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Top 10 Anime Darkest Moments

also part of: Top 10 Darkest Anime Moments
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    1The Worldwide Transmutation Circle (Fullmetal Alchemost: Brotherhood)
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  • 2Ryoko Stabs Kyon (The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Movie)
  • 3Another: All the deaths. suggested byLachie Horrigan
  • 4Kid Buu Blows Up Earth (Dragon Ball Z)
  • 5Fall of the Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon Stars)
  • 6Third Impact - End of Evangelion suggested byKay G. Radley
  • 7The Opening Scene - End of Evangellion. suggested byLachie Horrigan
  • 8Lelouch kills Euphy (Code Geass)
  • 9Pain Attacks the Hidden Leaf (Naruto: Shippuden)
  • 10Rosette & Chrono vs. Aion (Chrono Crusade)
  • 11Phibrizzo's Death Orbs (Slayers: Next)
  • 12Death of the Heroes (Wolf's Rain)
  • 13ending of paranoia agent suggested by10minuteOtaku
  • 14Sensui Overpowers Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • 15Rei turns everyone into juice - End of Evangellion suggested byLachie Horrigan
  • 16gokus death suggested byUche Ogunedo

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