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Top 10 Disney Animated Features Made After Walt Disney's Death

It must exclude Pixar movies
Are Pixar films counted
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    1The Lion King

  • 2Beauty and the Beast

  • 3Aladdin

  • 4The Little Mermaid
    This movie is should be number one on this list due to the fact this movie launched the Disney Renaissance.

  • 5The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • 6Frozen

  • 7Lilo & Stitch

  • 8Tarzan

  • 9The Princess and the Frog

  • 10Tangled

  • 11Robin Hood

  • 12Wreck-It-Ralph suggested byloverofanime

  • 13Mulan

  • 14The Emperor's New Groove

  • 15Hercules

  • 16Pocahontas

  • 17Oliver and Company

  • 18The Rescuers

  • 19Wreck-It Ralph

  • 20Winnie the Pooh (2011)

  • 21The Great Mouse Detective

  • 22Treasure Planet

  • 23Bolt

  • 24Brother Bear

  • 25Big Hero 6

  • 26Fantasia 2000

  • 27The Fox and the Hound

  • 28Atlantis: The Lost Empire

  • 29The Aristocats

  • 30The Black Cauldron

  • 31Nightmare Before Christmas suggested byJacob Listerud

  • 32Meet the Robinsons

  • 33Olivera and Company

  • 34Dinosaur

  • 35Zootopia suggested byDaniel Attrell

  • 36Any Pixar movie suggested byGeorgina Bransfield

  • 37Lilo And Stitch suggested byMC

  • 38Paperman suggested byMC

  • 39Feast suggested byMC

  • 40the many adventures of winnie the pooh suggested byIanrosenay

  • 41The Jungle Book suggested byJacky Castaneda
    technically, he died DURING production of this movie and he is still credited as the producer. so this one doesn't count.

  • 42Home on the Range

  • 43brave suggested byMichael Kirk

  • 44Chicken Little

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