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Top 10 Game Of Thrones Moments That Made Fans Rage Quit

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    1Everything About The Sand Snakes
  • 2Seemingly Fast Travel In Season 7
  • 3Arya's Faceless Men Training
    Because Of How Long It Went On And Having An Unsatisfying Conclusion That Made The Whole Thing Feel Pointless
  • 4Stannis Getting Killed Off Screen
  • 5Sansa's Rape
  • 6Jon And Daenerys Getting Together While It Is Confirmed They Are Related
    Also Some Fans Feel Their Romance Happened Too Fast
  • 7Sansa And Arya's Rivalry In Season 7
  • 8Hodor's Death
  • 9Shireen's Death
  • 10Theon's Torture
    Because Of How Long It Went On And Went Too Far For Some People
  • 11Jaime Surviving Drowning After Surviving A Dragon
  • 12Jorah Getting Cured Of Greyscale
  • 13The Death Of The Night King And His Army
    And Being Teased As The Big Bad Only To Be Killed With A Sneak Attack One Episode Since He Came Over The Wall
    Reasons Are That Him And Jon Didn't Fight And Not Getting More Answers About Him
  • 14Arya's Sex Scene
  • 15Jaime Trying To Have Sex With Cersei At Joffrey's Funeral Looking Like Rape
  • 16How Dark It Was In The Long Night Episode
  • 17Missandei's Death
  • 18Generally How The Show Deals With The Direwolves
  • 19Daenerys Becoming The Mad Queen And Burning Down Kings Landing
  • 20Jaime And Cersei's Deaths
  • 21Bran Becomes The King
  • 22Jon's Fate
  • 23Jon Surviving Falling In Ice Water And Cold Weather To Get Back To The Wall After
  • 24Jon And The Brotherhood's Mission To Capture A Wight Alive
  • 25Night King Killing A Dragon Because Jon Delayed The Escape Too Kill More Wights.
  • 26Killing Off All The Dorne Male Royalty
  • 27Jaime Forcing Himself On Cersei At Their Father's Funeral
    Correction Joffrey's Funeral
  • 28Jaime Deciding To Go Back To Cersei After Getting With Brienne

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