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Top 10 Asian Horror Movies (suggested 9 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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top 10 asian horror movie

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    1Ringu (1998) suggested byjkellis

  • 2The Host (2006) suggested byjkellis

  • 3Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989) suggested byjkellis

  • 4Shutter (2004) suggested byสุทธิศักดิ์ วิเศษวงษา

  • 5Audition (1999) suggested byjkellis

  • 6Jigoku (1960) suggested byjkellis

  • 7Feng Shui (2004) suggested byeugeneru243

  • 8House (1977) suggested byjkellis

  • 9Onibaba (1964) suggested byjkellis

  • 10Kuroneko (1968) suggested byjkellis

  • 11Battle Royale suggested byuchiha.sashka
    The thought of being forced to kill your friends and classmates seem horrifying to me
    I never considered Battle Royale as a horror movie.

  • 12Ju-on suggested bykiller1525

  • 13Raat suggested byHenners250

  • 14Nagin suggested byHenners250

  • 156ixtynin9 (1999) suggested byสุทธิศักดิ์ วิเศษวงษา

  • 16Program na winyan akat (2008) suggested byสุทธิศักดิ์ วิเศษวงษา

  • 17The Eye suggested byสุทธิศักดิ์ วิเศษวงษา

  • 18The Unseeable (2006) suggested byสุทธิศักดิ์ วิเศษวงษา

  • 19Alone (2007) suggested byสุทธิศักดิ์ วิเศษวงษา

  • 20Long khong (2005) Art of the Devil II suggested byสุทธิศักดิ์ วิเศษวงษา

  • 21Kenpei to Barabara Shibijin suggested byRocky Al.

  • 22The Bride With White Hair suggested byJeremy Bowen

  • 23Guinea Pig: Flowers of Flesh and Blood suggested byสุทธิศักดิ์ วิเศษวงษา

  • 24The Wedding Curse ( Sukob) suggested byFranz Rocha

  • 25Train to busan suggested bydownhollowfication

Top 10 Asian Horror Films

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    1Ring suggested byMoses Delira

  • 2Ju-on: The Grudge suggested byMoses Delira

  • 3Audition suggested byMoses Delira

  • 4A Tale of Two Sisters suggested byJerome Magajes

  • 5The Eye suggested byJerome Magajes

  • 6The Echo (Sigaw) suggested byJerome Magajes

  • 7Shutter (The Original) suggested bygonza33

  • 8Feng shui suggested byFranz Rocha

  • 9I saw the Devil suggested bymr. cash

  • 10Coming Soon suggested byPacMan MK

  • 11Kairo suggested byJerome Magajes

  • 12One Missed Call suggested byPacMan MK

  • 13301 302 suggested byJerome Magajes

  • 14Meat Grinder suggested byAugustine Shen

  • 15The Weddinfg Curse (Sukob) suggested byLoloy Rocha

  • 16The Circle (Seokkeul) suggested byBrantleigh Dalton

  • 17Dead Friend suggested byBrantleigh Dalton

  • 18Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman (Kuchisake-onna) suggested byBrantleigh Dalton

  • 19Carved 2: The Scissors Massacre (Kuchisake-onna 2) suggested byBrantleigh Dalton

  • 20Suicide Club/Suicide Circle suggested byBrantleigh Dalton

  • 21Battle Royale suggested byBrantleigh Dalton

  • 22The Guinea Pig films suggested byBrantleigh Dalton

  • 23Acacia suggested byJerome Magajes

  • 24Phobia suggested byPacMan MK

  • 25Bushinsaba suggested byPacMan MK

  • 26303 Fear Faith Revenge suggested byJerome Magajes

  • 27Three Extremes suggested byPacMan MK

  • 28Silk suggested byPacMan MK

  • 29Arang suggested byPacMan MK

  • 30Horror Tales: D-Day suggested byPacMan MK

  • 31The Doll Master suggested byPacMan MK

  • 32The Cat suggested byPacMan MK

  • 33The Maid suggested byPacMan MK

  • 34The Victim suggested byPacMan MK

  • 35Unholy Woman suggested byPacMan MK

  • 36Someone Behind You suggested byPacMan MK

  • 37TxT suggested byJerome Magajes

  • 38Naina suggested byJerome Magajes

  • 39Nang Nak suggested byJerome Magajes

  • 40Alone suggested byPacMan MK

  • 41Cello suggested byPacMan MK

Top ten Asian horror movies

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    1Ju on: the grudge

  • 2Shutter

  • 3Ringu

  • 4Audition

  • 5One missed call

  • 6Tale of two sisters

  • 7The eye

  • 8Noroi: The Curse suggested byMagnus Isaksen

Top 10 Asian horror movies

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    1Ju-On: The Grudge (2002) suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 2Ring (1997) suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 3Ring suggested byTropicalRemixed
    A Tale of Two Sisters

  • 4A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003) suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 5A Tale Of Two Sisters suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 6Ju-On: The Grudge suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 7Audition (1999) suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 8Audition suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 9Pulse suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 10The Eye suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 11Whispering Corridors suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 12Uzumaki suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 13Uzumaki suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 14Shutter suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 15Infection suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 16The Eye suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 17Suicide Club suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 18Suicide Club suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 19Phone suggested byTropicalRemixed

  • 20Whispering Corridors suggested byTropicalRemixed

Top 10 Extreme Horror Asian Films

  • Top 10 best asian horror movies

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      1the grudge suggested byAnnabel Sharpe

    • 2one missed call series suggested byAnnabel Sharpe

    • 3ringu suggested byAnnabel Sharpe

    • 4death bell 1,2 suggested byAnnabel Sharpe

    Top 10 Asian Horror Movies

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    • 2A Tale Of Two Sisters

    • 3Ju-on : The Grudge

    • 4Tomie Unlimited

    • 5Tormented

    • 6The Doll Master

    • 7Yoga

    • 8Jelangkung

    • 9Raaz 3

    • 10Kuntilanak

    top 10 horror asian movies

  • Top 10 Best Ever Asian Horror Films

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      1The Ring/Ringu (Japan)

    • 2The Grudge/Ju-On (Japan)

    • 3Shutter (Thailand)

    • 4The Host (South Korea)

    • 5A Tale of Two Sisters (South Korea)

    • 6Ouiji Board (South Korea)

    • 7Perfect Blue (Japan)

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