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Top 10 Arrowverse Cliches

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    1The Main Villain Will Have The Same Powers Or Skills As The Hero
    The Flash Fights A Speedster, Supergirl Fights Aliens With Similar Powers Or Kyptonians, And Arrow Fights Other Martial Artists With Some Having Powers But Losing Them To End Up Fighting Him On Equal Ground
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  • 2Villain Of The Week Plots
  • 3Most Of The Plot Is Finding Out A Villain's Identity Or Their Plan
  • 4The New Character Turns Out To Be The Villain Or Working For The Villain
  • 5My Name Is Opening Narrations
  • 6Everybody Keeps Secrets From Each Other
  • 7Hero Will Go Through A Personal Crisis
  • 8The Teams Are Made Up Of A Smart Character, A Best Friend, A Love Interest, A Trained Soldeir, And A Parental Figure
  • 9One Of The Heroes' Loved Ones Will Die
  • 10Will They Or Won't They Romances
  • 11The Heroes Will Screw Up In Some Way
  • 12The Characters Don't Use Their Powers Or Skills In Certain Moments To Keep The Plot From Ending Too Soon
  • 13One of the Characters gets a pep talk suggested byhulkfan
  • 14Holiday Episodes (Usually The Mid Season Finales)
  • 15Relationship Drama
  • 16Supporting Characters Get Underused
  • 17Supporting Characters Get Written Out Or Die
  • 18Characters That Get Killed Off Don't Always Stay Dead
  • 19The Supporting Superheroes Almost Can Never Defeat A Villain Without The Main Hero
  • 20The Supporting Heroes Act Like They Cant Do Anything Without The Main Hero
  • 21Hero Loses Fight With Main Villain Mid Season
  • 22Villain Suffers A Fate Worse Than Death Or Is Killed By Another Character So That The Hero With A No Killing Code Doesn't Have To Kill Them
  • 23At Least One LGBT Character
  • 24Will Address A Real Life Social Or Political Issue
  • 25Eventually All The Supporting Characters Will Learn The Hero's Secret Identity

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