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Top 10 Animated Movie Villains Who Had Justifiable Motives

Seriously, quit spamming Disney! I hate that greedy Fascist!
Animated Movie Villains We Can Understand The Reasons Behind Their Villainous Actions Or Why They Became A Villain
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    1Callaghan - Big Hero 6
    How would you feel if you lost your daughter and the person responsible got away with it.
    but what he does, is not justifiable.
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  • 2Lots O Huggin Bear - Toy Story 3
    His owner lost him and he walked miles to get back to her only to find out he was replaced by another lots O Huggin Bear and it made him bitter.
  • 3Syndrome - The Incredibles suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
    um not at all
  • 4The Hyenas - The Lion King
    And It Was Never Really Stated Why They Were Banished In The First Place
    They just wanted to eat and live in the pride lands
  • 5Dawn Bellweather (Zootopia) suggested byFastTquick
    She was hired by Mayor Lionheart hoping to be assistant mayor of Zootopia, only to be relegated to a glorified secretary and find out Lionheart only hired her to capture the sheep vote.
  • 6AUTO - Wall.E
    Following His Programming To Prevent Humans From Returning To Earth That Was Uninhabitable
  • 7Captain Hook - Peter Pan
    You would be mad too if some kid chopped off your hand.
    Peter also likes to continually humiliate him further fueling his thirst for revenge
    Also Peter Did It As Part Of A Game For Fun.
  • 8Waternoose - Monsters Inc
    Also considear that the crys of children was an energy recourse and their society would collapse without it
    He wanted to save his company, even if it meant kidnapping children to do it.
  • 9Tai Lung - Kung Fu Panda suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
    Shifu filled his head with unreachable expectations, making him arrogant and insecure at the same time.
  • 10Ramsese - The Prince Of Egypt
    He wanted to live up to his father's legacy
    He also felt betrayed by Moses choosing God over their brotherhood as he was willing to let Moses become apart of the royal family again despite his crime and the revelation he is a Hebrew.
  • 11Stinky Pete - Toy Story 2
  • 12Sid - Toy Story
    He was just being a kid playing with his toys his way and how was he supposed to know they were alive
    Also Alot Of Kids Like Taking Apart Toys And Picking On Their Siblings
    Not just a kid - very much serial killer vibes
    it was his way of having fun he didn't know he was hurting anyone
  • 13Tempest Shadow - My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) suggested byMitchell McDowell
    Needs to be on the list!
    When she was a kid her friends abandoned her because her horn broke off after being attacked by a bear, now that's a very heartbreaking and dark backstory for a My Little Pony villain
    her backstory is tragic, she needs to be on the list
    Hey if you lost a body limb at a very young age and your friends abandon you because of it, would you do what it takes to get that limb back?
    I cried in the theater when Tempest revealed her backstory to Twilight.
  • 14President Business / Lord Business - The Lego Movie suggested byAustin Gorham
    I think Mr. Business is a good representation of the look of mature buyers of LEGO Toys, only obsessed to see the figure completed, rather than to try something new with the bricks, as shown in the second trailer, the kid´s imagination lead the LEGO world to despair after the kid lost interest to keep playing
    No one ever told him he was special in his own way
    He just wanted people to stop messing with his stuff.
    Needs to be on the list!
  • 15Muntz - Up
    He wanted to discover a species of birds but the journey drove him crazy.
  • 16Edgar - The Aristrocats
    A Main Point About This Is The Fact He Was A Loyal Butler And He Was Always Kind To His Boss And The Cats Which Is Why They Trusted Him So Much And He Didn't Even Know There Was A Possibility That He Would Get The Inheritance, So He Deserved That Money More Than The Cats Did, It Might Not Justify Trying To Abandon Them But You Could Understand Him
    Not justifying his actions, just his motives as it would be frustrating to be losing money to animals who can't even spend it, but Edgar was stupid since he could have just worked for the cats and still got money out of it since cats can't do very much with money anyway.
    NOTHING justifies animal cruelty!
    How would you feel if you worked for a rich lady for years but found out that you are getting her inheritance but her cats are getting it first.
    Also as an old man he didn't want to wait until the cats died since he would probably would have died of old age by then and didn't want to keep working as a Butler until then
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  • 17Zira - The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride
    Her lover Scar was killed by the king and her pride was banished just for being associated with him.
    Simba was also shown to be prejudice against her pride even though some of them weren't really evil
  • 18Randall - Monsters, Inc. suggested byCoolZDane
  • 19Lawrence - The Princess And The Frog
    He worked for the spoiled prince who was constantly taking advantage of the fact he had to work for, so he understandably to the deal as Faciler did point out he has been pushed around his whole life.
  • 20Shere Khan - The Jungle Book suggested byCoolZDane
    He hates humans with a vengance.
    What animal wouldn't hat humans?
  • 21Scar - The Lion King suggested byCoolZDane
    If you consider his backstory where he was looked down on for being different and Mufasa was the favorite and the explanation behind why he is called scar in the novel
  • 22Mother Gothel - Tangled
    But her need for the flower is also tied to a desire to stay young and beautiful and was willing to kidnap and imprison a child to keep herself that way.
    She was literally trying not to die from old age and technically the king and queen stole the flower from her.
  • 23De La Cruz - Coco suggested byAustin Gorham
    He just wanted to be a musical hero in the sight of Mexico.
    Well there's a reason he poisoned Hector for his songs that night. They'd been performing on the road for months, when Hector got homesick and he packed up his songs. Ernesto didn't want Hector to leave as he needed his songs, but Hector had made up his mind.
    Killing a partner and then trying to hide it from others is not justified
  • 24Dr. Facilier - The Princess and the Frog suggested byCoolZDane
    He needed to collect souls to save his own after selling it for power to his friends on the other side.
  • 25Hans - Frozen suggested byCoolZDane
    In his book "A Frozen Heart" explain his backstory. And it is horrible
    He believed if killing Elsa would make him the best around the kingdom to stop the threat of the blizzard.
  • 26Drago Bludvist - How To Train Your Dragon 2 suggested byGabriel Gomez
    with fear whoever followed him
    His motives stopped to be justifiable when he used them as an excuse to control with whoever followed him and to kill off whoever refused
  • 27Professor Screweyes - We're Back!: A Dinosaur's Story suggested byCoolZDane
    He also did the shows because he was afraid to be alone with the crows.
    It was his job to scare which people pay him money to do and the kids came to him and he took it as a business opportunity to get dinosaurs as part of his show.
  • 28Red hood-under the red hood suggested bySteven.B
  • 29Jason Todd-batman under the red hood suggested bySteven.B
  • 30Evelyn/Screenslaver - The Incredibles 2
  • 31King Candy - Wreck-It Ralph suggested byCoolZDane
  • 32Aunt Figg - Tom and Jerry: The Movie suggested byCoolZDane
    She viewed Robin as an asset rather than a family member.
  • 33Claude Frollo - The Hunchback of Notre Dame suggested byGabriel Gomez
    a delusional madman who thinks that he is holier than anyone else, and that his crime are justifiable because his a "virtous" man. he even blamed God for making him weaker than the Devil
  • 34Shaw - Open Season suggested byCoolZDane
  • 35Ronno - Bambi suggested byCoolZDane
  • 36Makunga (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa) suggested byCoolZDane
  • 37Ratcliffe - Pocahontas suggested byCoolZDane
  • 38Kaa - The Jungle Book suggested byCoolZDane
  • 39McLeach - The Rescuers Down Under suggested byCoolZDane
  • 40El Macho - Despicable Me 2 suggested byAustin Gorham
    He just wanted Gru to team up with him.
  • 41Scarlet Overkill - Minions suggested byAustin Gorham
    She just wanted to be Queen of England.
  • 42Cruella De Vil - 101 Dalmatians suggested byCoolZDane
  • 43Gaston - Beauty and the Beast suggested byCoolZDane
  • 44Russ Cargill - The Simpsons Movie suggested bykalvin.goodlaxson
  • 45Warren T - An American Tail suggested byCoolZDane
  • 46Cat R. Waul - An American Tail: Fievel Goes West suggested byCoolZDane
  • 47Steele - Balto suggested byCoolZDane
  • 48Napoleon Cross - Everyone's Hero suggested byCoolZDane
  • 49Stan Beals - The Ant Bully suggested byCoolZDane
  • 50Tzekel-Kan - The Road to El Dorado suggested byCoolZDane
  • 51Yzma - Emperor's New Groove suggested byElizabeth Killinger
  • 52Marvin McNasty - Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw suggested byCoolZDane
  • 53Clayton - Tarzan suggested byCoolZDane
  • 54Man In Black - Lost suggested byortizjabari70@gmail.
  • 55Jafar--Aladdin suggested byErin Flayhan

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