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The top ten Most Powerful Video Game Characters

also part of: Top 10 Most Powerful Video Game Characters
Only characters that originated from Video Games will be recommended, So you won't see Goku and Superman on here.
Giygas - Earthbound/Mother 2
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    1Kirby - Kirby Series
    unfortunately kirby is not even close to attacking at the speed of sound and firing arrows that go the speed of light so
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  • 2Kratos - God of War Series
  • 3Mewtwo - Pokemon Series
  • 4Dante - Devil May Cry Series
  • 5Asura - Asura's Wrath
  • 6Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII
  • 7Bayonetta - Bayonetta series suggested byDaveVsTheWorld
    yeah no
  • 8Shao Khan - Mortal Kombat Series suggested byTrueBackLash
  • 9Link - The legend of Zelda suggested byRowan Clark
    capable of attacking at the speed of sound and firing arrows that go the speed of light and has the master sword able to absorb all forms of energy and it is unbreakable
  • 10Alex Mercer - Prototype
  • 11Talion - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor suggested byGodslayer79
  • 12Master Chief - Halo Series
  • 13Albert Wesker - Resident Evil series suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić
  • 14Alucard - Castlevania series suggested byGodslayer79
  • 15Super Sonic - Sonic the Hedgehog series suggested byJames Ryan
    HAHAHAHAHA ok that's hilarious but NO
  • 16Ganondwarf - The Legend of zelda suggested byRowan Clark
  • 17Zelda - The Legend of Zelda suggested byRowan Clark
  • 18Monokuma %u2013 Danganronpa Series suggested byacertekin
  • 19Terra - Final Fantasy VI suggested byTrueBackLash
  • 20Mario - Mario Series
    probably the weakest character suggested so far
  • 21Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic Series
    lol pretty weak
  • 22Tank - Left 4 Dead series suggested bymac121mr0
  • 23Mega Man suggested byJames Ryan
    lol 2nd weakest character suggested so far
  • 24Caius Ballad - Final Fantasy XIII-2 suggested byJames Cogle
    Caius is serious OP. For a start, he can literally transform into a dragon; second, he is on a equal footing with Lightning, who is granted all the powers of a Goddess. He's also literally immortal - even when the entire world is destroyed he stayed alive. Not to mention that everything right up to the end of Lightning Returns happened as he planne
    link has killed gods, can attack at the speed of sound while firing arrows that go the speed of light and a dragon isn't that powerful and link has the power of all 3 goddesses inside the master sword while also having the try force of courage and can be revived 1000 times with no effort
  • 25Giygas - Earthbound/Mother 2 suggested byUnleashed Gamer
    Is capable of destroying universes, his presence alone altered the entire earth, could control people across space and time, is omnipresent, is invurnable to typical means of harm, was only defeated by prayers across multi-verses
  • 26Archimonde - Warcraft series suggested byacertekin
  • 27Gill - Street Fighter III suggested byTrueBackLash
  • 28Solas - Dragon Age Inquisition suggested byacertekin
  • 29Ditto - Pokemon series suggested byacertekin
    eh its kind of like a rip off of Kirby who isn't even that powerful anyway
  • 30Sora - kingdom hearts suggested byRowan Clark


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