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Top 10 Disney Movie Villains Who Had Justifiable Motives

Disney Movie Villains From Live Action And Animated Who Had Justifiable Motives
Can Include Pixar Villains
Not Including Marvel And Star Wars Villains
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    1Syndrome - The Incredibles
  • 2Edgar - The Aristocats
    He Worked Hard For The Lady For Years But Finds Out Her Cats And Getting The Inheritance Before He Will And He Is Already An Old Man.
    But Also Remember He Was Trying To Get Rid Of The Cats Without Killing Them. Just Trying To Send Them Off To Another Place.
  • 3Captain Hook - Peter Pan
  • 4The Hyenas - The Lion King
    While Scar Just Wanted Power, They Just Wanted To Be Able To Eat And Live In The Pride Lands.
  • 5Davy Jones - Pirates Of The Caribbean Franchise
  • 6Stinky Pete - Toy Story 2
  • 7Robert Callaghan - Big Hero 6 suggested byAnonymous
  • 8Lot So Hugging Bear - Toy Story 3
  • 9Mother Gothel - Tangled
    Her motivations are selfish but she also depended on the magic to live and the flower was stolen from her.
  • 10Shere Khan - The Jungle Book (2016)
  • 11Screenslaver - The Incredibles 2
  • 12Waternoose - Monster Inc
  • 13Dawn Bellwether - Zootopia
    So she does have legitimate gripes against predators.
    But you also have to remember predators had more job opportunities and small animals had a harder time.
  • 14Lady Tremaine - Cinderella Live Action Remake

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