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Top 10 FUNNIEST Cookie Moments on Neds Declassified

Has anyone ever wonder why WatchMojo hasn't been changing up the featured list on the suggestions? It's almost been three months now.
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    1Attempting to Get in to Book Club - Reading & Principals
    Cookie's attempts to get in to Moze's book club was side splitting funny
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  • 2Getting trampled after his traffic report - Hallways suggested byDirector22
  • 3Cookie’s Mustache - The Bus & Bad Hair Days
    Hurts for Cookie, but made the viewers laugh out loud!
    He tries to impress Lisa with his newfound facial hair, but ends up being caught by Crubbs whom mistakens cookie as a thief & rips off his fake mustache giving Cookie a SERIOUS mustache burn!
  • 4Wearing so many pairs of pants to avoid being pants - Embarrasment suggested byDirector22
  • 5Lunch Lady’s Prediction - Pep Rallies & Lunch
    When Lunch lady predicted that Cookie was going to get 'Black Eyed, Crushed, Creamed, & Mashed' as always he assumed the worst & took extreme measures to prevent it from happening
    In the end, the predictions were proved false, Cookie celebrates by eating a spoonful of beans, but doesn't know until the end of the episode that he spilled hot sauce on the beans he just consumed
    He wore a Knight & shining armor suit & used a cardboard cut out which were so ridiculously hilarious since he got crushed wearing the armor by a lunch rush!
  • 6His Freakouts - Various
    The funniest of them all is when cookie makes a face that shows his Freakouts whether it's being kissed by Evelyn or something doesn't go as he planned. His Freakout faces are MEME goldmines!
  • 7His School After Hours Tour - Emergency Drills & Late Bus
    When the bus ran late, Cookie Provides his fellow classmates on a tour of the school after hours
  • 8Cookie’s “Soulmate” - Crushes & Dances
    Cookie tries to prove that a super model is his true love, but in the end he ends up with a Siberian Husky!
  • 9Cowboy Cookie - Art Class & Lost & Found
    Even though he found his MP3 player, Crubbs accidentally had his hand on the P.A. System & the whole school now knows his embarrassing secret
    Cookie tries to find his MP3 player which contains a song he wrote about being a happy go lucky cowboy. The sequence of him dressed as a cowboy while playing his song was a hilarious watch
    Yipee Yipee Hee Haaaaaw
  • 10His Embarrassing Cheer Leading Tryout - Seating & Tryouts
    There are no words to describe how bad his cheerleading tryouts was, all I can say it was funny to watch!
  • 11His Race to Go to Gym on Time - First Day & Lockers
    But it's even more funny when Cookie FINALLY arrived on time, it was time for Dodgeball
    Cookie's locker is extremely far from Gym & if he doesn't make it on time, then he'll get detention. It's hilarious to see him try to get pass Sweeney's hall monitoring
  • 12“OH ROMEO!” - Dismissals & School Plays
    As Moze states "It'll be a Kiss the Audience Will Never Forget'
    He & Ned tried many attempts to have Spencer removed from the play so he wouldn't kiss Susie & Cookie could take his place as Romeo
    Cookie finally got his chance to be the lead when Spencer got injured, however it wasn't the lead role he hoped... since he played Juliet & Ned Played Romeo!

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