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Top 10 Bittersweet Endings To A TV Couple

Bittersweet Ways A TV Couple's Story Arc Ended
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    1Lexa Dies But Clarke Is Able To Say Goodbye To Her In The City Of Light - The 100 Make Your Case
  • 2Elevin Kisses Mike before she leaves Hawkins-Stranger Things suggested byElisabeth Nunez Make Your Case
  • 3Robin & Barney Get Married & But Then Later Divorce and Remain Friends - How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) suggested bymac121mr0 Make Your Case
  • 4Raven & Devon Despite Being Far Apart & Still Love Each Other - Thats So Raven (2007-2012) suggested bymac121mr0 Make Your Case
  • 5Sun And Jin Die Together But Are Reunited In The Afterlife - Lost
    The sweet part in that Jin refuses to let Sun die alone but bitter in that their child grew up without them

  • 6Maggie And Alex Ending Their Engagement Because Maggie Doesn't Want Kids But Alex Does - Supergirl Make Your Case
  • 7Piper Deciding To Wait For Alex To Get Out Of Prison - Orange Is The New Black Make Your Case
  • 8Rory Is Sent Back In Time By A Weeping Angel And Amy Decides To Let It Do The Same To Her So Can Be Together But It Means The Doctor Will Never See Them Again - Doctor Who Make Your Case
  • 9Caroline And Klaus Having A Final Goodbye Before He Sacrifices Himself For His Daughter - The Originals Make Your Case
  • 10Mickey & Ian Say Their Goodbyes & Share One Last Kiss at the Border - Shameless (211- ) suggested bymac121mr0 Make Your Case
  • 11Kelly And Yorkie Both Die But They Will Be Together Forever In A Digital World - Black Mirror Make Your Case
  • 12Monty And Harper Live A Happy Life And Have A Son But Ultimately Die From Old Age And A Genetic Illness - The 100 Make Your Case
  • 13Ted And Tracy Have A Good Marriage And Have Kids But She Dies And Ted After Mourning Her Death For Awhile Decides To Renew His Relationship With Robin With Encouragement From His Kids - How I Met Your Make Your Case
  • 14HIMYM-Ted and Victoria suggested bymelissaclark280192@y Make Your Case
  • 15Sarah Loses Her Memory But It's Implied Her And Chuck Will Get Back Together And He Will Help Her Regain Her Memories - Chuck Make Your Case
  • 16Frank And Amy Turn Out Not To Be Real And Are Part Of A Advanced Dating App But The Real Frank And Amy Might Get Together - Black Mirror Make Your Case
  • 17Simon And Alisha Are Trapped In A Time Loop Where They Both Witness The Other Die But It Is Also What Led To Them Getting Together - Misfits Make Your Case
  • 18Stefan And Caroline Get Married But He Later Sacrifices Himself To Save His Brother - The Vampire Diaries Make Your Case
  • 19Bonnie And Enzo - The Vampire Diaries Make Your Case
  • 20Clary gets stripped of her runes and leaves Jace but a year later she meets up with him again. suggested bySara Cohen
    Specifically Clary Loses All Her Memories Of The Shadow World Because Of Losing Her Runes

  • 21Cole And Phoebe - Charmed Make Your Case
  • 22Kane And Abby - The 100 Make Your Case
  • 23Oliver And Felicity - Arrow Make Your Case
  • 24Arya Loses Her Virginity To Gendry But When He Is Declared A Lord She Refuses His Offer Of Marriage - Game Of Thrones Make Your Case
  • 25Phoebe Kills Cole In Another Timeline Because He Became Evil Again But In Later Season He Is Revealed To Have Become A Spirit That Watches Over Her And That He Set Up Events To Make Sure She Can Be Ha Make Your Case
  • 26Monty And Harper Have A Son And Have A Happy But Ultimately Both Die From Old Age - The 100 Make Your Case

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