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Top 10 Modern Video Game enemies that are hard to kill but can kill you easily

enemies in video games that have proved when fighting them is a tough fight. they either have heavy armor, are extremely fast or have attacks that can kill the player in a matter of seconds
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    1Fallout New Vegas-Deathclaw
    They can kill you with a few swipes and are extremely fast and almost impossible to outrun. also they take like 30 shots from regular weapons to take them down.
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  • 2Bioshock-Heavy Hitters
    they are a category of enemies in the game that consists of the boy of silence, the motorized patriot, the siren, the handyman, the fireman, the beast and the zealot of the lady. they are the hardest to kill in the game.
  • 3Minecraft-Creepers
    they take like ten hits to kill them not to mention they blow up when you get too close. Also, when hitting them, they will mostly like blow up afterwards so you have to be fast and back off after each hit
  • 4Skyrim-Dragon
    first off, they fly and it's hard to shoot them with arrows and they are rarely on the ground to hit them. They also breathe fire and can kill you easily with that alone
  • 5Amnesia The Dark Descent-Gatherers
    They can't be killed and are hard to hide from
  • 6Assassin's Creed III-Jagers
    they are german soldiers who can easily block your attack and counterattack. the only ways to kill them is to disarm them or use them as human shield.
  • 7Grand Theft Auto 5- NOOSE teams
    they also have armor on and are the hardest to take down beside soldiers and tanks but you don't encounter them(soldiers and tanks) much to worry about them
    If there's like 1 or 2, it's fine but when they chase you in their vans or if there is a whole team of them, you get killed really easily because of machine guns and assault rifles
  • 8Dead Space-Slashers
    they are the most common enemy in the game. they aren't that dangerous alone but are extremely dangerous when in groups. not to mention they don't back off and are hard to dodge
  • 9Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and 3-Juggernaut
    they are also walking tanks
    they are basically like the storm elites and hard to kill with regular weapons(machine guns, rifles, pistols) and they keep following you
  • 10Medal of Honor Airborne-Nazi Storm Elite Troopers
    they are basically walking tanks
    they are heavily armored nazis with mg42s that can kill you if you are out in the open for just a second and it takes two to three full clips to kill them


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