all time

  • 56Street Fighter II

  • 57The Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker suggested byTheDirje

  • 58Tekken 3

  • 59The elder scrolls: oblivion suggested byDrowningfish6

  • 60Pokèmon Crystal suggested bymid0456

  • 61The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim suggested byandypandy
    the COD of the elder scrolls series

  • 62Grand Turismo
    swag pls n1 here we come best game 2017 10/10 five stars

  • 63Kingdom Hearts suggested byAlex Flores

  • 64Heavy Rain suggested byDalton Burchett

  • 65Super Metroid suggested byTyler Comeau
    It's a really inmersive game, it demands so much couriosity from the player that sometimes you were like 3 days unable to progress, i spend like a year playing this game.

  • 66Deus Ex suggested byDoubleA1200

  • 67Star Wars KOTOR I suggested byJosé Daniel Rojas Arias

  • 68Oddworld series suggested byjkellis

  • 69Call of Duty: Black Ops suggested byGaming Saberz
    what the fuck
    Deary me, who the fuck votes for this shit. Not even on the top 5 COD games...

  • 70Assassin's creed IV: Black Flag suggested byEzra95

  • 71Pokemon gold and silver suggested byGeorgina Bransfield

  • 72The Wolf Among Us suggested byMorgan Pierce

  • 73Ratchet and clank suggested byMattwoott

  • 74Okami suggested byTaiyaki Timewarp

  • 75Journey suggested byJoseph Kabak
    dont stop believing

  • 76legend of zelda majoras mask suggested bySusie Arnold
    You shouldn't have done that
    The moon will consume you.

  • 77Super Mario Bros. 3 suggested byDanMan

  • 78Spec Ops: The Line suggested byCR1BB5

  • 79Sim City suggested byThomas Morris

  • 80GTA: San Andreas suggested bystephaniebunbury
    I have lost faith in humanity if people seriously think GTA V is better than this. Absolute classic

  • 81Dark Souls suggested byDeadTarkus

  • 82Psychonauts suggested byJosé Daniel Rojas Arias

  • 83Halo: Reach suggested bydlb42

  • 84Assassins Creed Revelations suggested byReaderGamerSinger

  • 85Uncharted 2: Among Thieves suggested bymac121mr0

  • 86Uncharted Franchise suggested byTheMightyBeast123
    You can't choose an entire franchise but the best was Uncharted 2
    no 3 was better
    Post 2 and that should make the list

  • 87Banjo-Kazooie suggested byDragonsblood23

  • 88Garry's Mod suggested bySgtMoss

  • 89God of war I suggested byJosé Daniel Rojas Arias

  • 90Warcraft Series suggested byVictor Cuevas

  • 91Sonic The Hedgehog suggested bydoworkson123123
    which one??

  • 92EarthBound suggested byTyler Comeau
    more downvotes than up SMH
    the greatest RPG of all time

  • 93Halo 3 suggested bySgtMoss

  • 94Grim Fandango suggested byJosé Daniel Rojas Arias
    Universal aclaim, Game of the Year Awards out the ying-yang (beating out Half-Life and Ocarina of Time on numerous occasions) and a Playstation 4 remastering soon to be release all pale in comparison to this one little fact: You play a travel agent named Manny in the land of the dead. Truly Lucas Arts greatest mistake was moving away from hilarous

  • 95FIFA series suggested byMichael Damoah
    and FUCK YOU EA
    No, just fucking no.
    One word to describe Fifa - BROKEN!

  • 96Silent Hill 2 suggested byErick Alejandro Salvatierra Neyra

  • 97Counter Strike suggested byRandomAfrican
    excellent game

  • 98Silent Hill suggested byErick Alejandro Salvatierra Neyra

  • 99skyrim suggested byCanWeTrollYou

  • 100devil may cry series suggested byBilly Winn

  • 101little big planet suggested byBilly Winn

  • 102Gran Turismo II suggested byJosé Daniel Rojas Arias

  • 103Bio Shock suggested byKalin Seaborn

  • 104Silent Hill Series suggested byErick Alejandro Salvatierra Neyra

  • 105Resident Evil Series suggested byErick Alejandro Salvatierra Neyra

  • 106Final Fantasy X suggested byJake Tomlin

  • 107Unreal Tournament suggested byEelco Blaauw

  • 108sonic the Hedgehog 2 suggested bymwilliams

  • 109Castlevania: Symphony of the Night suggested bySarah J. Camilleri

  • 110Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic suggested byjacob guidry

  • 111Ride to Hell: Retribution suggested bySaprkster17597

  • 112Goat simulataor!!!!! suggested bySam Hastings
    you sir, are funny as heck
    Should definitely not make the list
    Haha fucking hilarious...

  • 113Call of Duty: World at War suggested bySgtMoss
    go back to hell

  • 114Super Mario 3D World suggested byAurora Boreanez

  • 115Pokemon franchise (not one specific game) suggested byRstitch

  • 116Dragon Age Origins suggested byJuanson

  • 117Assassin's Creed Franchise suggested byTheMightyBeast123

  • 118Super Mario Galaxy suggested byiKhan

  • 119Need for Speed: Underground 2 (2004) suggested bymassive2341

  • 120Starcraft: Broodwar suggested byProttos97

  • 121The Sims 3 suggested byDanMan
    Hahaaa, nope.

  • 122E.T. The Extra Terrestrial suggested byChris Ireland
    maybe for top 10 game flops of all time

  • 123Chrono Trigger suggested byJzvasquez
    any rpg enthusiast who has not played this game should, an all time rpg great

  • 124batman arkham city suggested byFilip Dimkovski

  • 125Final Fantasy VI suggested byPete McCartney

  • 126Silent Hill 3 suggested byErick Alejandro Salvatierra Neyra

  • 127Counter Strike: Source suggested bySgtMoss

  • 128The Sims suggested byBluntSword

  • 129Pokemon Gold/Silver suggested byDaedric Overlord

  • 130Kirby's Adventure suggested byMatthew Kemp

  • 131Fatal Frame Series suggested byErick Alejandro Salvatierra Neyra

  • 132Guitar Hero Series suggested byBespinboss

  • 133Civilization V suggested byJackHines51

  • 134Rock Band 3 suggested byDanMan

  • 135Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 suggested byDemonic King of Didd
    It WAS fun. Not anymore, tbh.

  • 136Snake suggested byShane Harkness

  • 137The inFamous series suggested byBrian Wathingira

  • 138Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater suggested byMegaRBN14

  • 139StarCraft suggested byJoosep Raudväli

  • 140Uncharted suggested by123455thatguy

  • 141Beyond Good and Evil suggested byTime Signature

  • 142The Binding of Isaac suggested byGijs de Jonge

  • 143Counter-Strike: Global Offensive suggested byDemonic King of Didd

  • 144Banjo-Tooie suggested byDragonsblood23

  • 145Kirby's Dreamland suggested byDanMan

  • 146Secret of Mana suggested bylordyoshi

  • 147Duke Nukem 3D suggested byMrJeffreyOrlando

  • 148Pokemon Crystal suggested byJackHines51

  • 149Pokemon Gold / Silver

  • 150Super Mario Sunshine suggested byDemonic King of Didd

  • 151Big Rigs: Over the road racing suggested byxrandommzzx

  • 152Grand Theft Auto suggested byWoody Raynor

  • 153Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour suggested byGaming Saberz

  • 154Child of eden suggested by90sgamingchanel

  • 155System Shock 2 suggested byxasthur21

  • 156God of war 2 (Good storyline) suggested by123455thatguy

  • 157Sonic R suggested byLCproductions

  • 158Suikoden II suggested byJeffrey Charles Attaway

  • 159Star Wars Battlefront 2 suggested byRickdasquirrel
    This game was fun

  • 160Final Fantasy IX suggested byPete McCartney

  • 161World of Warcraft suggested byJoseph Bellamy

  • 162StarCraft II suggested byattaboy

  • 163DOTA 2 suggested byMichael Wright

  • 164DragonBall Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 suggested byGamer1270

  • 165Timesplitters Future Perfect suggested byroaddoGGaliG

  • 166Rayman 2 suggested byEmile Ponson

  • 167Quake 3 suggested byRandomAfrican

  • 168The Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings suggested byWillbarnes1984

  • 169spiderman 2 suggested bynathantoland03

  • 170Grand Theft Auto Series suggested byKatie Sarah Sugrue

  • 171deadpool suggested bycarlos mora

  • 172Pokemon red suggested byQuickchance988

  • 173Pokemon blue suggested byQuickchance988

  • 174Megaman suggested byQuickchance988

  • 175Starcraft: Brood War suggested by Darian Wolf

  • 176Deus Ex: Human Revolution suggested byJamie Major

  • 177Far Cry 3 suggested byMike Rowland

  • 178Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSiver suggested bypokemontotally

  • 179legacy of kain soul reaver suggested byFilip Dimkovski

  • 180Space Invaders suggested byMojo_Vote

  • 181Runescape suggested byMojo_Vote

  • 182Sonic 06 suggested byLCproductions

  • 183Dead Space 1 & 2 suggested byLee James Gannon

  • 184Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) suggested bymassive2341

  • 185Call of duty Modern Warfare suggested bymoereinhart

  • 186Tomb Raider suggested byhanthonyhunter

  • 187Defense Of The Ancients 2 suggested byKenny Ng

  • 188Star Wars Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy suggested bySgtMoss

  • 189The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall suggested bySgtMoss

  • 190Transformers: Fall of Cybertron suggested byLee James Gannon

  • 191Punch-Out (feat. Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream) suggested byDanMan

  • 192PES series suggested byMichael Damoah

  • 193Jade Empire suggested byJosé Daniel Rojas Arias

  • 194Battlefield Series suggested byGreenhawk1997

  • 195Mario Kart 8 suggested byWaluigiDragon725

  • 196Pokemon Platinum suggested byAurora Boreanez

  • 197League Of Legends suggested byJoseph Bellamy

  • 198Bastion suggested byJoseph Bellamy

  • 199Braid suggested byJoseph Bellamy

  • 200Halo 4 suggested byAustin Hixenbaugh

  • 201Mario Kart Wii suggested byAustin Hixenbaugh

  • 202Pokemon yellow suggested byQuickchance988

  • 203Pokemon X/Y suggested byQuickchance988

  • 204Castlevania III: Dracula's curse suggested byQuickchance988

  • 205Devil may cry III: Daunte's Awakening suggested byQuickchance988

  • 206Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri suggested by Darian Wolf

  • 207Planescape: Torment suggested by Darian Wolf

  • 208The Sims 2 suggested byAwesomeAngelo 17

  • 209Littlebigplanet suggested byAwesomeAngelo 17