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Top 10 Anime English Dubs

The overall quality of the dub based on how well it is translated and how well the voices match the personality of the character
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    1Cowboy Bebop suggested byRochele Hurlock

  • 2Baccano!

  • 3Full metal Alchemist Brotherhood suggested byMTB675

  • 4Ouran High School Host Club

  • 5Wolf's Rain

  • 6Black Butler

  • 7Duarara

  • 8Fruits Basket

  • 9Ghost in the Shell suggested byMatthew Lee Anderson

  • 10Dead note suggested byJoona Ståhl

  • 11Black Lagoon suggested byxodercrucible
    Best dub in comparison to the sub

  • 12Hetalia

  • 13Deadman Wonderland

  • 14Mushishi suggested byMTB675

  • 15Steins;Gate suggested byxodercrucible

  • 16Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex suggested byPhantomRoot

  • 17Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) suggested byPhantomRoot

  • 18Hetalia

  • 19Deadman Wonderland

  • 20Soul Eater

  • 21Fate/Zero suggested byPhantomRoot

  • 22Hellsing Ultimate suggested byPhantomRoot

  • 23High School DxD suggested byThe Bourne Network

  • 24Baccano!

  • 25AKB0048

  • 26Black Butler

  • 27Monster suggested byDenzel Bridges

  • 28Redline suggested byPhantomRoot

  • 29Psycho-Pass suggested byPhantomRoot

  • 30K Project

  • 31Durarara

  • 32Fruits Basket

  • 33Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica suggested byPhantomRoot

  • 34dragonball z suggested bydylan ryan

  • 35Sonny Strait suggested byAlisha Gardner
    Thats a singular voice actor, this list should be for an entire dub for just one anime

  • 36Chris Sabat suggested byAlisha Gardner

  • 37Sean Schemmel suggested byAlisha Gardner

  • 38Eric Vale suggested byAlisha Gardner

  • 39Johnny Yong Bosch suggested byAlisha Gardner
    Not a show

  • 40Johnny Yong Bosch suggested byHeather Sopkow

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