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Top 10 Evil Kids from TV

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    1Stewie Griffin - Family Guy suggested byevz44
    He's more of a comedy villain and they aren't as considered vile than other villains like Joffrey.
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  • 2Joffrey Baratheon - Game of Thrones suggested byNeonRelics
    Spoiler Alert!! Number 1. why because he is utterly spoiled and selfish to the bone. Fans have been crying for his death every time he does;t something so evil. Plus he even topped the list for most satisfying tv villain deaths.
  • 3Eric Cartman- Southpark suggested bysamlfb
    Among other things, he killed a kid's parents and fed them to him...
  • 4megan parker drake and josk suggested byJack Paddock
  • 5Mandy - The Grim Adeventures of Billy and Mandy suggested byDirector22
  • 6Princess Morebucks - Powerpuff girls suggested byDirector22
  • 7Angelica Pickles - Rugrats suggested bylv
  • 8Gideon Gleeful (Gravity Falls) suggested byCrazyturretman
    He, who is only set on one target, to destroy the Pines. He, who has summoned a dream demon to do his dirty deeds. He, who has delved into insanity. This is an obvious choice
  • 9Mandork - Dexter's laboratory suggested byDirector22
  • 10Bart Simpson (The Simpsons) suggested bymason carr
    Bart's not really evil...he had shown to be rather kinmd when he wants to be and even show guilt...he just enjoys being naughty
  • 11Anthony Fermont - The Twilight Zone
  • 12Bartrum - Family guy suggested byDirector22
  • 13Lilith - Supernatural suggested byConnor Brown
  • 14Bling Bling Boy- Johnny Test suggested bymason carr
  • 15"Jerry" - Tales from the Darkside
  • 16The Delightful Children From Down The Lane (Kids Next Door) suggested byMarc Magma
  • 17Mertle Edmonds - Lilo and Stitch the series suggested byGoldenLatias6
    There's a TV series too.
  • 18Eric Cartman - South Park suggested byShio_okami512
    Already On The List
  • 19Buford Van Stomm- Phineas And Ferb suggested bymason carr
    More an Anti-Hero
  • 20Reese - Malcolm in The Middle suggested byAhmed Maklad
  • 21Suzie Johnson - Phineas and Ferb suggested byD-Man9293
  • 22Shreeky - Care Bears suggested byJenna Rizzo
  • 23Logan Reese - Zoey 101 suggested byAhmed Maklad
  • 24Caillou suggested bylv
    We follow this pseudo-Charlie-Brown as he whines, kvetches, barks orders at people, hurts himself, throws tantrums, causes trouble and generally shares his self-centered, pathetic, purposeless outlook on life to thousands of kids all over the world.
    Not evil
  • 25Selim Bradley also known as Pride (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) suggested bytargaryenaf
  • 26The Rowdyruff Boys- The Powerpuff Girls suggested byDaniel Attrell
  • 27Neville Papperman (ICarly) suggested bySteampunkGirl
  • 28Butters as Professor Chaos suggested byMarc Magma
  • 29Mariko-Elfen Lied suggested byEmily Hepworth
  • 30Gideon- Gravity Falls suggested byDaniel Attrell
  • 31allen gregory suggested byThomas Myatt
  • 32Susie- Phineas and Ferb suggested byFanboy1998 _
  • 33Bobbie - EastEnders suggested bygoldgnaw3r
  • 34Carl Gallagher (Shameless) suggested byDead Master
  • 35Lizzie (The Walking Dead) suggested byDead Master
  • 36Peter Pan (Once Upon A Time) suggested byDead Master
  • 37Diamond Tiara - My Little Pony suggested byDaniel Attrell
    Diamond Tiara wasn't necessarily 'evil...' Just because she was a bully to the Cutie Mark Crusaders (and manipulated Silver Spoon to become a bully, too), that doesn't really mean she's evil. Diamond Tiara eventually redeems herself toward the end of the episode "Crusaders of the Lost Mark," thanks to the CMCs.
  • 38Lola Loud - The Loud House suggested byAhmed Maklad
  • 39The Gribble Gang - Round the Twist suggested byEmmanuel Dunk
  • 40Conrad von Meister - The Genie from Down Under suggested byEmmanuel Dunk
  • 41the perfect kids from down the lane-codename kids next door suggested bySophie Kiel
  • 42Cozy Glow - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic suggested byPumpkinZeta

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