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Top 10 Badass Jason Statham Moments

also part of: Top 10 Jason Statham
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    1Death Race (uses napalm to send his passenger seat flying into his pursuer)
  • 2The Expendables (throwing knives)
  • 3The Expendables (beats up guys playing basketball)
  • 4The Transporter (fights off two guys with axes)
  • 5Crank (outdoor sex)
  • 6The Expendables 2 (dressed as monk in a chapel)
  • 7Crank: High Voltage (sex in the middle of a horse race)
  • 8The Transporter (Oil fight)
  • 9The Transporter 2 (drives off dock to remove bomb from car)
  • 10The Expendables (sticking out of airplane and shooting)
  • 11Killer Elite (fights Clive Owen while tied to a chair)
  • 12War (fights Jet Li)
  • 13Collateral (cameo: "Enjoy LA")
  • 14The Bank Job (after pulling off heist, has sex on top of safe)
  • 15The Italian Job (speeding away with the safe)
  • 16Snatch ("what are you afraid of? Ze Germans?")
  • 17Crank 2 (shocks himself with power lines, sets himself on fire and fights a guy)
  • 18Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (opening credits)
  • 19The Transporter 3 (strips so he can choke guys with his clothes)
  • 20Parker (palming a knife)
  • 21Death Race (topless pull-ups)
  • 22Death Race (during car chase, uses car door to take out pursuer on motorcycle)
  • 23The Transporter 3 (bike chase)
  • 24The Transporter 2 (whips a guy with a giant hose)
  • 25Mean Machine (beats up entire opposing football team)
  • 26Revolver (coin toss at casino table)
  • 27Blitz ("this is a hurley")
  • 28Chaos (yelling at Chris Evans)
  • 29Crank 2 (Godzilla fight scene)
  • 30The Mechanic (stabs guy in the face with a fire extinguisher)
  • 31The Mechanic (rappels down tall building while under fire)
  • 32Crank: High Voltage (shotgun up a guy's butt)
  • 33Crank (chops off a guy's hand who's holding a gun, then uses hand and gun to shoot other guys)

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