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Top 10 Final Destination Deaths (suggested 25 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top 10 Final Destination Deaths

Are you sure that premonition deaths should be allowed?I think that only actual deaths should be counted.
Freeway pileup
Both Premonition Deaths and Actual Deaths Are Allowed
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    1Laser Eye suggested byRamaZ

  • 2Nailgun suggested byRamaZ

  • 3Tanning Beds suggested byFinalDestinsion

  • 4Glass Pain suggested byFinalDestinsion

  • 5Weight Room suggested byBen Knight

  • 6Train Decapitation suggested byDavid Painter

  • 7Ladder through the Eye suggested byLaToya Shepard

  • 8Elevator Decapitation suggested byGracie Becker

  • 9Fence suggested byDavid Painter
    From FD4? Because I thought that was hilarious and completely impossible.

  • 10Hit by Bus suggested byBen Kerrisk

  • 11fan motor to back of the head suggested byTia Brophy

  • 12Airbag suggested bytsubute

  • 13Candice FD5, Broken Back suggested byGracie Becker
    Best death by far in FD5.

  • 14cherry picker suggested byDavid Painter

  • 15Flying tire headshot suggested byDarren Mills

  • 16Rory Peterson, FD2, trisected by a barbed wire fence suggested byTrevor Wells

  • 17End of FD5 Airplane Death suggested byBrenden Burke
    That Happened In 2000.

  • 18Crushed by a train suggested byDark nightmare

  • 19Log In the Face - FD2 suggested byBen Knight

  • 20burned alive suggested byJacob Field

  • 21Gymnast suggested bytsubute

  • 22Jaws of life suggested byChristopher Bennett

  • 23Cuts sucked out in pool suggested bytsubute

  • 24Broken Tube to the Head suggested byWilliam Mejia

  • 25Solarium Bed suggested byΕυαγγελος

  • 26Fast Food Corner suggested byFinalDestinsion

  • 27Ladder to the Eye suggested byLaToya Shepard

  • 28Crushed by escalator suggested bytsubute

  • 29Nail Gun in the Back of the Head suggested byGracie Becker

  • 30Mangled by the roller coaster suggested byDark nightmare

  • 31Flight 180; Final Destination and Final Destination 5 suggested byQuinChimera

  • 32Computer crash/Stab/House explosion suggested bymariannebossu

  • 33Buddha statue head = crushed suggested byDark nightmare

  • 34Co2 tank suggested byDavid Painter

  • 35tub choke - FD1 suggested byAlexander David Bourns

  • 36Flagpole suggested byDavid Painter

  • 37The crane accident with Roy suggested byBryan Goosmann

  • 38gymnastics accident suggested byShadowFalcon

  • 39Speared by sailboat suggested bytsubute

  • 40crushed my tub suggested bytsubute

Top 10 Bloody Final Destination Deaths

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    1Nail Gun-Final Destination 3

  • 2Naked Tanning-Final Destination 3

  • 3In the Gym-Final Destination 3

  • 4Acupuncture-Final Destination 5

  • 5Barbed Wire-Final Destination 2

  • 6Cherry Picker-Final Destination 3 suggested byMaxim Markovic

  • 7Without an Eye-The Final Destination

  • 8Knifes in the Kitchen-Final Destination

  • 9Eye Revision-Final Destination 5

  • 10In the Elevator-Final Destination 2

  • 11The Train-Final Destination

  • 12Head smashed at the gym suggested

  • 13Deathly Truck at the End-The Final Destination

  • 14Pool drain- final destination 4 suggested byAdam.stampley@yahoo.

  • 15Pool drain don't count he does not die from it suggested byZombiekilleryamato

  • 16Keep your eye on the wrench- Final Destination 5 suggested byUtahJazzFan 04

top 10 Best Final Destination Franchise Deaths

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    1Final Destination 5 - Candice

  • 2Final Destination 3 - Ian

  • 3Final Destination 3 - Erin

  • 4Final Destination 3 - Ashley and Ashlyn

  • 5Final Destination - Terry

  • 6Final Destination - Mrs Lewton

  • 7Final Destination 5 - Olivia

  • 8Final Destination - Todd

  • 9Final Destination 3 - Frankie

  • 10Final Destination 2 - Nora

  • 11- Final Destination 3 - Perry suggested byDark nightmare

Top Ten Final Destination Deaths

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    1Valerie Lewton:Computer shards exploded into throat, kitchen knife falls in chest/forced through by chair, house exploded suggested byKhodor Ahmad Alrifai

  • 2Frankie Cheeks:Back of head sliced open by engine fan suggested byKhodor Ahmad Alrifai

  • 3Erin Ulmer:Shot repeatedly through back of head by nailgun suggested byKhodor Ahmad Alrifai

  • 4Ashley Freund, Ashlyn Halperin:Both trapped, incinerated in malfunction tanning beds suggested byKhodor Ahmad Alrifai

  • 5Candice Hooper:Fell off on uneven bars, spinal cord snapped suggested byKhodor Ahmad Alrifai

  • 6Olivia Castle:Eye burned by laser, fell on car's windshield suggested byKhodor Ahmad Alrifai

  • 7Rory Peters:Arm sliced off/trisected by flying barbed-wire fence suggested byKhodor Ahmad Alrifai

  • 8William "Billy" Hitchcock:Decapitated at jawline by flying shrapnel suggested byKhodor Ahmad Alrifai

  • 9Isaac Palmer:Head crushed by falling buddha statue suggested byKhodor Ahmad Alrifai

  • 10Hunt Wynorski:Intestines, organs sucked out by pool drain suggested byKhodor Ahmad Alrifai

  • 11Ashley Freund suggested byJacob Zito

  • 12Olivia Castle suggested byJacob Zito

  • 13Olivia Castle suggested byJacob Zito

  • 14Olivia Castle suggested byJacob Zito

  • 15Kat Jennings suggested byJacob Zito

  • 16Lewis Romero: Gym Weights fall on head suggested byErik Palomera

  • 17Ashley Freund suggested byJacob Zito

  • 18Ashley Freund suggested byJacob Zito

  • 19Erin Ulmer suggested byJacob Zito

  • 20Erin Ulmer suggested byJacob Zito

  • 21Erin Ulmer suggested byJacob Zito

  • 22Billy Hitchcock suggested byJacob Zito

  • 23Billy Hitchcock suggested byJacob Zito

  • 24Billy Hitchcock suggested byJacob Zito

  • 25Frankie Cheeks suggested byJacob Zito

  • 26Frankie Cheeks suggested byJacob Zito

  • 27Frankie Cheeks suggested byJacob Zito

  • 28Tim Carpenter suggested byJacob Zito

  • 29Tim Carpenter suggested byJacob Zito

  • 30Tim Carpenter suggested byJacob Zito

  • 31Evan Lewis suggested byJacob Zito

  • 32Evan Lewis suggested byJacob Zito

  • 33Evan Lewis suggested byJacob Zito

  • 34Cater Daniels suggested byJacob Zito

  • 35Cater Daniels suggested byJacob Zito

  • 36Cater Daniels suggested byJacob Zito

  • 37Kat Jennings suggested byJacob Zito

  • 38Kat Jennings suggested byJacob Zito

  • 39Rory Peters suggested byJacob Zito

  • 40Rory Peters suggested byJacob Zito

  • 41Rory Peters suggested byJacob Zito

Top 10 Painful Final Destination Deaths

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    1ashley and ashlyn's death (FD 3) suggested byricky mil climaco

  • 2olivia's death (FD 5) suggested byricky mil climaco

  • 3candice's death (FD 5) suggested byricky mil climaco

  • 4Lewis Romero (Final Destination 3) suggested byMark Lynn

  • 5Hunt Wynorski (The Final Destination) suggested byMark Lynn

  • 6Olivia (Final Destination 5) suggested byMark Lynn

  • 7Candice (Final Destination 5) suggested byMark Lynn

  • 8rory's death (FD 2) suggested byricky mil climaco

  • 9kat's death (FD 2) suggested byricky mil climaco

  • 10billy's death (FD 1) suggested byricky mil climaco

  • 11samantha's death (FD 4) suggested byricky mil climaco

  • 12ian's death (FD 3) suggested byricky mil climaco

  • 13Terry Chaney suggested byMark Lynn

  • 14erin's death (FD 3) suggested byricky mil climaco

  • 15frankie's death (FD 3) suggested byricky mil climaco

Top 10 Kills from the Final Destination Franchise

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    1Burnt alive in tanning beds - Final Destination 3

  • 2Meat-grinding escalator - The Final Destination

  • 3Derailed roller coaster - Final Destination 3

  • 4Hit by a bus, "drop ******* dead" - Final Destination

  • 5Nail gun to the back of the head - Final Destination 3

  • 6Flight 180 crash - Final Destination

  • 7Tricected by flying barbed-wire - Final Destination 2

  • 8Inners sucked out by pool drain - The Final Destination

  • 9Decapitated by elevator doors - Final Destination 2

  • 10Falls of Uneven Bars and snaps spine - Final Destination 5

10 best final final destination deaths

  • Top 10 Death in Final Destination 's Movie

  • 10 Most Gruesome Final Destination Deaths

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      1Erin Ulmer- Shot in the head multiple time with nail gun (Final Destination 3)

    • 2Ashley and Ashlyn- Incinerated by tanning bed (Final Destination 3)

    • 3Kat Jennings- Impaled through the head with a pipe (Final Destination 2)

    • 4Lewis Romero- Crushed by weights (Final Destination 3)

    • 5Hunt Wynorski- Organs sucked out by pool draining system (The Final Destination)

    • 6Tim Carpenter- Crushed by falling glass (Final Destination 2)

    • 7Billy Hitchcock- Decapitation by shard of metal (Final Destination)

    • 8Ian McKinley-crushed by the cherry picker, holding up the Tri-Centennial sign suggested byMaxim Markovic

    • 9Candice Hooper- Back Breaking Gymnastics suggested byHarry Negus-Ross

    • 10Evan Lewis- Impaled in the eye by ladder (Final Destination 2)

    • 11Dennis Lapman- Penetrated in the head with a wrench (Final Destination 5)

    • 12Issac Palmer- Head crushed by Buddha statue (Final Destination 5)

    Top 10 Best Final Destination Deaths

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      1Erin-final destination 3-nailgun suggested byMaxim Markovic

    • 2Ian-final destination3- gigant parade sign suggested byMaxim Markovic

    • 3Ashley and Ashlyn - Final Destination 3 - Tanning Beds suggested byHorrorzilla

    • 4Olivia from Final Destination 5 suggested byMara Steinhardt

    • 5Mrs. Lewton from Final Destination suggested byMara Steinhardt

    • 6Rory from Final Destination 2 suggested byMara Steinhardt

    • 7Hunt from The Final Destination suggested byMara Steinhardt

    • 8Nathan from Final Destination 5 suggested byMara Steinhardt

    Best Final Destination Deaths

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      1Ashley and Ashlyn- Tanning Bed

    • 2Billy- Decapitation

    • 3Candice- Gymnastics

    • 4Erin- Nail Gun

    • 5Carter- Falling Sign

    • 6Olivia- Laser Eye Surgery

    • 7Rory- Wire Fence

    • 8Kat- Airbag

    • 9Valerie- Kitchen Calamity

    • 10Samantha- Rock

    Top 10 most creative final destination kills

  • Top 10 Final Destination Death

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      1Candice 'Broken Back' suggested byGracie Becker

    • 2Decapitated By Elevator suggested byGracie Becker

    • 3Impailed by Nail Gun suggested byGracie Becker

    • 4Hit By Bus suggested byGracie Becker

    • 5Laser Eye suggested byGracie Becker

    • 6Trisected Bobwire Fence suggested byGracie Becker

    • 7Tanning Bed suggested byGracie Becker

    • 8Pool Drain suggested byGracie Becker

    • 9Head Crushed by Buddah suggested byGracie Becker

    • 10CO2 Tank into Fence suggested byGracie Becker

    • 11Airplane crash suggested byJuneyTuney1991

    • 12Roller Coaster accident suggested byJuneyTuney1991

    • 13ladder rail to the eye suggested bySouthparkfan26

    • 14rock to the eye suggested bySouthparkfan26

    Top 20 final destination deaths

  • Best final destination death scenes

  • Top Ten Most Outrageous Final Destination Deaths

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      1Elevator Decapitation

    • 2Tanning Bed Death

    Top 10 Deaths From Final Destination Series

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      1Frankie cheeks suggested byDark nightmare

    • 2Janet Cunningham suggested byDark nightmare

    • 3Kevin Fischer suggested byDark nightmare

    • 4Ian McKinley suggested byDark nightmare

    • 5Olivia castle suggested byDark nightmare

    • 6Isaac Palmer suggested byDark nightmare

    • 7Alex browning (alternative version) suggested byDark nightmare

    • 8Carter Horton suggested byDark nightmare

    • 9Clear rivers suggested byDark nightmare

    • 10Erin ulmer suggested byDark nightmare

    Top 10 deaths in the final destination movies

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      1Tod Waggner suggested byShanesSlothMuchies

    • 2Olivia Castle suggested byShanesSlothMuchies

    • 3Nora Carpenter suggested byShanesSlothMuchies

    • 4Ashley Freund, Ashlyn Halperin suggested byShanesSlothMuchies

    • 5Hunt Wynorski suggested byShanesSlothMuchies

    • 6Terry Chaney suggested byShanesSlothMuchies

    • 7Kevin Fischer suggested byShanesSlothMuchies

    • 8Valerie Lewton suggested byShanesSlothMuchies

    • 9Erin Ulmer suggested byShanesSlothMuchies

    • 10Tim Carpenter suggested byShanesSlothMuchies

    Top ten most creative final destination deaths

  • Top 10 Gruesome Final Destination Deaths

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      1Candice's death - Final Destination 5 (2011)

    • 2Frankie's death - Final Destination 3

    • 3Lori's Death - The Final Destination (2009)

    • 4Erin's Death - Final Destination 3

    • 5Ian McKinley's death - Final Destination 3

    • 6Billy's death - Final Destination

    • 7Rory's death - Final Destination 2

    • 8Tim's death - Final Destination 2

    • 9Hunt's death - The Final Destination (2009)

    • 10Issac's death - Final Destination 5 (2011)

    Top Ten Most Painful Final Destination Deaths

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      1Tanning Bed Death FD3

    • 2Swimming Pool Death FD4

    • 3FD5 Laser Death

    • 4Gymnast Death FD5

    • 5Elevator Death FD2

    • 6Train Sequence Death FD3

    • 7FD3 Nail Gun

    • 8Bathroom/Strangling Death FD1

    • 9Tire Death FD4

    • 10Massage Death FD5

    Top 10 Most Original Final Destination Deaths

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      1Log through windshield suggested byAxle33

    • 2Train decapitation suggested byAxle33

    • 3Hot tar suggested byAxle33

    • 4Theatre explosion suggested byAxle33

    • 5Stock car hood suggested byAxle33