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Top 10 Final Fantasy Final Bosses

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    1Kekfa - Final Fantasy VI
  • 2Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII
  • 3Ultimecia - Final Fantasy VIII
  • 4Braska's Final Aeon/Yu Yevon - Final Fantasy X
    For the record, I don't consider Yu Yevon to have been the final boss. It was just there for closure after the real fight against B.F.A.
  • 5Necron - Final Fantasy IX
    He's destruction incarnate. And you don't defeat him. He just says "Screw it. I can wait" and lets you go.
    He is harder to fight
  • 6Shuyin - Final Fantasy X-2 suggested byMichael Ross
  • 7Chaos - Final Fantasy I
  • 8Zemus/Zeromus - Final Fantasy IV
  • 9ExDeath/Neo ExDeath - Final Fantasy V
  • 10The Undying - Final Fantasy XII suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić
  • 11The Emperor - Final Fantasy II
  • 12Cloud of Darkness - Final Fantasy III
  • 13Orphan - Final Fantasy XIII suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić
  • 14Trance Kuja - FF9 suggested byMiranda Bowen
  • 15Altima - Final Fantasy Tactics suggested byMichael Ross
  • 16Feral Chaos - Dissidia Duodecim suggested byLazer1122
  • 17Queen Remedi/Li-Grim - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance suggested byAdam Garfinkel

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