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Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters (suggested 4 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

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    1Cloud Strife

  • 2Sephiroth

  • 3Auron

  • 4Squall Leonheart

  • 5Aerith

  • 6Vincent suggested byAlexander David Bourns

  • 7Yuna

  • 8Tidus

  • 9Terra Branford suggested byladysigurd007

  • 10Vivi

  • 11Zack Fair suggested bylordsky4ever

  • 12Kain Highwind

  • 13Tifa Lockeheart suggested byMangesh Khapre

  • 14Cecil Harvey suggested byladysigurd007

  • 15Kefka Palazzo suggested byJ.TOhMyGod!!!

  • 16Cid suggested byunnamed548

  • 17Zidane Tribal suggested bybennitori

  • 18Locke Cole suggested byLocke

  • 19Siefer

  • 20Kimahri Ronso

  • 21Jecht suggested byJoseph A Fritz

  • 22Lulu

  • 23Adelbert Steiner suggested byJosh Sinclair

  • 24Red XIII

  • 25Ligtning suggested bybarllt

  • 26Rikku suggested byMatt Thornton

  • 27Ultimecia

  • 28Rydia- Final Fantasy IV suggested byPeter Jonathon Hamby

  • 29Gilgamesh suggested byRicardo Bazelais

  • 30Cait Sith

  • 31Fran suggested byflapjacks

  • 32Jenova

  • 33Seymour

  • 34Quistis Trepe suggested byJames Ryan

  • 35Celes Chere suggested bykaidan69

  • 36Zell suggested byLandon Jordan

  • 37Hope suggested byDarkmilo13
    He was so annoying to listen to his constant bitching

  • 38Chocobo suggested bywedge

  • 39Balthier suggested byTheCardboardClaymore

  • 40Crowley suggested byNicholas Guy

  • 41Cid Highwind (FF7) suggested byKerry Bailey

  • 42Laguna Loire suggested byJames Ryan

  • 43Sorceress Edea suggested byJames Ryan

  • 44Vanille suggested byErik blidner

  • 45Ramza suggested bydcosenti

  • 46Shadow suggested bydcosenti

  • 47Selphie Tilmitt suggested bythetattooedyoshi

  • 48Yuffie Kisaragi suggested byKerry Bailey

  • 49Beatrix suggested byDaveyDave

  • 50Vaan suggested byJames Ryan

top 10 best final fantasy characters

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    1zidane tribal suggested byZiko Xman

  • 2garnet (dagger) suggested byZiko Xman

  • 3vivi suggested byZiko Xman

  • 4Beatrix suggested byZiko Xman

  • 5Steiner suggested byZiko Xman

  • 6Freya suggested byZiko Xman

  • 7Freya suggested byZiko Xman

  • 8Amarant suggested byZiko Xman

  • 9Eiko suggested byZiko Xman

  • 10Blank suggested byZiko Xman

  • 11Cory suggested byCory Baxter

Top 10 Final Fantasy Men

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    1Cloud Strife suggested byLuke Johnson

  • 2Tidus suggested byLuke Johnson

  • 3Squall Leonhart suggested byLuke Johnson

  • 4Snow Villiers suggested byLuke Johnson

  • 5Hope Estheim suggested byKemuri78143

  • 6Zack suggested byMartin Franz Seng

  • 7Launa Loire suggested byPatrickCervantez

  • 8Sazh suggested byStripes_013

  • 9zidane tribal suggested byZiko Xman

top ten final fantasy charaters

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    1Vincent suggested byAlexander David Bourns

  • 2Cloud suggested byAlexander David Bourns

  • 3Sepheroth suggested byAlexander David Bourns

  • 4zidane tribal suggested byZiko Xman

  • 5Hope Estheim suggested byKemuri78143

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