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Top 10 Disney Animated Antiheroes

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    1Wreck It Ralph - The Wreck It Ralph Franchise
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  • 2Nick Wilde - Zootopia
  • 3Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) suggested byEarly Ideas Studio
  • 4Kuzco - The Emperor’s New Groove
    I said that Kuzco posed more of an antihero because he is bratty, selfish, and acts like a child at 19 Years old, but in the end he became more caring to others
    kronk is more on an antihero
  • 5Maui - Moana
  • 6Meg - Hercules
  • 7Iago - The Aladdin Franchise
    He counts as on in the direct to video movies and tv series
  • 8Hiro Hamada - Big Hero 6 suggested byAnonymous
  • 9Silver - Treasure Planet
  • 10Kovu - The Lion King 2; Simba's Pride suggested byJamesLabraFox
  • 11Elsa - Frozen
    she was not an anti-hero. She was just afraid of controlling her powers
  • 12Beast - Beauty And The Beast suggested byAnonymous
  • 13Mirage - The Incredibles suggested byJamesLabraFox
  • 14Anastasia (Cinderella) suggested byAdriana De Leon
  • 15Amos Slade - The Fox And The Hound
  • 16Jumba Jookiba - Lilo And Stitch suggested byAnonymous
  • 17Carl Fredericksen - Up suggested byAnonymous
  • 18Denahi - Brother Bear
    Little did he know Kenai killed the grizzly himself and the spirit of the bear was transferred to him, taking away his humanity and transforming into a bear.
    After he thinks Kenai was killed by the grizzly bear, he tries to avenge him by killing the bear.
  • 19Kenai - Brother Bear suggested byAnonymous
    I agree
    Personally Denahi poses more of an Antihero then Kenai
  • 20Grumpy - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs suggested byAnonymous
  • 21Bagheera - The Jungle Book suggested byCoolZDane
  • 22Todd - The Fox And The Hound suggested byAnonymous
  • 23Eugene "Flynn" Rider - Tangled suggested byAnonymous
  • 24Copper - The Fox and the Hound suggested byCoolZDane
  • 25Fagin - Oliver and Company suggested byJamesLabraFox
  • 26Merida - Brave suggested byAnonymous
  • 27Judy Hopps - Zootopia suggested byAnonymous
  • 28The Crows - Dumbo suggested byCoolZDane


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