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Top 10 Dumbest Things About Fan Rage Quits

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    1Claiming A Remake Or Reboot Ruined Your Childhood
    How Can Something Ruin Your Childhood If You Are Already An Adult.

  • 2Signing Petitions Knowing They Will Never Work Make Your Case
  • 3Breaking Merchandise That You Paid For Or Buying The Merchandise Just So You Can Break It
    There Are Actually People Who Will Buy A DVD Of A Movie They Hated Just To Break It In Half On Camera.

  • 4Getting Mad When They Don't Do Everything You Want But Also Getting Mad When They Do Everything You Want Make Your Case
  • 5Throwing Temper Tantrums Over Something That Isn't Even Real Make Your Case
  • 6Resorting to breaking the law as a result suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 7Refusing to listen to fans who liked the works suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 8Expecting An Apology From The Creators Or Actors Make Your Case
  • 9Actually Threatening The Creators Or Actors Or Harrasing Or Stalking Them Make Your Case
  • 10The Hypocrisy Of Hating Something While Defending Something Else From Fans Who Are Acting Just Like You About The Other Thing
    For Example How Star Wars Fans Defend The Prequels But Hate The Disney Sequels And Treat The Fans Of Those Movies The Same Way Other Fans Treat Them For Liking The Prequels

  • 11Claiming You Wasted Your Life On A TV Show Or Movie Franchise When They Only Take A Few Hours Of Your Time In A Year Make Your Case
  • 12Actually Demanding That A Movie Or TV Show Be Redone And The Original Footage Be Thrown In The Trash
    Best They Will Do Is Reboot Or A Director's Cut But They Will Never Refilm Something That Is Already Released.
    Because Ultimately The Studios Already Got Ratings Or Box Office From Fans And Are Not Going To Spend More Money Just Because Fans Are Unhappy.

  • 13The Idea That If You Hated Something, Everybody Hates It Too
    Because There Is Always Someone Who Loves Something While Most Other People Hate It.

  • 14Trying To Force Someone To Hate It Too Make Your Case
  • 15Trying To Get The Show Or Franchise Cancelled Make Your Case
  • 16Trying To Get People Fired Or Have Their Careers Ended Make Your Case
  • 17Trying To Pretend It Never Happened Make Your Case

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