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Top 10 Differences Between Marvel and DC (suggested 2 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Differences Between Marvel and DC

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    1DCs World is More Fictional (fake cities, DC, vs real cities, Marvel)

  • 2Marvel has their movies figured out
    Marvel movies suck. They have watered down villains, cheesy jokes, and story lines you can sleep through half of it and still follow
    Because Warner has issues with it.

  • 3DC has TV and animated movies figured out
    Seriously " Justice League vs. Teen Titans"? Damien Wayne leading the Teen Titans, is like the Punisher was the leading of the Avengers.
    'Teen Titans Go' anybody?
    Why not shows like The Flash and animated movies like Justice League vs. Teen Titans

  • 4DC has more stand alone graphic novels outside continuity (Dark Knight Returns)
    DC also owns the Vertigo imprint

  • 5Marvel has more storylines and heroes that deal with social issues.

  • 6DC's stories tend to be a little more mature
    Marvel go the balance between mature content and humour right. DC got too damn dark with Dark Knight trilogy

  • 7Marvel has more superhero teams

  • 8Marvel's heroes fight each other a lot more than DCs

  • 9Marvel's characters are meant to relate more to its readers suggested byHenry Patterson

  • 10DC has all the rights to their characters suggested byGodslayer79
    That would be because DC has always been owned by Warner Brothers...

  • 11DC has a lot more alien/non human heroes

  • 12DC heroes have a lot more focus on classic comic tropes (secret identities)

  • 13Marvel changed their mind about rebooting after the negative reception that DC's "New52" received suggested byJim Gorr

  • 14DC is micromanaged by Warner suggested byRaymond Leduc

  • 15Marvel is owned by various movie studios (Such as: 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, etc.) suggested byCHEESY124 Ugorji

  • 16DC is better suggested byMr.Paçoca

  • 17Marvel manages to use all heroes than DC using just some suggested byMawenzi Bennett Carpio Maloles

  • 18The superhero teams in Marvel is more focused on skill and brain while the teams in DC are more focused on power suggested byDirector22

Top 10 Differences Between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Comics

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