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Top 10 Good Actions By Dictators

To be fair, nobody is saying that any of these actions excuse whatever atrocities they committed; we're just saying sometimes bad people do good things...
Nobody's life is ever simply black and white, only shades of grey.
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    1Colonel Gadaffi - When in power Lybia had no national debt and free education and health care
  • 2Adolf Hitler - Anti-Smoking Campaigns, decreased usage
    Got arguably full employment
    Resurged Germany from poverty
  • 3Genghis Khan - Established meritocracy and protected trade and religious freedom
    Established one of the longest periods of peace in history. It has been said that a woman could walk from one side of the empire to the next with a sack ofoney and never be bothered by theives.
  • 4Ivan the Terrible - Opened up trade with other countries and was a patron of scholars and artists
  • 5Vladimir Lenin - Ended Russia's Involvement in WWI and created social reforms for workers
  • 6Oliver Cromwell - Ending Absolute Monarchy in England, modernized the English army
  • 7Saddam Hussein - Made Hospital visits free and increased literacy rates
  • 8Benito Mussolini - Ended Italy's feud with the ope and improved school attendance rates.
    Connected Venice to Italy by bridge
  • 9Fidel Castro suggested byDaniel Fong
    He also offered aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina at no cost; George W. Jackass turned it down, though...
    Greatly improved public services such as healthcare and education
  • 10Mao Zedong - Industrialized China and no nation invaded after he was leader
  • 11Hugo Chavez - Nationalized Venezuela's oil industry suggested byzendaddy621
    He also expanded education and literacy in Venezuela...
  • 12Josef Stalin
  • 13Hirohito suggested byDaniel Fong
    His major good achievement was overseeing the expansion of industry in Japan...
  • 14Catherine the Great - Westernised Russia suggested byCoop
  • 15Josef Stalin industrial superpower
  • 16Chiang Kai-Shek suggested byDaniel Fong
  • 17Francisco Franco - A good artist suggested byDaniel Fong
    He also inspired Pan's Labyrinth...
  • 18Pol Pot suggested byDaniel Fong
  • 19Idi Admin suggested byDaniel Fong
  • 20Augusto Pinochet - Privatised Social Security suggested byFastTquick
  • 21Kim Il-sung suggested byDaniel Fong

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