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Top 10 Donald Duck Animated Shorts

No one gets all the bad luck but Donald Duck himself.
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    1The Wise Little Hen
    This is where Donald makes his official debut.

  • 2Donald's Nephews
    This marked the debut of Huey, Dewey and Louie. Also known as Donald's nephews. Rather than being well-mannerd, they cause a mess around the house and Donald tries effortlessly to treat his nephews properly.

  • 3Donald's Double Trouble
    Donald becomes jealous, when he mets his well-mannered duplicate and the ''nicer" Donald is stealing Daisy away from the original Donald. Leading to a bitter love triangle.
    This led to Donald becoming Donald towards his polite decoy and as he follows them at an amusement park, hilarity falls over.
    Donald meets his opposite doppelgnger and steals Daisy from him.

  • 4The Autograph Hound
    Donald attempts to obtain autographs from celebrities in Hollywood, while attempting to escape from the security guard until hilarity ensues when Shirley Temple spews out his name.

  • 5Mr. Duck Steps Out
    Donald goes on a date with Daisy and that's when his nephews tries to steal the spotlight. This also marked Daisy Duck's debut.

  • 6Cured Duck
    After failing to open a window by releasing his famed temper and causing a huge mess, Daisy tells him to either learn how to control it or she won't date him.

  • 7Donald's Crime
    Donald steals money from his nephew's piggy bank in order to pay his date with Daisy. When Donald realizes that stealing is against the law, he knows that crime doesn't pay.

  • 8Donald's Tire Trouble
    While speeding on the mountains, one of the tires on Donald's car becomes a flat after running over a nail and a horseshoe. Donald tries valiantly to fix his flat tire.

  • 9Donald's Penguin
    Admiral Byrd ships Donald a penguin from the South Pole. Donald is amused by it, until he thinks it has eaten his goldfish. It didn't and so, Donald gets a fish from the fridge to make amends. When he comes back, though, he becomes upset with the penguin and as he points a shotgun to shoot it, he reads its sad expression and realizes his terrible m

  • 10Donald's Lucky Day Make Your Case

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