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Top 10 '90s Movie Tropes That Wouldn't Work Today

also part of: Top 10 Movie Tropes That Would Never Work Today
They will work again once all anti-SJWs rebel and take over the system.
People are too sensitive these days
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    1Transphobia- Ace Ventura: Pet Detective suggested byRaymond Leduc
    Also Naked Gun 33 1/3 as well as The Crying Game, which is what both aforementioned films were parodying...
    I thought The Crying Game wasn't as transphobic.
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  • 2Makeovers Were The Answer To Everything suggested bySara Cohen
  • 3The Three Types of Women: The Virgin, the Whore, and the Damaged suggested bySara Cohen
  • 4Overly stereotypical portraying of the LGBT community suggested byWess553
    The Dawson's Creek guy from Cruel Intentions is one. The 2 gay waiters in Senseless with Marlon Wayans (they conflated BDSM in there) 6 Degrees of Separation
  • 5Strong Women Just Need a Man To Calm Down suggested bySara Cohen
  • 6The Jocks & Cheerleaders Were Always The Villains...ALWAYS suggested bySara Cohen
    goes back further than 90s
    They do this in cartoons all the time
    nah that can still work
  • 7Statutory Rape is Kind of Hot If It's On Assignment suggested bySara Cohen
  • 8Laugh at the Morbidly Obese Kid Eating Himself to Death suggested bySara Cohen
  • 9Rampant Tokenism suggested bySara Cohen
    Not Another Teen Movie makes fun of this with their only black character (2001)
  • 10Hot Guy Objectifies and Dismisses Half the Girls in School in Under 60 Seconds suggested bySara Cohen
  • 11Casual Homophobia Is Hilarious suggested bySara Cohen
  • 12Record Your Crush With a Secret Webcam for Friends to See suggested bySara Cohen
  • 13Nerdy characters can only be sidekicks suggested byzendaddy621
    As opposed to the lead character...
  • 14Dinkleberg suggested byKowasaki
    fairly oddparents came out in 2001 not the 90s though fairly oddparents started out as a oh yeah cartoons sketch dinkleberg didn't come around towards later seasons
  • 15Creating a black hole suggested byKowasaki
  • 16If Your Boyfriend Doesn't Like Your Breasts, Get Implants (He'll Want Them Big) suggested bySara Cohen
  • 17Empowered Career Woman Can't Control Her Male Secretary suggested bySara Cohen
  • 18Staging a Rape Can Be Funny! suggested bySara Cohen
  • 19Bee Movie suggested byKowasaki
  • 20If You Don't Have Great Grades, You'd Better Get a Man suggested bySara Cohen
  • 21Casual Homophobia Builds Tension suggested bySara Cohen
  • 22Obviously Gay Characters Can't Be Actually Gay suggested bySara Cohen

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