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Top ten Jurassic Park Dinosaurs

just so we can be clear we are only exploring dinosaurs from the 3 of the jurassic park movies so were going to exclude jurassic world
They may be instinct in the real world but they walk in jurassic park
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    1Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Who else did you expect to take the number one spot on our list being the face of the jurassic franchise it's hard to tell if this bad boy is your enemy or your friend a couple things that make this guy iconic is his size and his iconic roar

  • 2Velociraptor
    These are types of predators you don't want to mess with not only are fast and strong but they are smart and one of them is one is a very clever girl

  • 3Dilophosaurus
    Oh sure he looks harmless at first that is until Dennis Nedry treats it like a dog and upsets it and then this happens (dilo frill comes out) spitting a deadly venom in nedry's eyes once he's in his jeep you think it's all safe right WRONG! Cause nedry has new passenger

  • 4Spinosaurus
    The new up and comer in the jurassic park franchise first crashing a plane full of passengers then having monster fight with the t-Rex and snapping his neck in other words this guy became the big main antagonist In jurassic park 3 tracking the group down by tricking them with their own cell phone and all it took was one little flare gun to beat big

  • 5Compsognathus
    These guys may be small but they are deadly one of them alone is harmless but a swarm of them and your a deadman within seconds just ask dieter stark or what's left of him

  • 6Triceratops
    He may be an herbivore but his armor and horn are badass but just don't touch his dropping ugh

  • 7Pteradon
    when comes to these guys the logical thing to do is run because they see as food for their offspring or for themselves in fact i think it's best we don't indroduce these guys to alferd hitcock

  • 8Brachiosaurus
    these are the gentle giants that you would spend most of your time feeding without losing a hand these basically these guys are the giraffe's of jurassic park and if not careful could be a raptor's or a t-rex's chew toy

  • 9Stegosaurus

  • 10Gallimimus

  • 11They may be instinct in the real world but on the big screen they're very much alive

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