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Top 10 Epic Rap Battles of History

I hope they do this one soon
me too
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    1Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler suggested byChris Hazzard
    the only rap battle to have two sequels to it's name
    I loved first battler, the they made 2 sequels and they ruined it for me.
    This was so popular, that it had two sequels

  • 2Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs suggested byChris Hazzard

  • 3Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking suggested byChris Hazzard
    One of the best

  • 4Martin Luther King Jr. vs. Ghandi suggested byChris Hazzard
    The best battle of the pacifists...

  • 5Mozart vs Skrillex suggested byDamian A. Medellin

  • 6Obama vs Romney (Lincoln wins) suggested byDemonic King of Didd
    Definitley deserves being in the top 10.
    The Final Battle - NicePeter Vs. EpicLloyd
    There's a spoiler in the title somewhere. (Sarcasm) Hmm, I wonder where it is (Sarcasm/)

  • 7Dr. Suess vs. William Shakespeare suggested byChris Hazzard
    Shakespeare won that one in my opinion.

  • 8Mario Bros vs Wright Bros suggested byErik Zarins

  • 9Mr. T vs. Mr. Rogers suggested byChris Hazzard

  • 10Abraham Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris suggested byChris Hazzard

  • 11Gandalf vs. Dumbledore suggested byChris Hazzard

  • 12Rick Grimes Vs Walter White suggested byCropolite

  • 13Justin Bieber vs. Bethoven suggested byLeon Lovrić
    My favourite beat out of all of them.

  • 14Moses vs Santa Claus suggested byminecraftmonster

  • 15Master Chief vs. Leonidas suggested byChris Hazzard

  • 16Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwood suggested byChris Hazzard

  • 17Goku vs Superman suggested byDaniel Fong
    The raps and the lyrics were really good, tons of dedication.

  • 18Michael Jordan vs. Mohammed Ali suggested byBenedict Jacob Chan
    Key & Peele team up with ERB. Of course it's awesome.

  • 19Al Capone Vs Blackbeard suggested byDeclan Hearne
    A very touh one, I'd say it was a draw.

  • 20Freddie Mercury Vs Frank Sinatra suggested byalex.finadri

  • 21Rasputin vs Stalin suggested byThomasVerheij
    One of their funniest
    The Russian superpowers had an argument over who is best, which made this one of the best ERB video in YouTube.

  • 22Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King suggested byangieangel555

  • 23#13 Doc Brown vs Doctor Who suggested byMrMonocleMister

  • 24Ben Franklin vs. Billy Mays suggested byJordan Collins

  • 25Artists vs TMNT suggested byDean Busch

  • 26Sir Issac Newton vs Bill Nye

  • 27#13 Gandhi vs Martin Luther King suggested byMrMonocleMister

  • 28Artist vs TMNT suggested byDirector22
    Rhett & Link are more awesome
    Smosh, enough said

  • 29Donald Trump VS Ebenezer Scrooge suggested byChristopher Canning-Evans

  • 30Batman vs Sherlock Holmes suggested byJames Kerslake

  • 31Joan of Arc vs Miley Cyrus suggested byJosh Ng

  • 32Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock suggested byFaZe Ruthless

  • 33Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

  • 34Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury

  • 35Doc Brown vs Doctor Who

  • 36Adam vs Eve suggested byEagelnez

  • 37Mario And Luigi vs. The Wright Bros. suggested byChamber

  • 38michael jackson vs elvis presley
    The two kings finally face off...

  • 39George Washington vs William Wallace

  • 40Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe

  • 41Bonnie & Clyde vs. Romeo & Juliet suggested bypaolop663

  • 42Deadpool vs Boba Fett suggested bylolwolf

  • 43The Final Battle - Nice Peter Vs. EpicLloyd suggested by12301231234

  • 44bob ross vs pablo picasso

  • 45Zeus vs Thor suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić

  • 46Zeus vs Thor. suggested byMaximillian Mages

  • 47Nickola Tesla vs Thomas Edison
    It's spelled Nikola.

  • 48Bob Ross vs. Pablo Picasso suggested bypaolop663

  • 49Babe Rooth vs Lance Armstrong suggested byDirector22
    Don't you mean "Babe Ruth"?

  • 50babe ruth vs lance armstrong

  • 51Master Chief vs Leonidas

  • 52Ellen DeGeneres vs. Oprah Winfrey suggested bypaolop663

  • 53John Lennon vs. Bill O'Reilly suggested bypaolop663

  • 54Lady gaga vs Sarah Palin suggested byDark nightmare

  • 55Best list ever! suggested byJordan Collins
    Not an ERB video.

  • 56Dr. Doom vs Wesker suggested byMetabee
    Wrong channel

  • 57Rick Grimes vs Lee Everett suggested byrhackett25

  • 58Peanut butter vs Jelly suggested byrhackett25

  • 59Pootie Tang VS Sa da te suggested byrhackett25

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