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Top 10 Differences between North American and UK Sports Culture

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    1The Sports themselves (American Football, Basketball, Baseball and Ice Hockey vs "Football," cricket, rugby )
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  • 2They are much more focused on one sport: Soccer. Their other sports are not as close as Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey are in the US. suggested bydrewbrown
  • 3Pubs in UK have a more family culture; US bars don't suggested bydrewbrown
    Oops, nevermind ... thought it was general culture.
  • 4Sponsorship on shirts in the UK suggested byFreemantle_uk
  • 5North American College sports nearly as popular, if not more so, than professional leagues.
    That's only true of some isolated pockets where all of the national teams are horrible, and of old people who love how college sports are so much more predictable.
  • 6UK Sporting Fans show interest in non UK leagues, U.S. sports fans are not really interested in non U.S. leagues (with the exception that a lot of N.A. audience watch Premier league football)
    This is why pay TV sports channels have dedicated channels for that (Those are Sky Sports 5 and BT Sport Europe).
  • 7Darts ... the U.S. doesn't have a bar-culture sport like darts, where there's a PL Darts played in basically a gigantic beer hall. suggested bydrewbrown
  • 8Chanting in football in the UK vs. a controlled in environment in the US suggested byFreemantle_uk
  • 9North American leagues practice imbalanced scheduling due to travel distances. Not an issue in the UK
  • 10Not just one league for a sport ... soccer has EPL, secondary divisions, UEFA, etc. suggested bydrewbrown
  • 11Independence Day (US) vs. Guy Fawkes Day (UK) suggested bydrewbrown
    Oops, nevermind.
  • 12No video reviews on plays, play challenges in UK sports
    Apparently, FIFA recently approves trialing that very feature on soccer matches during the 2017-18 season.
  • 13Coverage of sports in America is very regional suggested byFreemantle_uk
    Not forgetting blackouts depending on the rights holders.
  • 14Tailgate BBQ vs Getting a pie inside the Stadium.
  • 15North American leagues are oriented around post-season play, whereas UK is competition based on most points earned in regular season.
  • 16North American leagues have policies in place to prevent the domination of a few dynastic teams.
  • 17FLARE, DRUMS AND THE "ULTRAS" no N.A. equivalent really.
  • 18North American sports analysts/fans much more obsessed with statistical analysis.
  • 19US have Draft picks (MLS: 3 times a year; MLB: twice a year; NFL, NBA, NHL: yearly), UK has soccer transfer windows (twice a year) suggested byJamie Murphy
    In case your wondering, 'Deadline Day', which covers the closing of the transfer window, is popular for the UK sports news channel, Sky Sports News HQ.
  • 20The U.S. has hosted the Winter Olympics, the UK hasn't. suggested byDaniel Fong
  • 21US has flashy sponsorship in TV sport coverage, UK is pretty strict on this (thankfully). suggested byJamie Murphy
    UK media regulator, Ofcom, has guidelines on sponsorship on TV and radio:
  • 22British leagues have promotion and regulation suggested byFreemantle_uk
  • 23The only fans who ever rush the field in the U.S. are European streakers. suggested byMichael Ross
  • 24Clubs in the UK have youth systems, American teams draft from high school and college suggested byFreemantle_uk
  • 25Legally, UK networks can't air the Saturday 3pm EPL matches, rest of the world do. suggested byJamie Murphy
  • 26American sports have cameras in the audience and more prize giveaways suggested byFreemantle_uk
  • 27English sports are very class based, football and boxing are working class, rugby and cricket are middle class suggested byFreemantle_uk

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