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Top 10 College Football Rivalries

Decison should consider the history and the tradition surrounding the teams and the rivalry game, impact on the national stage, loathing the fans of one team have for the other and some special features (e.g. stealing mascots or big bon fires)
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    1Ohio State vs. Michigan
    If each school had to choose to win just one game to win in a season and loose the other 11, this is the game. Apart from the fact that the bathrooms at Ohio State's campus have the Michigan logo in the urinals, if you're a coach of either school always loose this game despite winning every other one, you will get fired. This MUST be #1 on the list
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  • 2Texas vs Oklahoma
    Believe it or not, Texas fans would rather beat Oklahoma fans more than Texas A&M and Oklahoma fans would rather beat Texas more than Oklahoma State. Played in The Cotton Bowl every season, "The Red River Rivalry" is a win or die game for both teams.
  • 3Alabama vs. Auburn suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    If every matchup shuts down the State of Alabama during game time, you know this is an important game. Named "The Iron Bowl" any rivalry that carries the word "iron" with it means that this is as intense as it gets.
  • 4Army vs. Navy suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    A storied rivalry gleaming with tradition, it is the only game of the last week of the regualar season, played in large NFL stadiums on national television every year. It has kinda taken a backseat in the 80s and 90s, but the resurection of the service accademies in the last decade means that this rivalry is getting important again.
  • 5California vs. Stanford suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    A rivalry that witnessed "The Play," these two schools turn the heat up when they play each other. California even has an unoffical fight song, "Stanford Jonah," that specifically puts Stanford down. In addition to good grades to get into these schools, you need spirit and attitude as well.
  • 6USC vs UCLA
    Change of mind. Thumbs up
    The schools can't stand each other. The story of trying to drop manure from a helicopter on team mascot statues proves this. Yet I see more rivalries bigger than this one. This is, in my opinion, an "Honorable Mention"
  • 7USC vs. Notre Dame suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    It is considered one of, if not, THE biggest inter-conference rivalry. Two of the most prestigious schools gleaming in tradition face off every year for the Jeweled Sheleighly. Notre Dame fans (like myself) see USC as our arch-rival, but USC fans are split between Notre Dame and UCLA.
  • 8Oregon vs Oregon State suggested byrma2098
    The significance of "The Civil War" is limited to the Pacific Northwest. I just don't feel it. Sorry.
  • 9Florida State vs. Florida suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    Two schools from the worst state in the country with the most classless fanbases cheering for two teams with as much discipline as two street gangs. If I wanted to see somethin like this, I'd go to South Central L.A. Thumbs down.
  • 10Florida vs. Georgia suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    If your rivalry is always played at a neutral site and once known as "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party," that's definatley saying something. Yet they can't call the rivalry that any more. I'm split on this one. No vote.
  • 11kansas vs missouri suggested bythe_hartley_effect
    No one gives this rivalry as much credit as it should have. The distaste these two schools have for each other is monumental. They can't even agree on the record (Who has the most wins). This gets my vote.
  • 12Florida State vs. Miami suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    This is a rivalry noted for a number of games with Florida State loosing by kicking the last second field goals wide right. Despite this, niether team has the tradition or history I think are necessary for the list. Thumbs down
  • 13Texas vs. Texas A&M suggested byharrycar1996
    While Texas A&M put "The Lone Star Showdown" on hold as it moved to the SEC, sooner or later, Texans will be itching for a matchup so bad that they'll start playing again. Its traditional scheduling for the day after Thanksgiving guarantess a national prime time broadcast.
  • 14Harvard-Yale suggested bytoconn21
    This would have been #1 on the list in the early 20th century, but it has dropped out of the national spotlight, well nearly every spotlight, half a century ago
  • 15Alabama vs. LSU suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    Alabama would enjoy a win over Auburn, Georgia and Tennessee more than LSU and LSU would rather beat Arkansas. Sorry, I just don't feel it.
  • 16Penn St vs Ohio State
    I can think of 5 schools each team would want to beat more than each other
  • 17Battle for the Axe: Wisconsin vs. Minnesota suggested byJonathon Zenk
  • 18Montana vs Montana State suggested byRickey A. Layman II
  • 19Black Hills State vs South Dakota School of Mines suggested byRickey A. Layman II
    With 132 meetings it is one of the oldest college football riviarlies in the US
  • 20Louisville vs Kentucky suggested byRickey A. Layman II
  • 21Louisville vs Cincinnati suggested byRickey A. Layman II
  • 22Yale vs Princeton suggested byRickey A. Layman II
  • 23Lehigh vs Lafayette suggested byRickey A. Layman II
    The oldest college football riviarly in the US
  • 24Notre Dame vs. Michigan suggested byculeeb
    The team with the most wins vs. the team with the largest winning percentage. True this rivalry is on hold while Notre Dame (My Team) honors their commitment to play 5 ACC teams a season, but the NCAA will realize they need this rivalry. It will get started up again. Mark my words.
    I mean 2018
    Rivalry to resume in 2918
  • 25Notre Dame vs. Navy suggested byCameron Halas
    ...NFL stadiums because their home stadium is too small for this rivalry.
    I'm putting this on the list so that it gets some recognition. I think it should be an "Honorable Mention." It is THE longest un-interupted rivalry in college football, meaning that the last season they didn't play each other stretches further back into history than any other rivalry. In fact, the Navy home games in this rivalry must be played in N
  • 26Michigan vs. Michigan State suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    Sorry about spelling
    A True in-state rivalry for the Paul Bynon Trophy, but it's overshadowed by other rivals of both teams. Thumbs down
  • 27Georgia vs. Georgia Tech suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    I voted thumbs up, though I think this one should be limited to an "Honorable Mention" Whatever energy people don't feel for this game is felt by the fans of both teams. The rivalry is even named, "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate." Ouch!
  • 28Auburn vs. Georgia suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    This rivalry is known as "The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry." As old as it is, the intensity is somewhat lacking when compared to others. The two teams are also in different divisions of the SEC. I'd say "Honorable Mention."
  • 29Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State suggested byMike Smith
    While the "Bedlam" rivalry is important to all Okies, its importance is pretty much limited to the State of Oklahoma. Besides, Oklahoma fans like beating Texas more. I like watching these two teams play every season, but I'm voting thumbs down
  • 30I can't remember a season where either team didn't have 2 or 3 more important games than this one. Thumbs down suggested byCameron Halas
  • 31Alabama vs. Tennessee suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    Despite being in different divisions of the SEC, these two schools always play each other on "The Third Saturday In October." Its got the makings of a good rivalry, but not the greatest. I'd say "Honorable Mention."
  • 32South Carolina vs. Clemson suggested byChristopher Sturniolo
    I can't remember a season where either team didn't have 2 or 3 more important games than this one. Thumbs down

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