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Top 10 Fast Food Chains (suggested 14 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

Top 10 Fast Food Chains

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    1McDonalds suggested byviliguns
    When you think of fast food you think McDonalds
    McDonalds is actually proven to be one of the healthiest restaurant do to every body saying it is unhealthy.
    As unhealthy as it is, we all love it to one extent or another (even if it's just their breakfast menu); and as bad as some of their menu items may be, the hard reality of when it comes to fast-food, McDonalds is the quintessential example of it; not the best, yet the perfect embodiment of it.
    Death road.
    diabeties in a burger
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  • 2Subway suggested byMusicloverjd
    Get your yoga pants on and sit on these subs.
    yoga mats

  • 3KFC suggested byviliguns
    Mutated chickens for breakfast

  • 4BK
    No. No.
    BK has gone downhill in the past decade. They don't deserve the No. 2 spot anymore

  • 5taco bell
    Taco Bell doesn't deserve to be on this list in fact not any list for that matter.
    First...and for the longest time the only "Mexican" fast food restaurant
    Look at my pony, my pony's amazing. Give it a lick. It tastes like a rainbow!

  • 6Wendy's
    Classier food than McDonald's and Burger King
    Some good ice cream

  • 7Sonic suggested byviliguns

  • 8Domino's suggested byAbrecanx
    No pizza that's its own list

  • 9Chick fil a suggested byNick Lima
    Good food

  • 10Five Guys suggested byReakMayhem

  • 11In and Out Burgers suggested byviliguns
    what is an in and out burger???
    It's regional
    Beautifuly simple

  • 12Pizza Hut suggested byLOATC
    More like Greasa Hut. All that grease can't be healthy.

  • 13Arbys suggested byNick Lima

  • 14Popeyes suggested byviliguns

  • 15white castle

  • 16Jack in the Box suggested byviliguns

  • 17Dairy Queen suggested byadhcool

  • 18Papa John's suggested bymason carr

  • 19Burger King suggested byNijazbiz

  • 20Zaxby's suggested byVideoman954

  • 21Pollo Loco suggested bychaz1703

  • 22Whatta Burger suggested bychaz1703

  • 23Hungry Jacks suggested byAngel21

  • 24New York Fries suggested byMusicloverjd

  • 25In-N-Out Burger suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 26A&W suggested bysutterismine

  • 27Quiznos suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 28Baskin-Robbins suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 29Bob Evans Restaurants suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 30Long John Silver's suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 31King Taco suggested bychaz1703

  • 32Panda Express suggested bychaz1703

  • 33Quick Burger suggested byTime Signature

  • 34Del Taco suggested byEric Silver

  • 35Red rooster suggested byThomas Smith

  • 36A&W Canada (separate enterprise from A&W) suggested byian_a_wm2014

  • 37Arby's suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 38Little Caesars Pizza suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 39The Habit suggested byEric Silver

  • 40Krystal suggested byFrank Morelli

  • 41Hotdog on a stick suggested bychaz1703

  • 42Adalberto's suggested byEric Silver

  • 43Chic King suggested byNijazbiz

  • 44Wingstop suggested byian_a_wm2014

  • 45Original Tommy's suggested byian_a_wm2014

  • 46Wienerschnitzel suggested byian_a_wm2014

  • 47Captain Submarine suggested bymason carr

  • 48Taco Johns suggested byAnonymous

  • 49Dave & Buster's suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 50Hometown Buffet suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 51LongHorn Steakhouse suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 52Papa John's Pizza suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 53Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 54Red Lobster suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 55Roy Rogers Restaurants suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 56Ruby Tuesdays suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 57Whataburger suggested byMScat1228

  • 58Joe's Crab Shack suggested byPhilip Folta

  • 59Suset Boulevard suggested byTime Signature

top 10 fast food franchises

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    1Pizza Hut

  • 2Subway

  • 3McDonald

  • 4Burger King

  • 5Wendy's

  • 6Domino's suggested byrockstar9108

  • 7Taco Bell suggested byrockstar9108

  • 8KFC

  • 9Dairy Queen

  • 10Arby's suggested bymassive2341

  • 11Sonic Drive-In suggested byrockstar9108

  • 12Tim Hortons

  • 13Fat burger

  • 14Hardee's/Carl Jr's suggested byrockstar9108

  • 15Little Caesars suggested bydaughtryfan497

  • 16Baskin Robin

  • 17Jollibee suggested byGeorgina Bransfield

  • 18please tell your friends thank you sincerly cameron shank

  • 19harveys suggested bysutterismine

  • 20Chick-fil-a suggested bySrdtfyguh Sedtfytg

  • 21Los Pollos Hermanos suggested byDaenerys Targaryen

Top 10 Fast Food Places

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    1Burger King suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 2Wendy's suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 3Mcdonalds suggested byOfa Lewis

  • 4KFC suggested byNijazbiz

  • 5Mc Donald's suggested byNijazbiz

  • 6Chick Fil-A suggested byJames Englebert

  • 7Taco Bell suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 8Jack in the Box suggested byJustin Kennon

Top ten fast food chains

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    1mcdonalds suggested byAilinaAnn

  • 2burger king suggested byAilinaAnn

  • 3taco bell suggested byAilinaAnn

  • 4Culvers suggested byRimmintine

Top Ten Best Fast Food Resturants

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  • 2Taco Bell

  • 3Subway

  • 4Burger King

  • 5McDonald's

  • 6Dairy Queen

  • 7Jack in the Box

  • 8Sonic

  • 9Arby's

  • 10Hardee's

Top 10 Fast Food Franchises

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    1McDonald's suggested byviliguns

  • 2Burger King suggested byviliguns

  • 3KFC suggested byviliguns

  • 4Arby's suggested byviliguns

  • 5In and Out Burger suggested byviliguns

  • 6Taco Bell suggested byviliguns

  • 7Jack In the Box suggested byviliguns

  • 8Sonic suggested byviliguns

  • 9Popeye's suggested byviliguns

  • 10NO MORE MCDONALDS suggested byOfa Lewis

  • 11Zippys (in Hawaii) suggested byviliguns

Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants

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    1McDonald's suggested byviliguns

  • 2Burger King suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 3Pizza Hut suggested byZach Foster

  • 4Subway suggested byconnordavidson1998

  • 5Taco Bell suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 6Quiznos suggested byviliguns

  • 7Little Ceasar's Pizza suggested byviliguns

  • 8Jack in the Box suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 9Dominoes suggested byconnordavidson1998

  • 10Wendy's

  • 11Sonic suggested byviliguns

  • 12Kentucky Fried Chicken suggested byviliguns

  • 13Papa John's Pizza suggested byviliguns

  • 14Dunkin Doughnuts suggested byviliguns

  • 15Arby's suggested byviliguns

  • 16Zippy's suggested byviliguns

  • 17Taco Del Mar suggested byviliguns

  • 18In and Out Burger suggested byviliguns

  • 19A and W suggested byJFP

  • 20Tim Hortons suggested byJFP

  • 21Steak and Shake suggested byviliguns

  • 22L and L suggested byviliguns

  • 23Krispy Kremes suggested byviliguns

Top 10 Fast Food Restaurant's

  • top 10 fast food restraunts

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      1pizza hut

    • 2burger king

    • 3subway

    • 4taco bell

    • 5arbys

    • 6jack in the box

    • 7MacDonald

    • 8popeyes

    • 9Culver

    • 10chick-fil-a

    top ten fast food restraunts

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    • 2mcdonalds

    • 3burger king

    • 4subway

    • 5wendys

    • 6taco bell

    • 7white castle

    • 8rallys

    • 9long john silvers

    • 10DQ suggested byAnonymous

    • 11hardees

    Top ten fast food restaurants

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    • 2taco bell

    • 3arbys

    • 4mcdonalds

    top 10 iconic fast food restraunts

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      1pizza hut

    • 2burger king

    • 3subway

    • 4taco bell

    • 5arbys

    • 6jack in the box

    • 7MacDonald

    • 8chick-fil-a

    • 9popeyes

    • 10Culver

    top 10 fast food restraunts

  • Top Ten Fast Food Chains of All Time

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    • 2Burger King

    • 3KFC

    • 4Wendy's

    • 5Subway

    • 6In n Out Burger suggested byPrincessPumpernickel

    • 7Taco Bell

    • 8White Castle

    • 9Hardees/Carls Jr.

    • 10Arby's

    • 11Long John Silver's

    • 12Carls Jr. suggested by.Titus_Maximus.

    • 13Sonic suggested byPrincessPumpernickel

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