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Top 10 Deaths in The Walking Dead (TV Show)

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    Finally realised he wanted Daryl to be happy, and Daryl wanted to be with his family at the prison, he finally realised that and gave everything to weaken the gov as much as he could while he could, choosing to free Michonne ( his enemy/ nemesis/ someone he hated ) in his last act. Plus his ending with Daryl was super sad
    Redemption in his final act, Daryls reaction
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  • 2Hershal suggested byZukofan2005
    Preserved humanity and the whole " everyday you risk your life, it's about what you're risking it for
    Christmas is gone... No more spaghetti Tuesdays ( so sad )
  • 3Sophia
    The tragic loss of innocence in the new world reflected by how all their efforts and peril was for nothing
  • 4Dale
    The moral compass of TWD the only one to show a consistent level of care for others and always using reason throughout the show while others were at the end of their teacher ( Andrea suicide part taking away the gun, Holding off people wanting to leave Sophia, people wanting to storm the barn and the execution of Randell. Went out in such a viscera
  • 5Shane
    Don't forget top 10 deaths, not necessarily saddest
    Such a great character made season 2 what it was demonstrating the psychological effects of the apocalypse and what they can turn someone into, to what they can do. Great closure on the Rick Shane Lori triangle. Plus he went out in a pretty great way
  • 6T-Dog
    Went out like a champ, sacrificed himself for such a badass. Really great guy
  • 7Beth suggested byWhereisrealmusic
    Tries to see the good in all people, that there were still good people out there and proved it by being one herself was a loss of innocence and hope for the future
  • 8Otis
    Despite (accidentally) shooting Carl volunteered to go on run despite being overweight ( not the most dexterous or nimble) saved Shane and was immediately back stabbed ( the way he went was awful)
  • 9Andrea
    Tbh in the end she only wanted to fix all the things she screwed up ( by being stupid ) but her intentions were good and the only reason she did anything was because she didn't want anyone else to die. Kinda sad in the end
  • 10Amy
    Such a nice character, devastating to see Andreas reaction
  • 11Lori
    Although disliked she went out saving her baby, educating her son and it was extremely painful and visceral. Plus that's pretty brave to ask for Maggie to do that, not such a bad mum after all
  • 12Jim
    Though slightly confused and delusional/ psychic protected the group well during the season 1 attack, plus we got to see some great development in his short time and the period of being infected and choosing to stay at the tree was so sad
  • 13Axel
    Huge misconception due to him being a prisoner, really seemed sorta sweet in the end and innocent, the way he went was very shocking and the body shield after was bad too
  • 14Noah suggested byCamFoot
  • 15Bob suggested bycubsfan1298
    The loss of optimism, the game him and Sasha played where he would always find the good in all situations, even in his death. Pure gold character
  • 16Tyreese suggested byloki158
    One of the kindest people I'm the apocalypse to the very end refusing to resort to violence and never killing a single person even if severely endangering himself, saving Judith and the Girls, such a kind and compassionate character
  • 17Oscar
    Nice warm prison character similar to Axel sudden brutal death
  • 18Tomas
    Don't forget top 10 deaths, not necessarily saddest
    The build up for this one was great he just ticked all the boxes for asshole , the way he killed his friend , the walkers thrown on rick . Damn that machete to the head was satisfying
  • 19Jimmy
    Not much development but wanted to volunteer to look for Sophia and died saving Carl and Rick. It was a rough was to go. ( if the RVs a rocking don't come a knockin )
  • 20Ed
    Don't forget top 10 deaths, not necessarily saddest
    Complete asshole arrogant ignorant prick and a wife abuser, very satisfied with him getting eaten alive
  • 21Nicholas suggested bySuarezp
  • 22Deanna suggested byTrevschanlover12

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